EVERYTHING FROM LIFE (a Khan + Limit Destroyer + Limitless Executive journal)

The goal of the stack is to become a strong and sexually confident man who can get everything he wants from life (for this Khan + LD)

As for LE instead, I added it to help me study at university because I am mostly lacking in motivation at the moment.

I started the stack for about ten days with an offline journal and I decided to continue it on the forum because I love user feedback and as always for everyone having a journal to read can be interesting or helpful.

I will shortly summarize quite briefly the findings and highlights, in the next posts, regarding the previous days of listening.


Awesome stack. All the best, bro!

Looking forward to your journal entries.

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sooner than you might expect.

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The following are the summaries of the days on this stack from day 2 to day 13:

Day 2
I oscillated between moments of wanting to do something really great and feeling lost and not knowing what I want from life.

My interest in girls had waned, but then I realized it was an excuse to run away from reality and not try.

just at the first run of the cycle I felt my ambition and my desire for research and achievement of objectives rise.

I had memories of a girl who hurt me in the recent past, I haven’t thought about her in a long time.
Other than that I have had angry thoughts.

Day 3
Taken from an inspiration, I set goals to be achieved.

Day 4
Doubts about myself and my ability with women.

Day 5
Thoughts again about the girl who hurt me, I haven’t thought about her for long.

Day 6
Doubts and insecurities have surfaced.

Day 7
Insecurities and a sense of inability with women have arisen.

Old harmful thoughts of redpill have surfaced. This happened to me previously with Total Breakdown.

Day 8
More intense libido.

I started to value the quality of the girls more for their inner beauty and less for the aesthetic one.

Day 9
Questions on how to overcome the fear of girls.

Day 10
Sense of asocial when I was out, but I felt a burning desire for the women I saw around me, but I didn’t have the courage to talk to them.

Subtle insights or guts feelings about how I should behave around women.

Desire to feel strong internally and deserving of the girls I like.

Day 11
I didn’t feel mature for my age. I felt that I hadn’t had enough experience to be.

Day 12
I self confessed to being an introverted guy and that I don’t like talking to others very much, but despite this character gap I want women with ardor but I don’t know how to get there.

Angry at the female world.

Bad mood and little productivity with study.

Day 13
a girl touched my chest to put some color on me at a color party in the evening. I asked myself a thousand questions about this and many doubts emerged.

Still feeling introverted and antisocial and having difficulty bonding with people. But the few times the others talked to me it made me happy.

fear that my presence will annoy others and therefore I feel like running away. This is a consequence of the fear of rejection and also fear of not being accepted or not good enough for people.

Next summary days coming soon.


The next is the summary of the days 15 and 17:

Day 15
Thoughts about having to move in life by doing something because I feel stalled.

The desire to go out and do nothing is almost gone, I am better off finishing my duties and my goals.

Started thinking that living life without a goal is a lost life. I can’t conceive of a life in which I go on inertia doing nothing and not having a purpose. Having a purpose gives me meaning.

Started to see abundance of girls around me.
Desire to ascend and become better and limitless.

Noticed that the more I fail the more I want to excel at that thing.

A burning desire to “do”. I feel a push to achieve my goals. In my mind I ask myself “what is the best way to achieve my goals?”.

Day 17
I have momentarily decided to only listen to Limitless Executive for an upcoming exam.

motivation for studying increased. From today I started going to the library to study to keep the motivation high, it seems to work.

Slight excitement for studying and pursuing my goals.

My goals are organizing like pieces of a puzzle as if some force were organizing them for me. All things are magically and slowly falling into place.

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Start of the Wash out.

Day 1 Washout

I felt sad, unmotivated and in doubt if I would be able to achieve my goals.

Grew my desire to want the most beautiful women. In my mind a thought kept telling me that women of that caliber cannot be attracted in the traditional way and that a dose of sincere indifference to their beauty (or their status) is the key.

Day 2 washout

Melancholy again.

Understanding that girls without makeup become normal girls, mere human beings and that I sometimes value them too much for that.

Desperate need of women, which is coming up flipping through my excuse that I am not looking for them because I am busy.

