Extreme listening saturation due to "set it and forget it" and "social distancing"


But do you feel you are getting any better results?


When you’re overdoing it, the results tend to slow down. Partly because your subconscious can’t structure change with all that noise, and partly because you are in no mood or state to take action.


@DarkPhilosopher I couldn’t agree more. I am or have been feeling ridiculously overwhelmed to the point of depression and anxiety. It’s also why starting tomorrow I am going back to running Total Breakdown by itself indefinitely. I feel like unless I learn to let go of a lot of shit I am holding onto my mental and emotional maturity will stall


Eventually I’d like to do something similar with Khan ST1, Regeneration and Primal Seduction. Breaking things down to the most primal instinctual self.


I also wonder how Alchemist’s first stage, “Pathfinder”, might serve in breaking down negative patterns in the self.


This was a really helpful quote from a really helpful post.

Questions related to this constantly come up in different forms on the forum. I’ll copy this quote to my journal.

Both of these have happened to me. And at this point, I ‘trust in the process’. My subconscious mind seems to be guiding that process pretty well. Sometimes I’ll ‘forget’ and it seems perfectly timed to give me a short break. Lately another thing has started happening: I’ll think I’ve forgotten, and then I’ll realize that the subliminal was actually playing on Ultrasonic and I hadn’t realized it. I’m actually coming out of a couple of days of that. I feel that I want to play masked and be more on top of the exposure times.

In general, I don’t find that I have very dramatic ‘contraindications’ or obvious discomfort associated with any of the subliminals. No headaches or anything like that. Reconciliation has, I think, happened, but it tends to be kind of subtle. Or seems that way to me.


gonna try this after my 60 day mark with emp 4 on MArch 30th…

im in a country with total lock down, so im on house arrent from 3:30 pm until next morning 7 am…