Fearsome Module

I was just re-reading the description of this module and I find it interesting.

The second half of the description talks about how others who wish to harm you will experience fear. But the first half talks about how your own experience of fear can be either an obstacle or a powerful aid.

So I think that Fearsome is not only about making others afraid when necessary; but also about balancing one’s own internal relationship with fear.

Does anyone have experiences or thoughts on this one?

I wonder how it might combine with Courage Reclaimed or even with Immortal’s Courage.


I think Immortal’s courage gives you that edge of strength to face fear and go further and what lies beyond the fear

As fearsome make it a companion of some sort so not necessarily going through it but still better than running away, it instrumentalise fear I guess


Was it a Emperor custom ?
Or if something else can I throw an eye at it please ?


Thank you for the time to answer me :pray:t2:
I like to look at those types of cusom built for now so it helps me structure mine

*Edit : Trully an incredible build here it looks so good, it has put even more hesitations with the modules I previously chosed lol perfect


Bottom line, fearsome does exactly what the description states but it’s more fir an external effect on others not yourself


Is this based on experience?

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This module is in my primal ascension QV2 custom so yes


So, not much change in your experience of fear; but you’ve noticed changes in others’ reactions to you.

Thanks, @Davisnwc .

Yes but keep in mind the module will only strike fear into those who have less than good intentions when they interact with you. Even if you’re close with someone and you guys are about to get into some kind of altercation they’ll back down due to the fear that’ll be struck into them.


Fearsome is indispensable for those who get picked on our singled out by others because of some perceived difference.

There’s a character at my workplace who is a serial manipulator of others - he demands I respect him yet will racially insult me to his friends in his own language. I’ve suffered this character daily for months without end. Playing my custom with Fearsome and Ebon Maneuver, this person has started to back off and is now reluctant to even engage me in his bullshit. Other scheming characters that previously sought me out as a new worker have now straight avoided me and I consider that a blessing.

Also mentioned in my journal that I told an abusive person who gave my colleague grief to leave my shop and he did so straight away without hesitating.


That is awesome, @Michel.

I’ve actually included it in my most recent custom as well.

Thank you. It’s always instructive to read your experiences.


For how long did he/she run it?
So you say results faded when he stopped listening?

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So I’ve been using fearsome in my custom and I agree with everything @Michel said, especially this part:

You see, I often used to get discriminated against by my own country’s people, since I’m half and half (there’s this type of discrimination here similar to how pure bloods are in Harry Potter-verse), but ever since I’ve been using fearsome, I have not faced anything like that.

Also, no more people trying to manipulate me by using my kind nature, which is also probably why I’m more comfortable with Chosen now, since one thing I didn’t feel okay with about that sub was that I felt like I was too nice, and too often gave people the benefit of doubt, but now I can do that, without feeling like they might wanna use me.


You may be an empath too, where you are giving a lot of yourself but receiving little. Also the majority/minority bullying is common everywhere, but relies on group fear to sustain itself.

Fearsome reminds me of the Dutch saying: let the little evil in to keep the big evil out.
Empaths have a lot of light but not enough dark to keep the predators away from you. Fearsome is that little evil, because unfortunately some people only speak the language of terror and fear, why not cloak yourself in a little dark?


Gonna use that dutch saying to impress the locals :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your time
Not specifically in that bully’s case
In other cases, do you think fearsome effects are present and still will in your favor in other scenarios?

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So, in a certain way, he was the perfect subliminal listener. No angst. No expectations. He just let it play and lived his life.

And it worked beautifully.

Frankly, he might do well just staying that way. :thinking:


Since I don’t have anyone in my life that would wish me harm or outright abuse me in a severe way I haven’t seen the effects of this module much. But I put it in there as a precaution because I realized the other day i was raised in a way to have people take advantage of me.

But I do think my overall relationship with fear has shifted. Since fear of a lot of things wrecked my life I had a tendency to get angry at it and hate it. But after running Fearsome in my custom I see it as just another part of my helpful ecosystem. Instead of “I hate this fear I need to get rid of it”, it shifted to “why am I afraid right now and what legitimate concerns are there here?”

Definitely an interesting module. Making friends with the fear vs trying to eliminate it. I think this module might be integrated well with individuals who are natural mediators and see the whole process of a human as a collaboration, not parts in war with each other


Your 2nd Paragraph is definitely correct

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Heh, makes me think of the double edged sword of introspection. On one hand you get deep insight into yourself, on the other you can get lost in there. Balance is the key, but overall I’d say an individual already in good standing with less introspection will do better than someone going through hell and is incredibly introspective.

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