Excited To Join the Community

Hello everyone I’m a longtime lurker and happy to finally start contributing some thoughts to the subliminal community.

Subliminals + living in the moment + personal development = NZT

For the life of me I cannot figure out why people don’t realize the subconscious mind and getting into a rapport and understanding/cleansing of it is THE SECRET to success, love, peace and happiness…

I decided to start posting because I love the energy/vibe here and focus on experimentation…currently I just purchased WANTED and I am running that alone but I’m contemplating either combining it with one either subliminal or creating a custom…but I promised myself to give WANTED three months by itself to really see the changes and build a foundation.

Anyway happy to be here and hope everyone has a great day.


Welcome, @NinjaGazin! Excellent idea to stick to just 1 title at first. Looking forward to your success

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What is NZT?

The drug on the Bradley Cooper movie Limitless that he took that have him super intellect

Yes the plan is to stay with it…my dilemma is whether I will continue with a stack by adding another major program or try to create a custom.

It will depend on the results I get. I have lurked and read a lot of journals here and it seems to me the guy who stay consistent on one sub for a longer period have greater results. Also the guys who actually take breaks…so I’m looking forward to the results

I kind of already have the WANTED personality type so I figure this sub will act as subtle nudge to become More of what I already I am until my wholeness reaches mythical proportions…

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