Enter the Dragon - My new custom DRQ


Hi everyone. I have decided to jump on the Dragon train. My main goals are:

  1. Deep cleaning and healing of past traumas
  2. Heal my relationship with my ex and my children
  3. Learn to love deeply
  4. Have a 100% healthy relationship with money and wealth

I brought these goals to @Fire and with his help came up with this list which I call DRQ.

This is my list:

Base Programs
Dragon Reborn ST4 (Deep cleaning, healing, and perspective)
House of Medici (Fix family relationships and wealth success programming)
Inner Social (Overcome social phobias, become more social)

Support Programs
Chosen of Venus (Learn to love deeply)
Transcendental Connection (Support family goal)
Torchbearer (Support leadership role in repairing family)
Dynasty (Support family goal)
Mercy Protocol (Support family goal through empathy)
Joie de Vivre (Recon support, in all my subs)
Lion IV (Stay steady in repairing family)
Financial Success Reality Shifter (Change perspective on money and wealth)
The Merger of Worlds (Enhance intuition and connect with subconscious mind)

So 3 cores + 9 extras built on Q strength. Tighter than my other customs, but with DR4 probably smarter.

I will also incorporate Hank Moody Terminus (built on Emperor/PCC/Daredevil et al) and Ultimas in to this listening schedule (5 hours/day; 5 days on/2 days off):

Day Secondary Theme Listening Plan
Wed Production DRQ (2x), HMT(1x), Excutive (1x), BLU (1x)
Thu Alpha DRQ (2x), Commander (1x), Excutive (1x), BLU (1x)
Fri Production DRQ (2x), HMT(1x), Excutive (1x), BLU (1x)
Sat Social DRQ (2x), BLU (1x), True Social (1x), Libertine (1x)
Sun Social DRQ (2x), BLU (1x), True Social (1x), Libertine (1x)
Mon/Tue Recovery Off

I will tweak this schedule as needed and may over time increase to 3 loops of DRQ.

Reflections of Apollo

Very daring to go straight to DR ST4. Let’s see how this turns out.


I agree @SubliminalUser. @Fire gave me two proposals, one with ST1 and the other with ST4. I ran the final list by him, and he thought it would be ok. I trust his judgment. We will see.




I just linked a song in the Emperor’s Lounge music thread which I find uplifting. Music written/performed/produced by my son.

“Miracle” by Brett Cameorn


We tag @RVconsultant when someone joins the Siblinghood of the Dragon.


Oh Ok. I guess we’re fraternity brothers now.



As usual, a beautiful build,

great song :slight_smile:


We are definitely brothers.
I’ll let @RVconsultant welcome you to the Siblinghood of Dragons (those who use Dragon Reborn as a main or part of their custom) and I’ll say hi myself!

Hope this goes well for you!

Currently I’m on Stage 1 of Dragon Reborn and I’m also using a custom which has House of Medici in it so kind of similar. I hope this goes well, I’ll be tracking your journal for sure.

Hope your journey goes well my brother.

Great job on the custom.


Sounds interesting!

Best of luck to you.


Thank you @Azriel. I was really dragon - I mean dragging - my feet on this. Finally pulled the trigger. It’s pretty bold, but I trust @Fire. So be be bold or go home!


Look forward to see how you sub help you achieve you goal, loving the module selecgion by the way, will keep up with your journey


Hi @Brandon my brother from a different dragon! Thank you. Kudos to @Fire for helping me out. I look forward to great things for all of us.


Hi @mvargo. Thank you. I wish you well too.


Hi @NinjaFox. Thank you. Let’s all share our triumphs!


Yo B! Thanks for noticing and tagging!


Good on you. Dragon up!

Your invitation…


Yo thanks Bill!

Are you listening to DR?


No, not anytime soon. Just was able to tag you before @JCast :joy:


That’s mighty kind of you!

Thank you very much!

Dragon on!


Enter the Dragon?! Damn I was thinking on that name for a Journal in the future, when I do Dragon Reborn.


Have a wonderful trip!