Extreme Fear of having Sex


First of all, I know this is a long text but I would really appreciate if you would read through and maybe give some advice. Thank you.

I hate to admit that but I have a problem. I am currently not having the sex life I want AND not because I don’t have the girls but because I have extreme performance problems. My parents are married for over 30 years and I think they stopped having sex 28 years ago - I am not even sure at this point if they had sex more than 10 times together. And I always neglected that fact but I am feeling this influenced me more than I think.
I never had real sex education and we never talked about having sex. I grew up by shaming my penis resulting in me hiding and masturbating in the bedsheets. I shamed myself when I got erections for the first time - and masturbated because I got addicted to this feeling of freedom. I never learned that I should withdraw my foreskin so I did not do it until I was 14.

I had my first sexual encounter with around 16. There was this gorgeous girl and we passionately made out. It got sexual pretty fast and the first thing I did was to make excuses to not let her touch my penis. Why? Because I knew that if she did, I would come in a second. So I said I had to go home or something. I liked her a lot so I thought “ok let’s do that” and we meet up again. After seconds, we were laying on the bed half naked making out. I fingered her. It was pretty shit so we stopped after 20 seconds but I had that achievement “Yeah I did it” haha. Anyway, we continued making out and being very intimate. I massaged her ass and she started to do the same, and suddenly she was slipping her hand in my underwear touching my penis and BOOM I came. The feeling of her touching me was immense. After that, we stopped, talked some more and she showed me her roof terrace. I was literally shaking with my knees because I was so ashamed.

I fell in a slight depression because of that. I did not want to have to experience this EVER again.

2 years later…

When I masturbate I still sometimes come in my underwear because I have no real safe spot where I can masturbate without having to fear that I get caught. I cannot lock my door and my door is out of glass so that you can easily spot me when you stand outside. It is not because my parents want to do harm or watch me or something but just because the architecture in our house is really amazing. Still, this is making me repressing my sexuality.

I wanted to change that so badly to get rid of my performance problems, so I started to run Khan St1, “End premature ejaculation” subs from another vendor and Sex Mastery v2

In terms of my sexual relationships, I made out with another girl 1 month ago when she started to give me a handjob. I did not come! Damn, what an achievement I thought! But the thing is, I was totally drunk at that moment and I had moments where I was really close to coming… So I am not sure if anything changed at all.
Then one week later, we made out again and she gave me a blowjob. AGAIN when I was pretty drunk. And still, I did not come! Even though she was sucking like craaaaazy. But this time I had another problem. I could not stay hard for long. When she gave me a blowjob it was okay but when she put the condom on (I let her do it because I tried it the last time when I was 14) I lost my erections in seconds.

So now I am 18 years old and have extreme performance problems… When I masturbate at home, I come very quickly often in my pants. When I am drunk it seems to be okay. When I want to have sex, especially when I put the condom on, I get erectile dysfunction…

Help! @SaintSovereign @Fire is Sex Mastery going to solve these problems? What action should I take ?


I would recommend…

Sex Mastery is an excellent choice for your sexual problems… I would also add Emperor V4.

You said :

Seems like you are ashamed to come fast. Maybe a confidence boost would help.

Still, ashamed of your sexual performance, ashamed of yourself, of what you did.

And there is plenty more red flag in your testimony that scream you have issues with confidence that are manifested by your sexual insecurity… for now. Run emperor, it will hit hard, it will be painful, but probably not as much as the pain you are in now.

Btw, when you are drunk, are you ashamed to use alcohol as a tool for sexual performance?

P.S. A year ago I coudn’t get hard with a girl, always stressed out. Started subs here, and now I don’t give a shit… I’m getting hard, fucking the shit out of her and everything disappeared.


@WhiteTiger In person I am very confident (besides my sexuel performance). Of course, I could delude myself how awesome my performance is but I am not sure if that is the right way to go about it.

Also because I am very confident in general and girls see that, I have the pressure to live up to that. Damn, I feel like I hit a spot right now. My performance issues can be a result of my ego. My ego that does want to live up to that image that I and also my environment projects on myself as this womanizer. Pretty funny when I think about that: My friends and girls think I am a pimp only by the way I behave even though I never put my dick inside one girl. Another example, that other peoples’ opinion mean jack shit even if it is positive lol.

