Excalibur custom journal

Day 01

  1. Dr st4 core
  2. Artist Q Core
  3. Stark Q core
  4. Wanted q core
  5. Eog st4 core
  6. Medici q core
  7. transcendental connection
  8. Furious ascent
  9. Glory seeker
  10. Dragon tongue
  11. Ultimate writer
  12. Financial success reality shifter
  13. epigenetics and dna modulator
  14. Sacred words
  15. Deus
  16. Yggdrasil
  17. Omnidimensional
  18. Unrelenting wealth motivation energy
  19. Gorgeous manifestor
  20. Forcused arousal

I build my billionaire life style.There are quite a lot of cores, but I think it will work well with the current lifestyle.


That’s awesome!!!

I also made my customs with the intention of using them for life.

I was glad to read today someone (think it was @BlackTiger ?) saying that the customs are still very powerful among all the new technology we’re seeing.

I enabled alerts for your journal.


Day 01

After listening to it, I feel a little lazy, but I also feel relaxed. Sometimes, I ride a roller coaster and I think it heals many things.

Currently, in my life, I am removing all the studies that took a long time and had little results and building my lifestyle efficiently as I want.

I am planning to enjoy many hobbies

.because of dr , when i active everything i feel my emotion is healing.

Medici : my leverage skill is improving.

Eog : when i working my productivity is great.

Wanted : many people want me.

Usually, I’m introverted and don’t talk much, but I talk skillfully with the dragon’s tongue when someone tells me to.

In the existing relationship, people approach me well, but it’s a little hard to start a new relationship. There are times when people who are not very close to me sometimes become obsessed with me, so I ignore the words of people I don’t like if possible.


Restart Day 07

I am studying various major fields or fields of interest.

I don’t go out often, but I’m reading a lot of books and studying. I’m very happy to think about becoming an expert in the three fields I chose and deeply learning various interesting fields.

My emotions have become very calm. I think I’m out of almost all trauma.

And, I think I’m good at commanding various orders.

I think my relationship with my family has improved quite a bit.

Usually, when i start again, my emotions go up and down for about a week and then get better, and for about two to three weeks, your brain fog seems to be clear. I’ve never used the same thing for more than a month in a past, but I’ll try it steadily.

restart day 01

i’ll test 1 week 1 loop.

Day 01

I’m continuing to study. The effect seems to be getting better with fewer loops. It was always difficult to do 2 or 3 loops when I started again, but this time, I’ll just do 1 loop and watch for a week.

It’s a little sad that there’s no ql, but I don’t go to school anyway, so I think stark and eog are enough. I feel like I’m getting smarter.

Thanks to “wanted,” my bone health seems to improve.

I plan to use one loop a week for the rest of my lives, the same custom.
With the healing of dragon reborn, more and more effects are likely to be achieved.

I’m creating a business step by step. I’m studying more and more areas.

I am always grateful to sc for making great progress in all areas. After I create a business, I will donate to them right away.

As this custom is decrypted in my head, I can feel that my ability improves in real time.

I am steadily heading toward a good life by establishing various systems and rules.

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What makes you think your bone health is improving?

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In the past, the bones used to make sounds well and were a little bad, because the symptoms disappeared and became healthy after including “wanted” in customized in the past. And, in many ways, the body seems to be becoming more manly.(I’m quite skinny)

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Day 02

I’m getting interested in studying related to my major, so I’m doing more and more.

I’m a little tired on the day I used it, so I think I’ll take a break once a week and study hard for the remaining six days.

I think I can guess what the script is to train Stark’s experts.

Previously, I listened to the loop again when it was printed about 30 percent, not 100 percent, but this time I think I’ll only do it once a week and print 100 percent.

I think I can feel the aura of Dragon reborn healing me.

As a spark, I am trying to become an expert in three fields at the same time. I have studied a lot in all three fields.

And I’ve learned various techniques such as coding and design from a long time ago and I’m studying additionally.

Thanks to the artist, I am developing various hobbies. I think I made this custom really well.

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Just looking at those cores makes my head hurt lol


Make a lot of money, have good mental health, have excellent talents, and mysteriously!


I see. Thank you for clarifying.

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Day 03. total : 2 loop MBTI : INTP

One loop every two days seems to be in good balance.

I’m working on a good routine that repeats itself.

I wake up, go to a cafe, watch some lectures, study through books or search, and take a break by doing various art hobbies.(+game)

There are few relationships other than family and girlfriends (friends are only seen once a month or a long time).

All kinds of trauma and negative emotions are almost gone, and they are becoming more and more and more. However, I am a little strict with people.

When someone attacks me when I play games, I think I’m good at inducing other users to attack him by mentioning justifiable reasons through Medici’s political power. However, I don’t attack first, but I usually counterattack when I attack for unreasonable reasons. If it’s a reasonable opinion or an unhelpful attack, ignore it and do what you’re doing.

I’m good at speaking, but I think it’s more suitable to convey my opinion than to make people laugh. I usually stay quiet, and when I need it, I make various arguments.

These days, I’m enriching in every aspect of my life, and I’m focusing on increasing the depth of knowledge of my majors.

Maybe it’s because I’m introverted, but I don’t like hanging out with people, and I think I study and explore alone and deepen the relationship of a few.

I also cooked with my mother yesterday. 95 percent of my relationships are my family and girlfriend. (The rest are customers and friends)

I’m gradually decreasing harmful behaviors, thoughts, and habits and increasing positive things.

My learning and performance ability is more efficiently every day.


Day 04 total loop : 2 mbti : intp

I was in good condition yesterday, so I studied a lot in various fields and took a good rest.

