Experienced sub user: Seeking emotional healing


I am not new to subliminals, as I began using them heavily in 2016. I am presently using one from another vendor and have had success many times. My reason for choosing subliminals is that I’ve been in 12 step recovery rooms for decades, have gone through many counselors and therapists, and the result is…not too much unfortunately.

I’m wondering if you have subs focusing on emotional healing, specifically looking to rewrite old victim mindset behaviours, see one’s own power, have a positive attitude, and forgive myself and others for real and imagined offenses. The victim mindset seems most prolific, as I’m seeing I’ve played that game in life many times, both personally and professionally. In short, I’d never want someone to do what I’ve done, and since I have a daughter, I’m seeking to be the change instead of just watching it from afar.

I did see the free Alpha subliminal. Does this change one’s victim mindset? I am very curious, I just found this site today, and I will continue reading once I’m done here.

I just realized something. I’ve desired an Alpha mindset in many settings, but from what I’ve read about this change is that it NEEDS a good foundation of cleaning out old mental debris and blockages, meaning emotional clearing. That is the MAIN reason I’ve not used any subliminal alpha recordings yet, as without this cleaning, a lot of discomfort can result. Do your Alpha recordings clear out the junk first?

Thank you for your assistance here.



I just picked up the Emperor and Rebirth. I have 2 loops of Emperor with one loop of Rebirth, on repeat. I have one question.

I’ve run ultrasonics a lot these last 2 years with another vendor, and I have Frequensee to check loudness. I’ve usually run it at 45% on VLC since Frequensee showed output between -40 to -50. I got results, and I wasn’t reacting negatively (it wasn’t shouting at my subconscious).

Well, I downloaded both onto my PC, where I normally run my subs, and began them in VLC. I noticed the output (showing in Frequensee) shows only -60 to -70. That’s running VLC volume at 45%. Only if I turn VLC up to 75% does it show -50 on Frequensee.

Is this common, and how can I know I’m playing this at a safe volume?


Just an FYI. I had VLC running at 70% for about 40 minutes. I noticed my right ear began hurting, so I put VLC back at 45%, my norm. The pain has gone away, and I’ll see how it manifests playing at that level.


I would definitely recommend Ascension and the newly released Rebirth for this.

I see you’ve picked up EMPEROR, which contains a lot of Ascension’s scripting and will do exactly what you want, but if your absolute focus is on what you listed above, I believe Ascension may be more straightforward.

EMPEROR contains scripting for building an empire, and it doesn’t sound like you’re there yet. Its also one of the most emotionally intense subliminal I’ve run, which may make things difficult for a while.

Having suffered from what appears to be similar problems as you, I can also tell you from experience Ascension will help you both internally and externally. This includes attracting mentors, therapists, even books and videos to help you overcome your issues.

Rebirth is in every subliminal offered here and is now its own individual subliminal. There is also emotional clearing offered in every subliminal. There is no emotional “healing” subliminal just yet. I used subliminals from the other vendor who focused so much time on emotional healing and found it to be a waste, ultimately. Months after realizing this for myself, he seems to have realized it as well and now includes a new technology to handle emotions by removing fear rather than “healing.”


As long as it’s over around -80db, your subconscious is receiving the input and processing it.


@Alexander hit it on the nail: Experienced sub user: Seeking emotional healing


Thanks for the imput Alexander. I was hesitant, but upon looking at my thinking (from running Emperor a few hours) I realized I was in a defiant mood.

I picked up Ascension and am looping it with Rebirth. Thank you for helping me out there.


Question: What is Ex Machina, inside of Ascension? I’m still learning how this forum and site is hooked up, so I am uncertain presently. Thanks for your help.

I’ll run Ascension a day or 2 before starting a journal here. I usually am pretty aware of changes and battles going on, plus…I look forward to some dreams. I rarely remember dreams, so I feel blessed when I have them. Most dreams have some truth or challenge in them. Thanks guys.


Ex Machina was an experimental version of Ascension. All of the things “inside” of Ex Machina have now made it into the mainstream programs.


@SaintSovereign so technically Ex Machina is the more powerful of the two?


More specifically, what was the aim of Ex Machina? And was it found to be successful?

I was looking for people’s experience here on the forum with Ascension, and at least one thought “nothing was happening”. Seems he was wrong. It’s good to read that feedback considering I’ve been on some subs with almost immediate results this last year with another vendor, and some changes were felt quickly. Yet even there, some of the slower subliminals made a lot of changes while they were “cooking” inside. I’ll likely have some results tomorrow with Ascension and Rebirth, and I’ll be back here reporting. I’ll start a new journal.


I cannot tell you the aim of Ex Machina, as that is trade secret. And yes, it was found to be more successful.

The “nothing was happening” crowd tends to be heavy users of another producer’s subliminals. His subs contain a number of modules designed to push the user into taking a particular action. Because of this, your subconscious gives a polar reaction — it either agrees or you get angry / depressed. Either way, because you can “feel” it, people say it’s “working,” even if it’s not in your best interest.

Not saying that approach is wrong or ineffective, but that’s not how our products work. The way we scripted it, you have to take the first step. Once you do, you’ll see how you reacted differently than before.


Ascension is absolutely MUST if you want deep, wide and rather fast changes. Using Standard and Extreme versions helped me precisely target self esteem issues.

Can’t recommend more pure Ascension enough (maybe with ReBirth stack module).


From my experience, Subliminal Club really understands how to communicate with subconscious of the user.

Most subliminal producers, including the one that usually mentioned here - are NOT. I left their forum after saying that there is something fundamentally wrong with their subs. Was considered troll :slight_smile: but after I found Subliminal Club everything just came to place: my subconscious mind likes what it hears :slight_smile:


Maybe this is too corny, but it’s the truth:

Real change is when you react differently, even if the whole outside world is the same.
Of course, once you start reacting differently, soon the world will follow.


What is the Extreme version? Is that Ex Machina? I’d like to learn more since I have it myself now.

And yes, self esteem issues have been a core reason for wishing to do an alpha program. I was raised by a mom who never dated anyone, so low self esteem was all that was modeled. I’m learning, still, to detach from her mindset, and Ascension is slowly pulling me from this. Of course, it’s only been less than 24 hours. I’ll begin journaling tonight. Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:


Yes, Ex Machina is Extreme. I found that using Standard and Extreme in different combinations worked best for me.

If you lived almost all of your life in certain environment it is strange to expect that change will happen within 24 hours :slight_smile: But the best thing you did, I think, that you started to make changes in your life. Good luck!


Hello, how can we test if its -80db, is there any program? Thank you.


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