Exercises For Depression [OSHO Dynamic Meditation]


Anyone heard of Elliot hulse i remember trying his dynamic mediation many years ago, just done it now it feels great. A lot of trauma is stored and trapped in the body. i felt a nice little release after doing this could be a good routine to do in the morning with the wim hoff method


Isn’t that the Effortless Fasting guy?


Very interesting. I’ll be trying this. My more intellectual mind is saying how it’s needless and you can get the same release without expressing all the emotions. But given my past history with emotional repression I’m probably someone that needs this type of thing the most.


He used to be a bodybuilder but he is more into spirituality now, he was one of the first self improvement youtubers to make it big in that field. Some of his his stuff is really interesting and out there.


Trust me this really works i only did it for 5 minutes while feeling a emotion that usually triggers me and i could feel some of it release. This sort of stuff combined with subs can really make a difference in my opinion



I did his release techniques while I was travelling in Asia and reconciliation hit really hard after 3 months of Khan St4. I had neglected my well being for a long time and instead only focused on getting better and better results with women.
This really helped! Can’t recommend it enough. Let it out, let all the pain and frustration out


Tried this a while back, Julien Blanc’s guided release is much more effective for me, trauma release is the real deal.


Have anyone tried The Elixier from subclub? This sounds very promising tbh


Yes i have tried Julian blancs release and its very good, in thinking of buying his course have you got it?. I find Elliott’s method really helpful as well because its more to do with the body, ive got a lot of trapped energy in different places.

Im gonna use different methods for release i am currently doing Elliotts method and combining it with Yoga for Emotional Release

And i am also using sapiens trauma release. Maybe its a bit of a overkill but whilst i am under quarantine i have a lot of time on my hands


Yes I got it and it’s great, but you don’t need to buy it, like other rsd instructors most of his courses content is in his free vids, this one in particular covered the main stuff.

Pretty much comes down to triggering yourself by remembering what created your trauma, don’t focus on the memory and its details but instead focus on the emotions it caused, when brought to the surface really let it have it’s effect on you no matter how uncomfortable, gotta let it be experienced fully so it can mature, then moves on to guided release where you let it go.

To be honest the digital isn’t as good as the live/in-person program, I wish I had done that instead when I had the chance. There I would have been forced to do certain things, at home its not as “transformational”, but still amazing content.


Damn, I can’t usually sit through these but that was solid. None of the concepts were new to me or eye opening, but the way he presented everything served as a reminder for myself. Thanks for linking that video.


Make sure you draw your curtains or the white coats will come knocking on your door and take you away to be locked up.


This is the original one that made him famous lol


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: will check it out