My condition, mood and routine were all the best for the first time in a while. I cooked with my mom yesterday, too.
Thanks to Medici, I think I put myself in the right role considering the excellence of the people around me.

I will study hard today and go to art class. I think I need to do more productive things to reduce my time to play games.

I’m getting more and more knowledgeable, and I’m thinking about what to launch my business with (variety sns, homepage, etc…). not offline)
The number of loops is not overloaded, so I think I spend less lazy time and have a fruitful time.

However, maybe the loops I heard before have not been washed a little, but there are many symptoms, but it is not something to worry about.

What’s a little disappointing when I’m outside is that I rarely talk to you first, so I feel a little lonely.
Of course, women’s ioi are huge, but they don’t talk to each other first or try to get to know each other. I’m a little disappointed that social activities are more fun when I hang out with men and women.

My college life was okay, but I quit because I felt that I needed to study myself to create a business, and I’m working on my own curriculum to establish a system.

I’m majoring in three areas and increasing my depth, and I’m planning to launch them sequentially and try to integrate them later.

However, it is important to make a lot of money, but I am taking my time because I value the balance of my life.

It’s a shame that I didn’t add ql. However, the stark and eog are sufficient. If i just put in ql, studying twice is enough, and if i don’t have it, repeat it about five times.

The dragon reborn has cleared up the mental problem (it has been included in the custom for quite some time).

If I continue to use it continuously this year, fill out a diary, and act, I think I will see tremendous results. It’s only been a few days since I restarted, but the results are pretty good.

Thanks to medici, my family seems to be doing many things for me.

The social aspect of Stark is not well revealed. Maybe it’s just that I want to be with someone else, so I can talk a little bit.

My creativity and ideas are so excellent that when I look at various contents, I get countless related ideas.

As an artist, I think a good life is being built to enjoy everything from art, piano, writing, dancing, photography, etc.

Words, writing, and thinking are getting deeper and more sophisticated.

Dream : A few fights, defenses, and escapes appear. Sometimes, old friends that I didn’t like come out, and the trauma seems to disappear a little.

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Day 05 Total Loop : 3 no fap, no game : day 01

I’m continuing my studies. Perhaps because of healing, I often relax at home.

I cleaned the room and surroundings, and my head and life seemed to be in order.

I usually maintain a very peaceful, peaceful and happy state of mind is maintained.

It is very fun to learn new knowledge and apply it to real life.

I’m changing my routine better and better.

I wake up early in the morning, listen to Hanloop once every two days, study, and watch several videos.

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Day 7

my memory and learning ability is more improving.

I get a lot of positive habits.

Dragon reborn seem learning difficult first but now dr help study only good information and what i have leraned is refined and to be synthesized.

it’s been a long time since i studied hard, but now my learning is smooth and efficient. I can feel it accelerating.

in relationships, i am more outgoing and active in communicating with people. I’m creating my own interesting social conversation style. In addition, i have learned how to maintain mysticity.

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day 08

It brings more and more positive opportunities, habits, and reality.

I’m always grateful to sc for giving me a new life!!!

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Day 09 total loop : 6

I was very active yesterday.

I studied and enjoyed many things, and I did my work thoroughly.

I was listening to the loop again today, but I stopped in the middle and listened to the second loop.

Very naturally, it seems to lead to increasing results.

The quality of what I do is really incredible (although it doesn’t cost a lot yet).

I feel that my skills are gradually improving in various areas.

I haven’t had much sexual desire in a few days, but it’s coming back.

I was worried that I would suddenly lift the second loop and overload, but fortunately, I don’t think so.It seems okay to increase the loop to 2 when boredom occurs once in a while. back and forth between the first and second loopsIt’s less boring if you do it.

The body and mind are gradually being purified.

When I go out, many women chase me, but I will be devoted to my current girlfriend for the rest of my life (and I like talking to her, and she has the best appearance and personality, so I’m satisfied in every way).

Yesterday, in order to improve my skills, I consulted with them twice, and they were both very satisfied. (One person said he didn’t expect to see it this high quality, and one person was very grateful and gave me a gift.) I think my skills have improved and ideas have been developed.

I think it was a good idea to try a double loop today.

Depending on the situation, the ability to exert the desired core power is gradually improving, and we are learning how to create synergies.

While listening, I feel my feet suddenly numb or my face changes as I massage.

I would like to make a custom suitable for my girlfriend. I’ll post a message asking for your help. It’s my and her birthday soon, so I think it’d be good to give it to her then!

I’m happy to travel to my friend’s place for two days. It’s been a while since I saw him. He is one of my few alpha male friends.

By my standards, it seems the most efficient to write various studies or journals while listening to the loop when you wake up in the morning.

It used to be centered on modules, but now it’s getting deeper into the core. And I’m handling each module and core very naturally as if I were born with it!

When I have something I want to do, I think about it in my head and come up with an optimized strategy. Then, when I come up with a strategy, I get things done with momentum.

The healing core was huge, so there were often times when I was tired, but fatigue was reduced in many ways.

And when I’m getting healed, I notice myself and take a rest. To be honest, most of the healing has progressed, so it doesn’t take much effort. It’s like a newborn baby!

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Day 10 total loop : 6

bacause of i heard 2 loop yesterday , i am very tired today.

now i get rest

The desire to switch to another stack is very high, but it seems to be a symptom of reconciliation.

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Day 11 total loop : 7

Usually, it motivates me well when I hear it, and the next day, it seems to be painful to change my beliefs.

I’m changing my life more efficiently and effectively.

I got rid of a lot of bad habits and developed a lot of good habits.

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Excellent results, @KingArthur. Can see you growing in your life and making it the life of your dreams.

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