Finding My Original Face

Hi Y’all…


I have not had a journal here for a while lately, so I’m starting a new one. But this time with a new kind of focus and concept. It’s going to be a bit more woo woo and not just a specific stack, so more a general online journal for all things regarding me and my subliminal usage.

Just a flowy kind of journal… you know one of those journals that flows…

The name Finding My Original Face is referring to the Buddhist Zen saying that is pointing to the nonduality of subject and object. When you’re not thinking of anything good and anything bad, at that moment, what is your original face?

Rebel Rebel…

In a way I have always been a rebel not wanting to fit into the squares and round holes we were groomed to fit into. But it all get’s to us somehow anyways unless you’re someone like Osho or similar :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: So last decade has been a non-stop process of defragging and unprogramming of my mind.

But the blaim is never on anyone else than me, I have chosen to send it out and I got it back. Beep… Beep… but now I’m starting to send out different signals … jalla :robot: :robot:

The crowd is never pulling me, I am being pulled to it by my unconscious conditioning. So the crowd is never the problem, and more than all it shows me where I’m attached. Excellent…


It all requires my cooperation and that I put my effort into it. Where attention goes energy flows y’all. Everyday I’m Becoming more like an original, an individual. The NPC role is not my cup of tea :tea:

My Path And Purpose :point_down:

To Become The Absolute Greatest Version of Myself That I Can Possibly Be, And To Always Be On The Path And Become A Greater Version Of Myself Than Yesterday, And To Inspire As Many People As Possible To Do The Same.


Where in that statement is anything not about myself and building and leveling up my character? Sure the last part sounds like the opposite, but is in fact nothing more than the irrefutable consequence of doing the first part right.

All other project out in the 3D world is just that, projects, and they will constantly change and flow in all kind of directions. But they are always lower down the hierarchy.

It gave me chills when I realized that I had been searching everywhere this last decade, but mostly on the outside. I was just trying to swim upstream all the time… :swimming_man: :rewind:

So as long as I do work on myself and keep going, I am never led astray… Then mishaps on the way doesn’t matter, because hey, I’m still working on myself… So I’m always in the driver seat… I don’t ever have to wait for anybody or anything ever again… Because I know my path…

I have been led to believe that my purpose is supposed to be out there on the outside, a job, a hobby, shiny stuff, beautiful curves and lips etc. But it was never there in the first place. That’s why I never found anything out there to be really fulfiling on the inside :see_no_evil: :poop:

As long as I’m actively working on myself, to become a better human being in this simulation we call life, then I’m on my path and my purpose. What I do out in the world will always change, but the core still remains the same, and it will not change no matter how the world looks like.

That’s why as kids we had so much fun, because back then we were always leveling up like crazy. But somewhere on the way the water settled and became still and murky… and a rotten stench started to emerge instead…

I’m the irrefutable King :crown: over my dominion (my own mind,) and nothing beats my powerful mindset, because I’m always on my path (the one I described earlier.)

Lastly, by being an inspiration and leading by example, makes sure that I won’t fall into the trap of wanting to helt others and not respecting their own free will. If they want help… cool… if they don’t want help… cool… I am cool… :sunglasses: YEP

So What Now?

Basic income perhaps… so I can travel around is high up on the list now. So maybe it’s time to park the hippie bus for a while :thinking: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ll just leave it there as I just wanted to get this new journal started…


Just reacting to myself, because that’s what people do, don’t they :thinking: :sweat_smile:

I believe I have been saying this for a while now, but maybe it’s time to really get going now, don’t you think…? (talking to myself, completely normal behavior…) Ok that’s enough fun for now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Well said.

If you look at kids, they say what they want to say, think how they want to think and act how they want to act. That typically stops only after they are programmed to follow “norms” laid out by society and education system.

Part of growth involves forgetting all of that. So that you get back in touch with your own instincts and go after what fulfills you.

Society and culture has trained people to believe that they’ll get happiness if they’re accepted, liked and fit in.

I find that happiness comes from the ability to imagine, explore, create and wonder. That inner child, or whatever it’s called. Lol.

anyway cool journal


I sometimes feel DR calling me back. But every time I knock on that door, DR is like “Cmere slave and submit to the pain!” I’m not ready again yet :joy:

I know it’s good for me but there’s only one other standalone sub I know of (from somewhere else) which comes close. In terms of the “pain”.



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How does one go about a basic income and what’s even basic income?



So true :metal: I’ve come to find out that almost all my self-destructing tendencies in my adult life has been an unconscious unwillingness to fit in to the systems, but instead of growing from it I kept myself in some kind of self-denying limbo, and therefore living on the fringe all the time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Full on self-expression is the way to go, and if that is harmful in anyway to your environment or other people, it is just trauma showing and not your original face lol.

It’s a fine line to balance on. I had a moment in my life a while back where I was overly focused on my hurt and so called shadows, so instead of healing I kept reinforing them because I gave them nutrients.

