Experiences with Inner Circle


Has anybody here had any experience yet with Inner Circle? Care to share?


Don’t know why but works very fast. And by fast I mean on the same day or the next day I get results.
I used it masked two loops in the afternoon in two different days. A few weeks ago I wanted to organize a music band (small one) with some friends to pass the time. While they were deciding to join in or not, on the afternoon I looped Inner Circle twice. Funny enough by night time I spent an hour talking with some friends that agreed to the idea.

The next morning another friend got interested and is currently on the group. Right now I haven’t used it for like 2 weeks, and my ideas & friends in the band have been dormant. Nothing has happened since that day.

So yeah, don’t know why but it manifests really fast. On those days my friends got very interested in this music scheme. Right now we haven’t talked ANYTHING about the band, which is the time that passed since the loops of Inner Circle.

I’m still very interested in Inner Circle and I have a theory about that probably if you write on paper what kind of friends or mentors you would like to meet I with some specific details I assume It would speed up results. If this happened with two loops on two days apart, imagine in the following holidays!


UPDATE: Although I was planning to listen to Inner Circle on the holidays, I ran the Ascension until New Year’s Eve. So I started Emperor V4 on the 2nd of January of this year.

Well, remember the music group I made from before? Well, it was still dormant until today.
So yesterday I slept using masked and with speakers from my phone. Inner Circle (2 loops) and Emperor (3 loops).

Everything was going as usual, and a few hours ago a friend of mine sent us a message about a new app he found, so we could get to work. The app is way better than I expected, and we’re excited to start finally.

Funny, the band progresses every time I use Inner Circle, if I don’t use it, we don’t make any progress at all. Sometimes I even forget the band is still up.
Gonna keep listening.


Very interesting, I will be following this thread. I’m relatively new to the idea of actively manifesting things and honestly wasn’t a firm believer until I listened to a couple different manifestation videos on youtube and things immediately started happening in different ways.

Inner Circle sounds like a powerful tool

Find People And Handle People

Damn, didn’t expect Inner Circle to give me very hard reconciliation.
Last Friday later in the afternoon my mood was very very gloomy. Felt tired, disappointed and frustrated.

Eventually I reached the conclusion that I was feeling unhappy because honestly, my social circle is decent. But I don’t really have someone I can REALLY rely on, not even someone close from where I study currently, in other words, I wanted a REAL FRIEND.
This thought has been on my mind lately, but really. Never felt like that.
On the weekend I got even better, and more since I’m almost a week away from listening Emperor V4 for a whole month. Really love IT. I’m glad I bought it back in August.

But, I’m stopping Inner Circle for now. As my current circumstances don’t allow me much to find new friends. Right now I decided my priority will be my studies, after that I’ll look for true friends.


@mecharc check this out :smiley:


@PurpleRT73 Mind sharing how’s Inner Circle working out for you until now? Would appreciate it :slight_smile:


You’re too kind!!


Well, with the current quarantine I can’t say much right now. But back in February I used Inner Circle on some days, with inconsistent use, always while sleeping. 3-4 loops.

On the following morning I had a good time talking with some of my preferred classmates, almost all day. But when I skipped it, we barely talked at all since they have their specific group of friends, like their own circle.

It’s an interesting program, really intriguing for me because it feels that works really fast. For me works when bonding with specific classmates, those who I like, and for my father is attracting similar business partners. Wealthy clients.
Don’t know how it’s manifesting process works, but I’m surprised you can see noticeable results on the following days.


Interesting. I wonder if Inner Circle is a part of any other subliminal, and whether it will be updated to Q.


It was included in StarkQ.


I do think it is also part of EmperorQ.

And I am hoping that they include it in KhanQ as well


This is reasonable given that Khan focuses on social outcomes :slight_smile:


I can’t personally speak about Inner Circle as a stand alone however I bought StarkQ and inner circle seems to be doing the job I needed it for. I’ve made a community of friends and useful people in just the past couple weeks being more social and all that kind of stuff to the point that I’m smashing targets in work already.

I use an app that I work for and I’ve had so many good things happen and I’m already hitting what I need to.


This is while the coronavirus situation is going on? Are there any shelter-in-place mandates in your area?



This isn’t in person, this is all online whilst isolation is going on. I’ve made so many friends and stuff on the app I’m working in that it has helped me make money for next month and has brought people to me who are incredible connections. All this without leaving my house.


That’s fairly impressive. Wondering if others have had similar experiences during the quarantine.


I’ve been making new connections all the time and maybe I’d have even better results using Inner Circle along with Stark but in my opinion the version within StarkQ has created great results for me.