Fasting from Smartphone and Computer


I’m going to give fasting from my smartphone and laptop a try.

I think I spend too much time on my smartphone and laptop , despite my work relying on the use of my laptop. Perhaps my sleep will improve if I turn off my smartphone and my laptop at night.

I have a realisation that my addiction to my smartphone is also due to the constant feelings of guilt and anxiety over issues both in my personal and professional life.

I have a deep need and desire to connect with people, and the Internet provides a safe but unhealthy means of doing it. I need to cut down on Internet usage - perhaps stop using it for purposes other than work.

At the same time, I don’t want to stop running subliminals which I run from my phone or my laptop.

It’s time for me to get an mp3 player so that I can listen on repeat through my earphones.


A very nice idea I heard of is called the dopamine diet - staying away from any source of pleasure for a whole day. If you use the rest day method for subliminals, this may be a great combination.
(Honestly I think a day with no electronics or distractions or noise at all would be such a blessing)


I often feel sad for people that go all hysterical when their phone runs out of power, or the data-connection doesn’t work or they forget it at home. I’ve had times when mine was in my coat pocket for a full day before I thought of checking if I missed something. Going disconnected is very liberating.

I do believe most phones have a setting that activates/deactivates airplane mode on a timer. If you use that, not only does it save you from the extra waves broadcasting through your head, but it also stops messages and calls coming in, meaning that you won’t have that need to act on them right away.

As for laptops, I suppose you could get a nice tablet for reading or something like that, but I would advice against taking a fully capable computer to the bedroom.

In both cases, activate the light sensor and/or the night light function to ensure the light doesn’t trigger your body to keep you awake, but allows you to get tired naturally. I use f.lux on all my Windows systems and my phone has an inbuilt option for it.

Do keep in mind that your mind is programmed to create associations based on your actions.

I recall an experiment where children were prepared for an exam, and their results were better if they took the exam sitting in the same chair behind the same desk that they had practiced on. The mind not only associated that combination with studying, but it also allowed increased memory recall of the things they had done while sitting in that chair behind that desk.

You often see the same recommendation for meditation and exercise. Creating a specific spot in your house dedicated to that activity increases its effectiveness. As does performing the activity at the same time every time. If you do cardio every morning at the exact same time for over a month, then if you do happen to skip it one day, your heart rate and metabolism go up still during that time (a little bit like if you drink coffee first thing every morning, you get nasty side-effects if you skip it one day).

How is this relevant? Well, you did mention improving your sleep.

Some years back, scientists compared people that had TV’s and phones and books and all kinds of distractions and activities in their bedrooms actually slept less restful and had a worse circadian rhythm, while the people that used their bedroom only for its intended purpose had much better sleep, fell asleep rapidly, became more creative (great ideas often trigger by dreams) and most importantly, experienced a much better sex life. A bed is not for lounging, it’s for sleeping and makin’ babies. All other activities are sending the wrong message to yourself.

Also make sure your bedroom is dark at night and not too warm. The skin responds to light.

So, yeah, you can still use your phone to play the subs, but put it in airplane mode and preferably out of direct reach. You can also get a simple phone or use an old phone, without its sims card, as a media player. In the rare occasion I get a new phone, my current one becomes my media player and alarm. No calls, messages or email, just that.

Another big thing is to stop reacting. Set aside two windows of time every day where you give yourself permission to multi-task. Those are the times when you read and respond to your emails and spend time on the forums. That way, YOU choose what to do next, instead of other people constantly making you change direction.

If you are consistent, people will get used to it and contact you during those moments, usually to tell you what its about and ask to call them back when convenient.

Frankly, I stopped lurking on this forum since my return and I’ve gotten a lot more done, but still engage enough to remain present here.

Anyways, good luck!