My rule now is to always be waking up more and more, and with it the cleaning up and the growing up happens automatically. It’s like the ghost under your bed when you were a kid… Lying under the blanket and creating stories about it just made it worse, but when you actually poked your head under there, you saw that it was all just an illusion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Let’s say its something that you know will come in every month by you putting the effort in :stuck_out_tongue: Over the last couple of years I have been on streaks where I had more than enough, and periods of complete bonkers where I lived on 3 dollars a week for 2 months :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I grew up middle class in a western country, so I have no trauma from being on the border of starvation or anything, so it’s not that hard for me. But what I have found is that I liked to test the limits, and especially when I had my big awakening from the big slumber.

But at the moment I have been living outside the system for a while because I got tired of it. The goal is to be living on my terms and outside of the unjust monetary system that we have in most country’s today on earth. Country’s has lost all it’s meaning to me nowadays, It’s just a culture and a geographical location, that’s all. It’s just a bunch on nonsentical tribalism, stand up singing an anthem jadi jadi jadi :joy: I don’t care anymore…

I’m all for helping the community you actually live in, but at a more local kind of way. Right now I live in a different country, but I’m still expected to pay a lot of taxes for a place I’m not even remotely close to :laughing: Crazy!

I thought about it recently, that in 10 years of schooling, apart from basic mathematics and some language, I learned absolutely nothing that I benefit from today and that I have learnt about the power of my own mind through other sources. Talk about wasted years lol.


Listened to a loop of Genesis ZP today. And as I was sitting on bench here on the countryside and admiring a tree, I started to sing the song, I’m walking away from the troubles in my life with Craig David all of a sudden…

It then dawned on me a thing I have been postponing in my life :laughing: You sneaky sneaky subconscious. So anyways I did the thing and it’s now past me lol.


What’s the thing ?!

I love your shares.


The original phase begins with this original phrase.


Haha nah just a thing with an online group I’m in that I had been neglecting and thus creating unnecessary story-lining and suffering in my mind. Sometimes we drag out thing just to juice it, squeeze it just that little extra… But it’s not the good fruit, it’s the coping fruit that we should stay away from :grinning:


Indeed brother indeed :slight_smile:

  • The state of the world IS the state of your mind… get over it… do the work…

From the book Courage by Osho :point_down:

The original face simply means that you are not being dominated by any kind of morality, religion, society, parents, teachers, priests, not being dominated by anyone. Just living your life according to your own inner sense - you have a sensibility - and you will have the original face.


I agree. I’ve recently discovered that self-expression is one of the true gateways to charisma and magnetism.

When I seek to level up, the universe usually shows me the way.

I made a new friend recently (manifestation), who happens to be completely liberated in who they are. Very rare individual.

They’ve completely let go of the fringe and molds of society. They’re so comfortable in their skin, that they truly don’t care about judgement. It’s just “this is me, now deal with it”.

3 things you would assume about this person based on the description I’ve given is:

  1. They must be quite selfish.
  2. They must speak their mind and probably offend people (political correctness).
  3. They must have little respect for rules.

None of these are true. The thing is, they’re not a dick. Their true nature is very kind, caring, loving and empathic - as we should be.

They have integrated the “inner child”.

Think of a kid who says whatever they want, thinks however they want, and does whatever they want… except they have the self-worth, self-love, boundaries, respect, awareness and empathy of a fully developed adult.

These types of people get enamored insanely quickly. The authenticity becomes magnetic and like a powerful form of beauty that pulls you in. It’s more magnetic than any other trait I’ve ever experienced or witnessed in my lifetime.

They basically pull you into their frame and reality. If you don’t, they don’t care.

It’s a concoction of only giving a fuck in the context of love - otherwise none given.

Brutal level of selective alpha. These people don’t understand, lol. The ghosts are out there and you don’t realize it until you cross their path. The percentiles will quickly unravel and show face the more you grow and develop. I thought I had figured it all out, only to get outclassed on a different level.

I’ve run Khan for so long, I have zero problems with confidence. This friend of mine has confidence that doesn’t make sense. Their confidence doesn’t come from what they have or done. It doesn’t come from a sense of raw power, masculinity, dominance, status, or potential. It comes from a philosophical understanding of how similar we are on the most fundamental level, and being loyal to that. That they have a unique purpose and something to offer the world that no one else has, through their individual expression.

Their confidence and comfort doesn’t come from the ego. It’s unbeatable.


This sounds fucking awesome
I want to be that way

Slowly making my way there, very very slowly.

@SaintSovereign @Fire which sub currently in the store would you say fits this the most?

Likely Revelation of Mind.


From the book Core Light Healing by Barabara Ann Brennan :point_down:

I invite you to take this journey with me.
It will be your journey.
Each individual’s journey is unique
as well as personal.

Let yourself be who you are.
Who you are is divine.
Let this essence of self that is light
shine throughout your body, your field,
your four dimensions, and your life.

Let it shine into the universe; it is infinite.
It will carry you to and through your life
beyond your most wonderful longing.

It will carry you into your life,
the one that you have dreamed of
as long as you can remember!
Come with me into the most brilliant,
honorable you!

The you that you have not yet dreamed possible!
It is the one you have longed for all your life!

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