Exploring the depths of my mind to acquire wealth - OLOY

I have daily revelations on EOG:NR.

Sharing my journey so that S.C. gets feedback and I get feedback from multiple perspectives.

My goal is to make money from Twitter. I currently have less than 100 followers. Idk how i’m gonna monetize it (maybe ghostwriting after i gain enough followers). Writing on twitter actually helps me:

  • learn more about my internal wealth barriers
  • learning to write
  • learning to network

It’s been 20 days since i’ve seriously begun this journey and I can confidently say I’ve grown more in this 20 days than I’ve on my past year (i was using subclub subs on both time periods (just comes to show how powerful NWE is)).

In my journal below, if u have any thought u feel like I should know, feel free to post it.

I really appreciate ya’ll’s opinions as it polishes my own way of thinking.


Here is a breakthrough I had today:

I hate modifying systems of thought after I create it the first time.

Here is how it works:

  1. Watch a course.
  2. Build a system of thinking that incorporates the material in my head as I watch the course.
  3. Never watch the course again.

The problem?

The system I created contains 90% of the course.

But the remaining 10%, I’d rather ignore it and FAIL.

Than mess up my perfect system.


  • Make a system.
  • Use it enough that it becomes second nature.
  • Watch the same course 10 times while paying attention AND while not using the system u already created.
  • This will FORCE me to come up wid new systems. (Since u have already integrated the original system, u will come up wid a more effective one.)
  • Which when integrated wid the original one will create a more comprehensive system.

Any mistake in my logic that u guys see, feel free to comment.

I really want ya’ll’s opinions to polish my own way of thinking.

Ps. I can’t wait to make a custom wid “Alexandria” module in it.

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Went on a joyride, had an illuminating insight.

I think I solved the core of the above issue.

There is a vibe (way of thinking) every video of a course or book is trying to convey.

This is what I need to do:

Follow the instructions of the course so many times that I can emulate that vibe completely.

This is my main problem.

I capture half the vibe (the parts that i like), and freestyle the rest.

Get no results.

And never use that course again.

Man, who knew formally journaling brought more breakthroughs!


Also, had a nice change of thought:

I used to self-hate when I saw a big nice car.

But today I mentally said to the rich guy, “U did well, bro. U made ur loved ones proud.”


I hate learning about things whose roi I don’t see.

That’s why when I dont see why things rn’t working and what I should improve on, I panic.

I have to find my own path.

I’d rather fail than direct copy paste someone’s strategy.

Turns out, I have a big ego about originality.

All these bad beliefs were once good.

Originality is good.

Finding my own path is good.

Focusing on highest ROI activities is good.

But when ur head is only programmed with “perfect” strategies, things don’t work out.

Becoz these perfect strategies were strategies to be implemented by imperfect humans.

I got into self-improvement too young.

I programmed myself wid “perfect” strategies without any real world experience to tie them with.

Now, I have to learn the nuance of not applying them.

Very unique scenario.

But S.C subs are still super effective.



Action shows the way.

If u can’t see the path forward while sitting here, take blind action.

Then look again, the path will be much clearer.


Become one with the pulse of the market.

Drop your ego.

The market doesn’t care what you prefer or what resonates with u.

U are here to serve and provide value based on what the customers want.

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3 things will happen tomorrow:

  1. My culture will worship the goddess of wealth.
  2. I’ll study the perfect course I found that will help me in business.
  3. Subclub will release a couple of bomb-ass wealth titles.

I am grateful to be alive in the 21st century.

But tbh, every person who ever existed has existed in their latest time period.

for an 18th century man, the ongoing 18th century was the peak of civilization.

This implies that I’m NOT grateful for being born in this century.

I’m simply grateful to be alive.

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Reading copy for the sub I am running helps wid breakthrough insights and calming recon.

It’s cool that there is so much material on EOG:NR to read up on.

Reading copy has made me realize:

I’ve embodied alot of the features of NR.

This sub was made for me.

The only future where I switch it out is if a sub that focuses on leveraging the internet and social media gets released.

Hoping that will happen this release cycle!

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Slightly drunk.

Listening to love songs.

Nostalgia about younger days (i’m 22).

Yearning of love is popping up.

logically, ik love is easy.

Built deep connections wid countless women before saying one word. (hail HOM)

I once got 4 phone numbers on a single bus ride.

Anyways, benefit of being in a loving relationship (long term or short term) cannot be understated.

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I have a scarcity mindset on information.

When I find effective information on a problem i’m tackling, i dont consume it immediately.

I save it for later then procrastinate on my task.

I feel that as long as i don’t consume it, i won’t be hit by the fact that the information was useless afterall.

As long as i don’t consume it, there is a possibility that the information was the missing piece of the puzzle that completes the whole picture.

Maybe “informaticon” module solves this. idk

@Forum_Ambassadors what actions could i take to solve this scarcity mindset of information?

Anyone else, plz feel free to chime in.


Melt it from the inside.

Take a playful approach to your so-called limitations

If you don’t know everything, then your doubts are as suspect as your hopes

Use make-believe

What if this felt different? What if this were different?


I think u hit the bullseye.

I think i have a deep entrenched hope that i just need this one piece of information that will solve all the problems i face.

I don’t understand this. Could u clarify it?

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Can relate with this. I collect books, ebooks, courses, subliminals and other self-improvement info for the same reason lol.

Choose your most important books, subliminals, etc based on your immediate needs. That way you do away with the feeling of…

When you have a problem to resolve, you look for the solution. Else the “solution” is vague because the “problem” is also vague.

I think that i hate wasting effort.

If something has already been solved by someone and is available somewhere in the internet,

I don’t want to work hard to rediscover it.

This is my main issue.

How do i work hard when i know that if i was lucky i’d find that information easily?

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You are already lucky. You have SubliminalClub audios.


That’s a nice shift in perspective.


Makes me remember one quote from the masterclass:

If u keep taking action and listen responsibly, subclub subs will show u the path in due time.


Indeed my friend. There will be even less mistakes on this path. The subliminals will guide you to the correct information or anything else that you need inevitably.


What if this were perfectly okay?

What if, just for imagination, you were, unbeknownst to you, absorbing the same information in some other way?