Favorite exercise protocols


My recent favored modality has been going to a park and walking with a 10 lb mace that I periodically stop and perform a set with. I keep the fitness implements in the trunk of my car

I do the same with a chest expander, a Bullworker, set of 3 lb clubbells, kettlebell, and weighted jump rope.

I will get in quite a few reps and walk 5 to 7 miles in a workout. I also perform a bunch of bodyweight squats.

I like working out outside in a place that has at least small elements of wildness.


Spartan seems to be pushing me to explore new modalities and how I might integrate them into what I already do.


Just bought some heavy flat bands and plan to incorporate them into my workouts.


This is the routine I have been doing every morning. It’s no joke and kicks my ass every time but feels great after I’m done.


I just incorporate the exercises found here:
Convict Conditioning: How to Bust Free of All Weakness–Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength https://www.amazon.com/dp/1942812159/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_gWrWDbMA08Q9Y


I have read that. Good stuff


Kick ass dude!



Steve Maxwell circuit training. I like to keep a variety of implements in the trunk of my car like mace, clubbell, Bulgarian bag, kettlebell, jump rope, bands, chest expander, bullworker, medicine ball, etc and take them to the park or local football field.

I’ll walk while carrying a kettlebell or mace and stop periodically and do reps, or throw the object for distance and then sprint to retrieve it.

Also set up stations and sprint from one to the next where I do reps.

Also like to do bodywork stuff like burpees and bear crawls in the grass. Especially nice on a well tended football field.


What about this workout?