Ethics and subliminal


I was just thinking of the aspects of ethics when I saw on a journal that a member was thinking of divorce after using for several days or weeks one title from subclub. On YouTube I saw many complaints against some subliminal producers who put negative programs in their videos. Some complained of addiction, negative visualizations, strange behaviors etc.

As the producers rarely give to their clients the lists of affirmations/programs as it is part of their secret/marketing, trust becomes the most important ingredient in the relationship. Now I buy one subliminal files to develop my masculinity/sexuality. After listening to this file for many weeks, I become hypersexual and play dangerous games with women. I divorced my wife. And suddenly I realized that I went too far, stop listening to the subliminal and goes back to the mindset I was before listening to the sub… but its too late ! the wife is not coming back.

Now I am an adult responsible and I took the responsibility to listen to this file by trusting the producer. I know that subliminal are potent force of change, but did I want a so drastic change as divorcing my wife (for example)?
The producer is not off the hook by just having a medical disclaimer. First the client can be totally in good health but does not know what his subconscious wants and is. The client takes a risk and hopes that his subconscious and conscious are aligned. If not we should have a psychoanalysis of several years before buying a subliminal mp3 :slight_smile: Second only the producer knows the in and out of the product. Third the results may vary from one individual to another individual. One will have mild results, another will have a complete change of life.

My view is that most of the ethics and responsibility is on the shoulders of the producer of subliminal as he has most of the cards in his sleeves.

A guy who became hypersexual after listening to a sub for a long period and molest or worst rapes somebody, is he the only responsible ? If it can be proven that before he was a peaceful guy but then became hypersexual after listening to sub, I think there could be a part of responsibility elsewhere…

Of course now it is purely theoretical and I hope it will stay theoretical. But when you create products which will have an impact on the psyche/physical of a person you can’t avoid to ask yourself these kind of questions.


I think the solution is simple:
Start a journal and observe your thoughts.
Review the journal every week.
Decide if you want to go further down that path or not.


I opened already a journal :slight_smile: I hope I am not disturbing too much members here :slight_smile: it is the problem I am listening too much of QL :slight_smile: my IQ is becoming too high hahaha


I mean an actual journal in paper-form. It is a huge difference and you can write more about personal stuff than you can do here.
Dont bother, you arent disturbing anyone. It is a legit question worth pondering on. I myself thought about this for a long time and my conclusion is while it is true that the creators have a huge responsibility, it is also true that our life is a mirror of our ability to reflect on ourself.
Meaning if we’d train to reflect, we would notice things like those you mentioned much faster and could intervene.


@avengers68,quite happy you brought this up as it validates the Subliminals.

Anyway, this is more like a debate over freewill.

Are porn producers responsible for the negative actions of their viewers? Or do the viewers actually have free will to control themselves and know their limits?


Interesting question:

I don’t thinks it’s fair to put those responsibility on the back of the producers, unless there are multiple people who start showing bad behaviour after listening to a certain subliminal. It’s not like a subliminal is capable of hijacking your brain. So in my opinion the responsibility lies with the people who are listening to the subliminal.

If you are for example listening to SM and because the extra horniness you “decide” to cheat, which results in a divorce. Would that make the subliminal producer responsible? No of course not, that would be ridiculous. The fact that you cheated just shows that you aren’t able to use the product in a responsible way. (Unless the person of course doesn’t mind to divorce)

So unless there starts to emerge a pattern, the producer shouldn’t be the one who’s responsible imo. Besides that, it also depends a lot on what a subliminal would “make” you do. If there’s a subliminal that potentialy could make you cheat, then it would be good to put a disclaimer on the product page. However if a subliminal would cause multiple people to murder someone, then the producer would be responsible. There would be a big chance a producer has put unethical things in that subliminal, that would make people murder others. Even if killing people is not directly mentioned in the script.

This is all theoretical of course. I doubt if a producer could make a killer from a healthy person.


In my opinion, to really address this question, we need to be a little clearer on the subconscious levels of the mind and how they work.