Okay, how do I take the pressure off me then?


I probably know a little bit about your situation, even when I was a virgin, people used to think I fawked a lot because of my charisma, my attitude and my banter.

Trust me, what you need is to “let go” when you are about to have sex (bro advice : “just be cool bro”), but it is freaking hard… so running emperor for 6 months while staying concious that you need to “let go”, is probably the course of action for you to go for.


I have the opportunity to have sex today…

First, I wanted to find another excuse to not go.

But my issue will never be better if I just run away… So I will go. Maybe I will not put my dick inside her but it can’t hurt to just see what happens.


Depends on the situation, you could just come and go hahaha, why do you want to please the girl?

Might drink some alcohol with her or something :wink: might be a useful crutch


Sex Mastery


Because it turns me on.


yeah might be. It’s hard to tell…

I had the same belief for years… a year ago, turn out I wanted to be accepted by girls and have the ego boost of making them come. Now I still care, but not as much (sometime I don’t care at all, depends on the girl).


This might be very true indeed too!

Wish me luck brother. Thanks for your help by the way.


Have a nice success, remember to enjoy the ride and maybe get a little drunk to help you out, there is no remorse to use help while learning new ways of being :wink:


Agree with @WhiteTiger. Sex Mastery X2 and Emperor v4.



Hope this helps. Ejaculation… is bad. Doesn’t mean you can’t have sex, orgasm is different from ejaculation learn to control it. This is one of the major tricks of the deep state depleting our energy and making us sick. No wonder people walk around with just little enough Life Force to keep the vessel working.


Hey Peter, let me know how it went down! :slight_smile:

My point I was trying to get across was mainly that your problem is probably not only sexual insecurity it is usually deeper than that and that is why I recommended emperor in addition to SM V2.


How come Emperor over Primal Seduction and other sexual subliminal’s as such? Maybe Regeneration & Elixir to clear out those insecurities?


Emperor is more balanced, and contain the New Beginning. Peter mentionned tgat he already has game and looks like he gets laid. New beginning is exactly that, accepting who you are…

Primarly because emperor is more recent tech and should work quicker.


I had wondered that myself, but mostly since I’ve been reading of other’s growth on SS2 and PS. The mental changes men had using these subs encouraged me.


Lots of great advice from White Tiger and Sovereign. My opinion is women only have sex with men who have a higher status then them.

Which means they want to please you. So forget about wanting to please them thats validation seeking.

As White Tiger as already said Emperor will turn you into a leader of men and women. Which equates to high status. The side effect is women will see you as high status and will want to have sex with you.

Emperor plus Sex Mastery is an absolute bomb and should work well for you.


Thank you for all the great advice!

Quick follow-up: At this specific evening which I talked about, she was on her period so I did not finger or fuck her. I just played with her breasts which really turned her one, we kissed, made out, showed some dominance etc. This took around 3 hours. I was so in the moment that I did not feel the time running by.

We celebrated New Year’s eve together (Happy New Year to all of you). She was tired so I told her to lay in my bed and sleep there as I wanted to still go out with my best friend. So In the morning, after New Year’s eve, we woke up together. I was sober and did not listen to Sex Mastery over the night.
I fingered her while she gave me a handjob. Compared to my first sexual encounter, my stamina was much stronger. It was all relaxed until she began to moan and got really turned on. Damn, girls moaning is what really turns me one… I had the decision to either take her hands out of my panties quickly before I came but therefore had to stop to finger her or just continue. I decided on the last. So I came in my pants, switched positions and fingered her G-Spot really hard. She moaned again, breathed heavily and got really really fucking wet. Never had a girl be that wet… so I think I she came but not sure. Anyway, of course, I would have loved to not come but I did not really bother me this time. I did not care.

@SaintSovereign I am hesitant to switch to Emperor because of two reasons: 1. The rest of Emperor is not really aligned with my goals 2. I just bought Khan (which is more aligned) and I thought ST1 would take care of any sexual limiting beliefs, is that not the case?
I am wondering as nobody mentioned it here in the thread.


Khan stage 1 will break you down for sure and fix all your limiting beliefs including those that are sexual. If I was you I would do at least two months on ST1.