Fascinating Emperor / Power can Corrupt/ Aura / Sanguine / limit destroyer / Regeneration


Other day I was surfing net, page opened where Saint was asking about new program called Emperor, didn’t pay much heed go it. Next day all of sudden I started searching that , googled Emperor and recognised page and visited Subclub and ordered Emoeror.


SoU have playing Emperor for 6 hrs in day v2 and v3 and while night appx 8 hrs.
I would say almost 10 days, I have been doing this, along with Aura , Sanguine and Libertine once in a day ( mostly remastered version)
Did I see results ?
Yes !!!
I feel all of sudden I am ready to face situations or instruct people/ communicate them what I feel/ want, how I want , I always shy from asking people ghat they might feel bad or what they will think about me and with in a week, I feel I am empowered to convey/ ask/ instruct though its beginning. I also started showing my dissatisfaction for work I was not liking in business / otherwise to people around me , I don’t know what that means


Awesome! Thank you for sharing your results :slight_smile: Have you been running aura, sanguine, and libertine the full 10 days or did you add those later?


More changes observed

  1. I was making more calls to people for sales just with in week
  2. I started following my pending payments more rigorously and didn’t feel shy to be more insisting ( could never do that before )
  3. Got calls from few old dealers who wanted to start business with me again
  4. Was looking for good car deal for myself and what has been offered is more than I can imagine.
  5. More smiles from people around .
  6. My partner all of sudden started telling me that she is missing me while I am at work. ( this a happened many times)

I can list few more
My question is, Really ? So effective !!!
Is this real ??? Apart from sub club, i dint do anything motivational extra which my mind can tell me , Oh results can be because of that .
Just wanted to share, I hope this is going to be pleasant and fulfilling journey.
Thanks Saint & Fire , I don’t have words to put my gratitude here.


I added them next day of my Emperor purchase and have been listening like
Day time
3 : v2
3: v3
2 : aura
2: sanguine
1: libertine ( mostly mastered version )

V2 , v3 , Aura , sanguine In a loop


Sorry, I am not expert witj how to post properly , and if this is right window to share my journal.
Can anybody help me where do I mantain my journal .


Also please help me
Is it good idea to add EOG and PS to my current regime.

I would really appreciate inputs.



You’re very much welcome. And welcome to SubClub!


Can I ask for your reason to run v2 & v3 instead of just one of them?


I have no logical reason to do so.
I played V2 for first 2 days , 3rd day accidentaly U played V 3 whole day not realising I am playing v3 and I actually felt difference in my attitude that day, that was first day I felt bit of command/ assertiveness in my voice to get things done. So next day I thought let me okay both and have been feeling good/ confident since then


You think I should be playing only one at time?


You think I should be playing only one at time? Is v2 and v3 meant to be used like stage 1 and stage 2 ?


I believe they are literally the different versions. I recall someone asking not long ago why both are still included in the downloads for Emperor, to which @SaintSovereign answered because they tend to have quite different effects. Don’t hold me to that one, I’m not entirely certain about it. Either way, I - personally - don’t see why you would run both instead of picking one and running that.


Do you know what is the difference between the versions?


I do not see any reason why running both is bad. Actually I find the idea pretty intriguing. However since you mentioned that it was only when you started running v3 that you really started to feel something, maybe you might get more impact from only running it as it is the most updated and thus, in theory, more powerful version.


I never said it was bad, I merely wanted to know his motivation. And no, I don’t remember what the difference was, which is why I @-mentioned Saint, something I only do when I’d really like him to pitch in. I wish I remembered what post it was…


I am curious now, If Saint can tell us if v2 and v3 has some different directions, though for me running both is working but I can try only doing V2 and v3 solo and see what impact this has.

Further do you think I can add any other major with this, which wont impact my goals of accelating my business, idea is to create better brand , more sales and profit ofcourse , and need more women lol. And since I am too passionate about cars/ sports car always look for that ease to drive them and deals to het better cars.
May be all this is asking too much but what ten days of listening has done makes me feel if followed rigorously and properly even ghis should be tip of Iceberg.

Saint, DarkPhilospher please suggest.


Just now my girl asked me
Are you not tired of keeping your back straight all the time ?
And i just realised my standing and sitting posture is changing… I am sitting and standing with back straight …and all this happening without any conscious effort on my part .

I know my post seems too excited but I am sharing whatever changes I am observing.


If it’s working for you then keep at it! When you feel you’re at a place where you’re confident experimenting around I would be very interested in your results. Because you are already running so many I would not recommend adding anything more yet. Try this out for a full month at least before making any changes to your subliminals


If your goal is to build up a business only i would run emperor alone to get as many hours of exposure as possible or i might had mixed limitless in