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The subconscious can process many things at once right? What happens if I play multiple subs at the same time instead of stacking?


I am sure FIre and Saint knew this already and they filled the subliminals to the brim. Keep in mind that they have testgroups (those who don’t post here) and they adjusted the speed, the number of repeats and many other things that we don’t know about, till those guys still got results.

Feel free to try and see it for yourself.


Not a new idea.

Generally it’s best to stick to the recommended listening pattern. The limiting factor is not about how much your subconscious can process, it’s about how much change it can accept.

Has anyone listened subs at 4x speed?

I’ve been running Emperor for 2 months and a couple of days and Primal Seduction for about 3 weeks. Since I’m already used to Emperor I feel like PS and it will run smoothly.


Experimentation is encouraged here so go for it if you want, it’s your choice, but bear in mind any reconciliation you experience will likely be much worse. I would advise you read that thread through first though, to get an idea of other people’s experiences doing something similar.


My few coins: in psychiatry, schizophrenic state consists of two polar energies competing for dominance in one’s psyche. If you want to induce something similar in your psyche, you can try but I would not recommend that.


I experimented with this, but did not find much difference, so I stack.

@WhiteTiger does have 3 playlists running at the same time. I think he prefers this way now. Check out his journal.