Day 3 washout

two parts of me are in conflict. One side is desperate and wants women, while the other is afraid and pulls back and pushes me not to act.

Many thoughts on women and how to have them.

Lots of past traumas or negative experiences that come back to my mind.

Day 4 washout

I hate people for no reason, their behaviors annoy me.

No desire to go out and socialize, people irritate me. Sometimes I wonder if this closure is given by the disappointments obtained in the social and love sphere, but perhaps it is only temporary.

Urgency to stay on the move and do something, and carry on with my goals. Standing still makes me feel like I’m not getting anything done.

Bad mood and feeling of being unwell.

I still think a lot about women, I want the most beautiful, but I feel constrained and cannot act from strong negative emotions.

Many traumas come to the surface.

Hang in there, man! I hope you feel well soon!

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yes, thanks, it’s getting better!

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Day 1

Manifestation of neediness towards women.

Old memories return to the surface anchored to the change of season.

Fear of investing in a girl in my life. I don’t know what scares me but two parts of me are still at odds, one want, the other is afraid of having.

Bad mood for half of the day.

Many thoughts about women, desperate desire to have them but without knowing how to get them, because of the inner blocks.

Feeling of not feeling worthy of beautiful women and my negative past experiences with them don’t help me think otherwise.
I imagine the rejection in advance before it happens.
To compensate for this sense of inferiority, I often find myself looking for methods and techniques to pick up women, instead of expressing myself and letting my personality flow naturally, without constraints.

Sense of despair.

Manifestation of fear of other people’s thoughts when it comes to women. I’m afraid others will see me as a loser who never has women.
Tidied up my romantic goals. I started from the end (where I would like to be) up to the beginning (where I am now). Now I know the steps, I just have to walk them.

Day 2
I got a bit of anxiety at random, even talking on the phone or with others.

I recognized the source of my problem of seeking other people’s approval when it comes to women. It comes from my teenage years where I was laughed at by my peers for not being good with girls.

Day 3
I came to mind one night when I saw a guy who could be considered objectively handsome. He was there with an unresponsive and careless attitude towards his surroundings. A girl I know seeing him indirectly got his attention by raising her voice, making jokes, screaming and becoming more animated. Here, that boy had attracted a girl just by existing and acting like a magnet for that girl. She was attracted to that boy like a slobbering man would a very beautiful woman.
I was very interested in that careless and non-reactive attitude, which projects a probable life of abundance, because although the neighbor girl did everything to get his attention, he completely ignored her. While if she has decided to get his attention it means that she has perceived him a man of value and he probably knows he has it.
This attitude is what I aspire to.

I find myself having beliefs of distrust towards women and this is probably due to my past disappointments with them, but Khan is bringing everything to the surface.

I’ve created healthy habits in my life over time by exercising and dieting, and I’ve become more action-oriented. I often find myself feeling unsatisfied if I feel I haven’t done enough and this emotion pushes me to give more and more.

I realized that value is not intrinsic but mostly perceived.

Day 4
Strange dreams in which I feel fear.

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Stick with it. Khan will heal your distrust of women and replace it with acceptance, so you can take action accordingly.

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Yes, that’s what I intend to do.
I also plan to run K ST1 for at least 22 actual listening days (the equivalent of 2 cycles if I had one or two subs in the stack).

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Continuation of Day 4
I realized that in life being silent don’t help, you have to show your value and your abilities to others so that they understand who you really are and what you are made of. But I understand that it must not be done with the intent of seeking the approval or attention of others, but rather it must be done as a simple expression of yourself.

I began to detach myself from the toxic mentalities of seduction that I have learned over time from PUAs.

Day 5
I have become convinced that PUA mentalities and their techniques are quite poisonous to the mind and I have detached myself from them.

Day 6
Strangely I think a lot about that girl from the past who hurt me. TB is probably working on something.

I feel detached from people and I don’t want to go out with anyone. All the people I know who are part of my past weigh in my heart, like a heavy cloak that rests on my shoulders which I want to get rid of to feel lighter and free. Their memory only evokes negative feelings in me.
Perhaps it would be better to surround myself with new, beautiful, fascinating and intriguing people.

