Extreme listening saturation due to "set it and forget it" and "social distancing"


Since Monday I have spent most of my time in my home due to social distancing.

I have stations in my house that play my subliminal stacks 24 hours a day nonstop. Because of this I am nearly always listening to a subliminal. I am not sure what effect this might have, but am simply observing.


Have you felt any difference yet?


Not sure at this point, and to be fair this is only 3 to 6 hours more than I’d have in an average day.


I’m curious as to what your motivation is since the SubClub founders themselves recommend a max limit of 16 hours per day.


16 hours of total listening per day? Or 16 hours per sub Lee day?


You will soon feel more tired. Give your mind a rest by having every other day a rest day with no subliminal listening.


i already crossed the 16 hours, what happens now?


Total per day.


Ouch, I think I got over exposure


They do? All I know is the 6 hour recommended minimum.

I am so tempted to leave a scary message here, but the Wizard reminded me some people would not realize it was just a joke. Missed opportunities…

I have listened to subs 24/7 during pretty much 6 months of unemployment. And with the quarantine I’m right back there.

You’re bombarding your subconscious with these messages. Overdoing it could have all kinds of effects. Some people sleep more (like me), others have trouble sleeping because there’s too much going on. Some people get a headache. Some people get slightly less results because their subconscious is creating a backlog and dropping some of the messages because it’s too much. Most others notice nothing to very little.

I prefer running subs on headphones instead of the background, so I do get some breaks when I’m not wearing them, but generally I aim for as many hours as I can. I know I can handle it.

Also keep in mind that the longer you listen to the same stack, the easier it becomes and the faster the subconscious can process them. Meaning that @mecharc is shit out of luck. :wink:


Something I’ve been doing to avoid overexposure is that for each sub I have in my playlist, I also have 1 each of clips of pure silence. 1, 2 and 3 minutes.

the playlist is in shuffle mode on repeat all. So it is set/forget.

here’s an example of what I mean:

1 min silence
2 mins silence
3 mins silence
Ascended Mogul
1 min silence
2 mins silence
3 mins silence
Limitless V2
1 min silence
2 mins silence
3 mins silence

Currently my stack is just EQ with the silence tracks.

I found that I don’t get as “angst-filled” when listening to subs. EVEN Emperor.
Before when I had Emperor V3 going, it made me fucking hate my job even more than usual.
Using the silence bit, my theory is that it shakes things up for the SubC mind because it can’t latch on to the exact pattern and ignore the stuff as easily as before.

Just a theory, but it seems to work for me so far.


I don’t believe in the idea that I could listen too much. My strategy is to maximize listening time.


I like how you are carefully working this out and experimenting with what works for you.


The 16-hour limit is mentioned in instructions, I believe. Someone else had asked why the 16-hour limit and this is what they had to say:


My opinion here but I’m thinking social distancing should be a permanent thing. Too many people are fucking idiots


I may have mentioned this before but I find it a bit amusing at times running Khan Stage 1 Total Breakdown knowing full well that the program is geared to make someone more social when it’s actually made me want to do the exact opposite and be even more sarcastic than I already am.


Technically, modern society is socially distant all the time. Yes, many people are idiots, but locking ourselves up is only going to make it worse as they start enjoying the “anonymity” of the Internet to be their worst self.

Instead, pick one or two days a week where nobody is allowed to use cell phones, mp3 players or the Internet unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Maybe that will get people to actually seek normal, face-to-face social contact again, instead of the horrible phenomenon of 30 people in a room, all completely absorbed in their own little world with earbuds in and eyes glued to their cell phones, with closed-off body language, not even making eye contact or greeting each other.

And if people actually notice the world around them, as well as the other people in it, maybe they will catch up on that social education that our elders used to get while they were still young.

Anyways, back on topic…

There have been some surprising successes with people that don’t listen while they sleep or even take a whole day off once a week.


@DarkPhilosopher I know. I was being sarcastic. At least a bit


how does one know if the effects are wearing off? lets say ive been listening to one sub for overe 50 days, 6 hours ultrasonic whil ei sleep and 3 hours masked during the day… and weekends 10 hours ultrasonic during the day…

is that too much?

what indicators are there that i must slow down or increase frequency?


With good journalling, if you take action to support the subs, you should see a constant growth. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but you should notice stuff happening.

If you don’t, you’re either not taking any action (in which case the pressure to do so will start building inside you, making you more and more restless over time) or you’re not listening enough to overcome the habits and rituals you are trying to change.

As for when you should slow down, that depends on how well you can listen to your subconscious.

Some people get a “feeling” that they need a break. They stop listening for a day or so and get a rush of clarity and energy when they do. In some cases, they actually make great improvements during their “off-time”.

Others don’t need any signs, their subconscious makes them “forget” to listen (like how you can sometimes turn off your alarm and go back to sleep, but don’t remember turning it off). They get so busy doing something they forget to turn the audio player on, or they forget to take it with them or forget to charge it.

Most people probably just feel very tired all the time or get a constant light headache (not to be confused with a stronger, short-duration headache that can sometimes happen during reconciliation).

Since most of SubClub’s subs work on increasing your intuition as part of the core script, you’ll slowly move towards becoming that first group.

I am somewhere between the first and second group.

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