You already have a subconscious mind before you begin listening to subliminals. The subliminals work WITH your mind and with your self.

Also, it’s an arc, it’s not teleportation. You are aware of the changes that are happening in yourself as they manifest. And you integrate the energies of your subconscious, deeper mind with the values and views of your conscious mind.

At no point in the process does your conscious mind just completely check out of the equation. That’s the part of you that is responsible for making decisions and choices. The subconscious mind makes it easier or more difficult to make a certain move, but it’s the conscious You that makes the decision of how to live your life.

We already have a subconscious mind, before we begin using subliminals. And that subconscious mind is already being influenced by thousands of things around us. It’s our responsibility to learn how to properly care for our subconscious mind. Like tending a horse. You observe it, see what it needs, and you make choices for its benefit. When it’s healthy and happy, it’s easier for the overall system to be healthy and happy. It’s a part of you. It’s not the whole thing. And tending and caring for it is part of the responsibility that you have.

Especially once you know this part of yourself is there, you really have the responsibility to observe it and care for it.

That’s my take.


To put it more briefly,

But yes, I think that this is a pretty interesting topic, @Avengers68

To me it draws out the deeper question of our responsibility for our subconscious mind in general.

Movies. Music. Dominant or influential social figures. Books. Advertisements. Our habitual thoughts and actions over long periods of time. All of these influence our subconscious activity and content. If anything, subliminal companies probably are a net positive since they help people to finally start paying attention to this part of themselves for the first time and taking it seriously.

So I guess we’re also talking about principles of hygiene and healthy care. Like proper care of the subconscious mind.

But personal freedom is real, and it is important. I need to be given the freedom to make choices about my own mind. I don’t want a cult or some other group that spoonfeeds me and controls how I manage my subconscious. Instead, give me the information about proper use, and then give me the freedom to make decisions and learn by myself.


In my personnal case I dont have a problem, I enjoy QL . I was just thinking of all these things after reading the journal of Eme


edited my post above to add some more nuance. thanks for bringing up the topic, @Avengers68.

Yes, I think it’s worth it to think about these things. Seems like QL may be jump-starting your intellectual contemplation. Will be interesting to see what you come with next. :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


Hahaha ! QL is powerfull !


Subs are not mind control. We are 100% responsible for our behaviour when listening to subs.

People blaming subs for their actions is immature and cowardly behaviour and part of the current culture of blaming anything and everything else and avoiding taking responsibility for their own fuck ups.

We all do stupid things at times, that’s normal, but man up and take responsibility for it.


Ok so subliminals are simply placebo if I follow your resonning ?


Subs give you a different perspective on living your life, but it’s your choice whether to follow it or not. More like a story that inspires you to change your life, but it can’t force you.

If you watch a violent movie and decide to go out and replicate the movie, whose fault is it?

Movies, video games, books often glorify violence, but are they to blame? If you can’t control your own behaviour then maybe you shouldn’t be allowed out of the house.


If you go to gym you can use the lifts to get in a better shape or you can use the same lifts to crack someone’s head open. The gym isnt responsible for this

Unless there are many cases of people doing bad things then producers have zero responsibility for your actions


@rising you dont seem to understand that subliminal have different impact on different people ! There is no universal effects on human beings !


I understand this it is the same like learning martial arts. Someone will bully people, someone will protect them, someone will not care. Teacher isnt responsible unless a big portion of his students are bullies


Well a drug pusher will never say that his product is dangerous ! He will always say that it is not his fault if his client is buying and abusing drugs ! If he can sell drugs it means there is a niche @


But there are many people actually dying from drugs or having bad side affects so your example is completely irrelevant

I wouldnt worry much about that :wink:


Is this an hard burn?:joy::joy::joy:

The thing is though that the producers of the drugs are right, in the sense that the drugs are relatively safe. Every drug will have possible side effects, however as long as you use the drug in a responsible way, there shouldn’t be any serious problems.

Edit: I do think though that some drug are too easy to get addicted to though.