I feel a little melancholy, I think it’s a light Recon.

I should start giving respect to girls as people and not as women, because until now, intoxicated perhaps by the PUA and seduction mentality, I only kept seeing them in terms of women of value or of little value, that is, in terms of their sexual desirability. In other words, I think I made the classic PUA mistake, that is, of seeing women only as objects to be fucked and valued them accordingly as valuable or not.
I recognize even now that all this contempt I’ve had for women is because they never gave me the attention I wanted and that’s why I felt hurt and blamed them, criticizing and showing contempt towards them when in truth the big part of the problem was inside me and my wounded ego.


Day 7

  • No one surprises me anymore, I find everyone so boring and flat and that’s why I no longer feel the desire to be with others.
    The only people I remember that made me feel good and made me want to see them again are few, all other people fail to pique my interest in the slightest. It is very likely that the problem is within me because they cannot all be boring, it is I who can no longer connect or have fun with people with my heart.

  • That old girl come to mind during the days, I feel negative emotions.

  • Today I was not productive at all I did not want to do anything.

Day 8

  • I doubted yesterday whether I really need women. I have to be honest, during this time I felt pretty good without anyone, with myself, following my goals. So I repeat myself, do I really need women or is it just a desperate need that arises from some inner problem from the past?

  • After a while I begin to feel the physical need. I want women. I want to savor their essence to the fullest.
    Right now I feel a great sexual hunger and I want a woman to feed it.

Day 9

  • My libido is explosive. As soon as I see the half-naked body of a woman on social media, I feel a flow of animal sexual energy with a nuclear intensity. If I had a woman in front of me I would rip her clothes and undress her lol.
    This energy gives me a lot of motivation.
    I haven’t masturbated for almost 12 days.

  • At the moment I don’t feel any need to look for anyone in particular, I feel quite complete as I am. That is, I don’t feel like saying the classic phrase “I need someone to complete me”. I feel that for the moment I can complete myself, I have my goals and I feel quite satisfied. I’m just now understanding what it means that women are just an add-on, but every now and then the physical need hits, that’s hard to manage.

  • I’m starting to feel strangely melancholy and dissatisfied.

  • I have a kind of feeling of disgust and emotional block that does not allow my energy to flow and consequently me to move and do things.

  • My libido is explosive even today, I have an animalistic desire.

  • Despite wanting girls, I feel that women are not everything at the moment and I am more pushed to do something in life, my goals, because moving give a meaning to my existence, if I did not I would feel dissatisfied and without sense. I no longer appreciate people who do nothing in their life, living it completely at random. they waste their time and potential.

  • I haven’t masturbated in 12 days. I am enjoying this sperm retention that I am doing, it gives me a very pleasant sexual energy that makes me appreciate the female aspect and their presence a thousand times more. Sometimes thanks to this energy I seem to be able to penetrate their soul with my gaze, appreciating them more, thanks to these days of no fap.
    My interest in porn seems to have disappeared for the time being.

Day 10

  • I feel emotionally blocked again. There is something that holds me still and makes me have this blockage or this fear. In this state I don’t feel able or willing to go in the direction of my goals because I feel pulled back every time I think or try to act by some kind of revulsion issue in my chest.

  • I feel a constant desire to value every day. Every day I have to be one step ahead in my life, having done something or learned something. Time is gold.
    (And it’s not just a desire, I actively act every day to fulfill that desire and the goals I have set for myself).

  • When I was half asleep during today’s afternoon nap I thought that nothing is impossible. The solution to each goal, which came to my mind to achieve it, can be summed up in three words: “what is needed?”. If I want to achieve something “what is needed?”, If I want to work in X place “what is needed” to be able to do it?
    For any goal, just ask yourself that question and you will come to the head of the solution to achieve it.
    This sentence reminds me of the famous phrase that Arnold Swharznegger said: “if you want to achieve a goal you must be willing to pay the price”. Well, to say “what is needed?” for me it’s like saying “what are you willing to pay to get it?”.

What is your listening schedule plan for the next 8 days?

Khan ST1 + Limit destroyer + Limitless