Fight/Flight mode and Anxiety

Hello. As you can see from the title, I need recommendations on how to potentially eliminate anxiety (mainly social anxiety) and to cope with fight/flight mode.

Here’s an explanation on how it affects me. Basically I feel like i’m in constant Anxiety mode (sweating, cold hands, fever like symptoms…) even though there are any “threats” around me and my mind is blank, literally blank, no thoughts. This becomes very serious when I have presentation in front of group of people. I get into panic mode and can’t formulate sentences properly like a sudden brain fog. I suspect I have mild depression symptoms as well, but not sure.

Currently i’m using Limitless and RoM, even though I got some results from them (cognitively speaking), I feel like I can’t use 100% potential because anxiety puts limitation on me.

If somebody could recommend a potential stack, I would be grateful. I can ditch Limitless if RoM just to make space for other subs if it’ll help me.

P.S. I’m an introvert


Chosen From Within + Daredevil

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Check out the stack of Daredevil and Sanguine: The Elixir.

Daredevil for releasing social anxiety and improving ur social prowess.

Sanguine: The Elixir for quicker healing of social anxiety, and healing ur flight or fight response.


What about stacking all three? Daredevil, Sanguine and Chosen From Within, or just choosing two?

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I believe that stacking Sanguine: The Elixir with Chosen From Within will cause a lot of recom because both are healing titles.

I suggest you read the sales pages of both and decide which one of thek resonate more with you and stack it with Daredevil.


Sounds like you could use a boost of personal power and some healing. Jumping from introvert to outgoing extrovert might not be the easiest path based on what you said you experience @Enhanced. See how this stack resonates:

Ascension (for personal power) +
Love Bomb for Humanity (healing, helps remove negativity) +
Limitless/RoM (cognitive enhancement)


Will take into consideration, thank you!

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Yeah CFW is a recon beast ALL BY ITSELF. I stacked it with Heartsong once and that was a miserable day. :joy:


Ask yourself, what are you afraid of?

Overcome that and the rest will follow.


Everyone is giving title recommendations.

But there’s something more important.

Find subs and stick to them for a long time.

I’ve been here for 3+ years and tracked rigorously. The times I get MOST results is when I pick one sub that aligns with my goals and stick to it for 6+ months.

I’ve always had wealth goals so I started with the foundations - ascended mogul for over a year. Used that to go from broke to running a business. Then used EOG for another year to expand that business. Now I use HOM purely for sales and wealth development. But in each case I stick with it for a loooong time.

And while I have my “main” sub I play around with subs like crazy! It’s not like I stop using other subs. It’s just that no matter what happens, I always base my stack around my “main” sub.

Now, for you trying to heal anxiety, that’s an internal issue, not an external issue, so don’t run things like glm co, wanted black, love Bomb… you’d want something internal, all the internal focused subs will work, all the recommendations here would work.

But pick something and stick to it for a while


Meditation and mindfulness is huge for this. I’m an introvert too but introvert don’t mean anxiety .

Other than that the recomendations you got are great .


ROFL I’m shocked that no one recommended Stark or Daredevil.

A part of sales page quite literally was designed and has mentions that those subs will help solve the issue your facing.

I do agree on @ouroboros points tho to find a sub you can stick to. Think of a long term sub as your base that you will have in your stack no matter what you use in the future with it. That’s how I got the best results with Stark after using it for 3 years.

As someone who struggled with the exact same issues 3 years ago as you (word for word actually). Some of the recommended subs in this thread have nothing to do with what you’re trying to solve and won’t directly tackle the issue you’re facing so something I wanted to mention.


Yeah social paranoia is a thing and something Stark helped me get rid with.

In that case see a qualified medical professional. Subs aren’t a substitute for depression symptoms.


Yeah, exactly. MONEY!

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Anxiety with money is less anxious than confidence with no money hahahhahaha

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I kind of had the same things that I wanted to handle. I finally made a Survival Instinct/Spartan custom. I went with SI because it’s supposed to keep you calm under pressure and in those emergency type situations, so my thinking was that it would work to help me out with that social anxiety. It’s been slow going but definitely improvement. It did bring out some recon for sure and helped me to heal some things. But maybe wasn’t the best possible solution, but being able to add the modules I wanted is a big plus.

Spartan adds more of that warrior mindset and the bonus of helping with my workouts, which can also help you to do deal with that anxiety. Some people say the issues are in the tissues so working out can help you to get rid of some of that stuck energy.

I have a new custom with LBFH/DRLD and that seems to be taking me to the next level, I don’t think those titles were out yet when I made the SI/Spartan custom, but it’s really a good fit for me and what my goals are for now.

I always was a fan of sanguine and since the new upgrades I’m guessing Sanguine the elixir would be really great.

I think if you went with a custom you’d want to add the modules that help deal with stress and negative energy and anything that would help you transmute it.

If you only have space for one title I’d try Sanguine, it will definitely help you dial things down.

I did find that Chosen From within and Chosen were great for getting me those outer results- positive attention from others. That helped me to see that there are good people out there and I don’t have to be so guarded against people because not everyone is looking to ruin your day or take their bad day out on you.

True Social or Daredevil definitely if you want to be at ease in social situations. I didn’t go that route because to me I wanted to go all inner game and resolve my own internal issues first but I think those would be great to consider as well, because that’s kind of what they do, help you to be in the flow without that social anxiety.


Apparently Sanguine is good for anxiety


Why is nobody talking about Primal? It has literally in the description

Eradication of social anxiety and approach anxiety in particular (mental worry and anxiousness over every detail in the interaction).”


A phenomenal stack would be Primal and Sanguine: The Elixir, and any other title one feels like.


Sanguine (the original one) will suit your needs. It will keep you calm no matter the situation.

From the sales page:

Sanguine enhances your ability to maintain your optimism and sense of personal power in all possible situations. No matter the storm, you will be able to brush aside all negativity and press forward. You will have complete and utter confidence that whatever happens, you will be able to handle it, and you will proceed to do so with a newfound ease of mind and spirit.

Run it for a long time along with whatever stack you are using, and you will embody its results.

Also talk to a qualified professional to treat your anxiety if it is crippling and affecting your daily life.