Experiences of Emperor so far


I have to say this sub is absolutely fantastic. In fact I invested 500 dollars in a competitor product a year ago which was an alpha based product with 6 stages to it. Unfortunately I was not impressed by this product even after completing all stages.

Emperor is a new breed of subliminal. In my 13 days of use I have noticed the following

  1. I feel more comfortable with myself and am able to look at myself in the mirror and realize how good looking I am before this I thought I was ugly.

  2. Fears come to the surface and I realize alot of the fears I experience are nothing more then my imagination playing up.

I am really looking foreward to the dating sub being 50 years old I need every bit of help to be more attractive to women.

Thankyou all the staff at the sub club for helping to change my life in such as short space of time.


I was in the same boat and I’m glad you’re getting much better effects here at SubClub. If only it had existed years ago and spared me some wasted time with the competitor’s products.


I was in the same boat as you guys. And I don’t really see it as a waste. I mean sure, I was dissapointed with the results, but at the time, that was the best of what was available. And right now, here we are.

I thought the Emperor already has some attraction/sex/romance modules, right? I am at about the same number of days as you and I haven’t gotten laid yet (on the Emperor, and for some time before). Aren’t you going to wait for the optimizations first?


I am alittle confused as from what I have read the version that will be made available will only be for testing. Not clear on what the optimisation involves. My feelings are that the official release to the public of the dating seduction sub will be after the optimizations have been completed. Don’t take what I said as the gospel I might be completely wrong.


I believe the Emperor sub does create a seductive aura around you. Will be interesting to see how this pans out over the next month.


It does. I got laid pretty early into EMPEROR and I’ve been getting suggestive looks and stares as well. I haven’t been capitalizing as I’ve mostly turned inward.

S&S will go through testing and then be released to the general public. I believe @Fire said within the next week.

The optimization from what I understand is @Fire going through previously released programs and updating them with the newest technology he’s developed since.


13 days of Emperor is superior to six stages totaling 192 days?


From my experience, not really (I’m on 17 days). It’s just that Emperor’s effects are more obvious and quicker to appear. I am still very far from what is promised on the sales page of the Emperor. The real showdown will be in 6 months. Where the 6 stage sub delivered about 40% of what was promised, I felt really betrayed at the time. With the Emperor, I’m on about 7-10% already, for detaled breakdown check my journal thread.


Results are definitely manifestating faster. To be honest i am over 50 years old and I cannot waste any further time on programs that do not deliver.

As i have already mentioned it’s been 2 weeks and I am already experiencing astounding results.

Really looking foreward to the seduction program as I want to get my dating life sorted out now :slight_smile:


The six stage program that I used twice didn’t deliver every thing that was promised. Two weeks on Emperor and I already feel like an Emperor.


This morning I woke up feeling so masculine its unreal :smile:.

Why couldnt have subliminal club existed 25 years ago !! :slight_smile:


I think people in general are being more nice to me. Not had anything come up on the dating front yet which I am keen to progress. Does Emperor create an aura of sexiness around you ?


It does and it’s noted on the product page. That’s likely the reason people are being nicer to you.


Does masturbation drain the aura ? my reasoning is that the aura might be powered by a mans sexual energy.


Its been 23 days into Emperor I use to be very defensive and get annoyed at people when they critized me. Now any comment or if someone is critical with me is like water off a duck’s back. I just smile and don’t take the comments seriously.


Make sure you’re actively pursuing a healthy dating life. Jump on an app (don’t get too invested or spend tons of time, just message women you find attractive), go out to singles events, go see a movie and chat with a woman afterward about what they thought, etc. That’s when you’ll see the programming kicking in. Trust me on that.


I was chilling out watching TV this evening when I felt a voice in my head telling me to go out and socialize. Eventually got dressesd and went out to a couple of bars and began chatting to the girls there. I have a couple of girls tellme they didnt want to talk to me. This did not phase me one bit. I moved onto another group of girls who I chatted with for nearly 20 mins. They all had boyfriends however I enjoyed the evening it was fullfilling to go out and just chat to girls.

Later I installed the tinder apps and swiped right on a number of girls I fancied. Didnt get any matches but I felt good at making the effort.


The great thing is the sub has helped me not to be too concerned with the outcome and just being myself.


Nice! I know what you are talking about. I’ve experienced similar “voice in my head” these last couple of days as well. And I agree, I feels good to make the effort. Here’s to our success.


Day 25

I was bullied at school had a dream last night that I went 40 years back in time to face my bullies. Instead of using physical violence I verbally deescalated the situations and they began to respect me.

Alot of users have commented.that women ate looking at them not had that happen yet. Perhaps its early days :slight_smile:.