Fear of failure even before trying

As many of you are aware i am wokring on a tech start up as the business head.

This is taking me out of my comfort zone.

But before i take any action, thought of failure surrounds my mind and get me into a panick attack.

I doubt my ability to succeed in every task.

Limit Destroyer
Godlike Masculinity

I have started shifting stacks frequently again, because i am in such


I would go for Stark and CFW in your situation.

Stark to embrace the project and CFW to embrace your main issue. Keep it simple and tight, mate. That’s they key.

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Know that with faith in your heart nothing can prevent you from achieving your goals.

Unbind the fear that binds you to failure

You are a creator, nothing stands in your way to success, it can only be yourself doing this, your subconscious mind which filters the universal energies at your disposal that may either draw towards you all things desirable or it may draw to you utter failure… you know?

In knowing there is power…

Now you know!!! Use your assurance, confidence, your faith, your love for what you desire and it will happen effortlessly!!!

If this is not possible for you… to hold these higher energies and feel them within yourself it means the opposites are deeply rooted in your subconscious…

Fear, shame, guilt, pain, suffering, insignificance, etc

The list is endless, these forces must be eliminated to assure your highest!!! Only by it’s elimination do you naturally rise to a higher estate.

In modern psychology trauma has two ways a quick and powerful impact or prolonged exposure to a dark experience…

We can also reverse this… a big powerful impact of positivity can open you up in such a way that suddenly all things are possible, the true key here is to live in that state continuously and to find your own personal way to keep your system in exalted power.

It seems to me you have been stuck in your ways for far too long and this keeps you closely attached to them…

Why not focus on that first, truly being honest and seeing to it that it is eliminated once and for all?

And by unbinding you will see things will open up in ways you cannot probably phantom right now

You can do totally do it!!! :dove::grin::dove:

Life gives you what you ask!!!

Be with the life that supports you, and your desires!!!

Banish all else… it will bring you the least of happiness and keep you encumbered and enslaved

The power is in your hands!!! :pray:


This is not really a business issue in my mind, you need to solve the underlying issue.

Fear of failure is usually rooted in a feeling of unworthiness/trying to be perfect.
These roots are surely in your childhood (as they were for me)

I had this myself.
Because failure was not allowed in my childhood (technically, school grooms you for fear of failure, which completely ruins your ability to run a business.
I business you NEED to make mistakes to learn from (or in life, really), but in school you only pass when you make as few mistakes as possible)

So I would go with CFW or Rebirth. Maybe even stacking them (throw in Sanguine to lower the recon a bit).
99% sure it’s some childhood trauma/school trauma/outdated belief system from the past.


This is 100%

I am afraid of making mistakes. All my life i have been protected. Just at 29, i have run out of the protection.

Will chosen and rebirth work? Or does it have to be CFW? Dont have cfw :frowning:

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Have stark but dont have cfw :(. Atm its difficult to make international transactions in my country. I have the whole range if the og programs, will any from them work?

I never tried the og of CFW so I cannot recommend it wholeheartedly. You could go with Sanguine instead for the time being.

Bro, just checked my downloads. I have access to the 2022 experimental version of CFW.
Would that fare well? @Voytek

I have no idea since I never tied it. Submit a ticket and ask and till then stick to Sanguine and Stark. If it wasn’t enough, change Stark for Elixir.

It seems to me that your stack:
Limit Destroyer
Godlike Masculinity

triggered in you too much recon to handle. There are two programs EoG1 and LD for breaking limits, and GLM may be a bit to rough for you right now.

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Yes, you can use this one. I’ve ran that for quite a while. It’s of course a bit tougher to run than the store version, but maybe you need to go through this :smiley:

Don’t overexpose yourself on it, recon COULD be tough.

Great sub though. Opened my eyes to many things.

If you are truly dedicated to dig deep, you can also go with Dragon Reborn.


That could imperil your project:

and general performance, however, as deep healing requires a lot of energy and, especially, our attention.


@AlexSQ bro! Your website is revolutionary!!!

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That’s a rough one to deal with for sure.

Where do you feel the doubts are coming from?

Whatever you run I’d definitely incorporate Sanguine. Do you feel your survival is threatened if this project doesn’t work out?


