Energy Recharge


You come from university, from school, come back home from a long and strenuous day. You are feeling tired but have still things on your list. You have plans, a vision. You want to learn a new language, meditate, study… What do you do? Do you lay down first thing when coming back to take a quick nap? Do you drink coffee? Do you lay down and watch Netflix or Tv? What do you do and what really helped to get an after-work energy boost (longterm solution)?


The effects of a solid powernap can be quite amazing. But most people can’t manage to keep it short and end up waking late evening, right before bedtime. Instead, I prefer a short yin yoga session. Just holding a couple of stretches for 3-5 minutes each, focusing on my breath while keeping my eyes closed. It’s far too uncomfortable to fall asleep, but it is still restful even if it doesn’t feel like it.

There’s audio frequencies that have the effects of waking you up.

I’ve been experimenting with breathing techniques like fire breath and Wim Hof/Quantum Light style breathing.

The first is essentially using your abs to rapidly press the air out of your lungs, then relaxing to pull it back in. Clears the sinuses too.

The second is filling up as much of your lungs as you can (first expand the stomach, then the side ribs, the front of the ribs, finally a little bit into the head), then letting it all out. Do that as fast as is comfortable. It pulls so much energy and oxygen into your body you’ll get symptoms of hyperventilation after a few minutes. Tingling hands, a bit lightheaded.

So far it appears to be a nice way to wake up in the morning for me. My body wants to stay in bed where it is cozy. So instead of falling back asleep, I do a few minutes of breathing like that. After that, I’m not sleepy anymore. Plus, it breaks my state (like Mel Robbins’ five-second rule).


Truth be told I just start running emperor (whatever the latest version is) and that’s been doing the trick for me.