The thing is i’ve grown up in a system where i have never done anything outside the routine.

I have never taken risks nor ventured into the unknown. Never had to do anything difficult.

Consequently, i am not used to making mistakes.

Now, after 29 years of bera life, i am finally onto doing something difficult.
Thinking of doing the difficult things are activating my flight mode.


Thanks man. Ill get started with the cfw exp.

Btw. How is it tougher bro?

IIRC it doesn’t have sanguine scripting to make it easier to run. Just full on forgiveness and healing scripting :smiley:

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Those times where the flight mode kicks in are an excellent time for self reflection.

What do you consider difficult? Like what’s your bar? I’m sure you’ve done difficult things in the past too. You just might have grown to a point where you reflect on those events from your current growth and the perspective is different.


The biggest problem i have noted about me

  1. I am a people pleaser. Any action that i think may upset people, i hesitate taking.

  2. I am generally low energy

  3. I care about others opinions of me (certain individuals)

  4. I lack self worth / Self Esteem / Self confidence infront of higg authority

  5. I doubt my abilities to succeed


Ohhhh yeah those are big ones.

Having dealt with the same thing and making my way out of it definitely do some research on emotional neglect in childhood. People pleasing can also be traced back to trauma, so any parental figures or authority where you had to make sure not to stir up trouble otherwise there were consequences. The problem is adult you still interprets these interactions from a frame of a child where something really bad would happen if you upset someone. It sucks I know, because it’s very irrational but at the same time it’s hard to just stop.

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The general approach I would recommend would be finding the most immediate missing link on the way to “who” you REALLY want to become and working on it relentlessly till you’re confident you can move to the next missing link. What we need to understand is that there are no shortcuts to becoming, let’s say, a Khan having, for example, the issues, you described. Another thing is we don’t need to run Khan to achieve the goals it offers. What matters is working on the missing links to someone who we would need to become to achieve those goals “naturally”. Of course, it would be best if that “someone” was really close to our ideal self (someone who we REALLY want to become at our core). I’m confident that this is what Saint meant by saying you cannot lie to yourself on ZP. So stop doing it and work on the missing links first. If not, you’re going to waste even more time you have so far. I’ve been watching you for a long time and you’re coming back to the forum with the same missing links over and over again. Do the work! Forgive me my brutal honesty, I’m a highlander and this is the way I am and the way I choose. :blush: Best wishes, mate! :slight_smile:

I got some questions related to this post on PM, so I’m sharing more insights on this concept:

Tell me what do they mean you can’t lie to ZP?

It’s about being totally honest to yourself, revealing your real (current) self to yourself, and discovering your ideal self (who you really want to become) and choosing the right subs for working on the missing links from your real (current) self to that ideal self. It’s optimal if that ideal self is close to your goals if not, it’s time to reevaluate your goals and match them to your ideal self. The closer you get to your ideal self (your real-current self is transforming towards it), the easier it is to achieve what you really want. If you chose a course against your ideal self you would struggle endlessly without even knowing what you really want and who you really want to become.

Why would say for example Primal agree with someone as compared to say Emperor…?

If your ideal self is someone like Emperor (or next to it) and there are fewer missing links (from your real-current self) to that ideal self than it’s easier to get there whilst if Primal is just not what you really want (living a life of sexual freedom) and you’re still addicted to porn then there’s plenty of missing links to reaching the goal of Primal but what’s most important you don’t really want what if offers. As the consequence you end up wasting a lot of time, although you could still benefit from Primal a bit.

I feel very good on Primal but very bad on Ascension.

Does this mean that since Primal is closer to my true self I can’t make money when I add AM ? Since AM is not my true self?

It means that there are more missing links (from your real-current self) to the Ascension archetype than to the Primal and/or that the Primal Archetype is closer to your ideal self (so someone who you truly want to become). It MAY mean that running AM for making money can be much more challenging than another way. Like, let’s say, you’re an artist with no social proof and needing just a little bit of improvement, so just running UA and Inner Circle would get you there way faster. On top of that, the artist doesn’t really want to get rich nor become so called “alpha” but create amazing pieces of art and have soul mates, making money just on the way. In that case the aforementioned subs are the best way to go.

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