Emperor's Redemption

Here we go again, had to take a hiatus in order to reevaluate myself and my goals. Currently back on day 2 of Emperor Q (EV5). Right now I’m saving up for my custom in which I actually decided to go with the EQ core after all once I realized that ascension has romance and sex manifestation scripting anyway. Sex, romance, money and women are things I could all care less about though; but since my subconscious is going to be exposed to the scripting whether I went with Ascension or EQ for my core I figured why not just go with the option that delivers all-around scripting.

Enough about that. I’ll save further details for when I actually possess my custom, for now I now know that EQ, and EQ alone is what I’ll be running. 3 loops everyday for the foreseeable future. My experiences with running EQ the past 2 days have been:

  • Heat filling up and surrounding my body. I’m certain that’s my aura firing up.

  • Increased thought speed, it’s like scripting form Emperor is occupying my thoughts every second of the day.

  • Massive energy and motivation boost. EQ has instantly turned me back into the type of man that doesn’t play around.

  • Speaking louder and clearer without effort.

  • Rapid maturity and wisdom enhancement is being experienced once again.


Amazing, after a couple short days, EV5 is restoring a level of general happiness and inner peace that I haven’t had in almost 4 months. It’s cutting straight through the serious bouts of anger and depression I’ve been having.


Awesome man, I loved Ev4. It was tremendous. Only reason I switched was because I was starting a sales job and I don’t think Emperor would be compatible. But who knows, maybe it would help me be an ‘authority’ figure in the industry. I will have to experiment with EQ in the future. KhanQ + EQ might balance each other out.

But I digress, good luck with your run! Amazing that it is already working so profoundly so quickly. Have you run Ev4 before, and if so, how does EQ differ?


Thanks man, Yes I ran EV4 and it reversed the antisocial vibe I had on EV3. I also remember it being a powerful sub but also felt like something was missing for me. V5 fills that void and so far feels like the combo between ultimate personal power and energy from v3 and the smooth and mind-expanding power of v4. Basically I think they got the formula perfect this time. All versions were good in their own way though.


That’s awesome! It’s like we have some mad scientists here tweaking their formulas constantly. In your opinion, how do you think EQ would perform if one was to run it in a sales position?

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I felt the same too :sunglasses:

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  1. Emperor establishes and builds one’s internal power and assertiveness to a godlike level if you act on opportunities to establish your dominance.

  2. Due to ascension scripting you’ll generate an aura that exudes charisma and respectability.

  3. You have scripting from mogul in here that helps with sales success and all around short and long term financial success. I actually forgot to mention in my previous posts somehow that the day I began running emperor again, I began attracting money and free things. In fact this is the fourth day in a row that It’s happened. So it looks like even the mogul component of this program has been greatly improved. This means I may have found a money subliminal that actually works.

  4. The QL lite scripting I’m sure will help you improve in sales by pushing you to become better in that area, just as the point of the entire program is so a man has subconscious assistance with becoming a self-realized version of his ultimate self, his personal epitome of excellence and perfection.

Long story short, give EQ a try if you’re thinking about it.


Very good points. Emperor is a beast; I just hope it won’t make me standoffish or a lone wolf who might slip up and snap on a client. But I think it could help tremendously especially if paired with Khan. I’m gonna wait a little as I want Khan ST4 to do some work on its own first before I add in Emperor.

I’m curious though, what are your goals? Are you gonna run Emperor after your custom comes?

My current goal is simply constant self advancement and empowerment. Has a far more altruistic one recently but due to several reasons I’ve decided to longer fulfill that purpose.

My next sub will basically be a custom emperor, my own emperor V6. I’m currently using EQ to help lay the foundation for my custom while I save it for it which won’t take long. I however do want to give this current run some time to marinate.

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Today was the first day since staring EQ that I didn’t manifest money or save money in some way. Actually I did decide against ordering some food and instead ate what I have at home so maybe that counts.

My appetite has been diminished. I basically just eat snacks 3-4 times a day and drink water. Probably haven’t had an actual meal in about 6 days. Which was the day before I started EQ again.

Yesterday my ex-wife’s new boyfriend decided he wanted to meet me before he was introduced to my daughter. He turned out to be a pretty cool dude. He even treated me to lunch and just wanted to feel out the vibe between us. There was no awkwardness or animosity between us at all. He wanted to show respect and my ego is pretty well under control. I know most men I’ve encountered would’ve acted out emotionally or pretended to be cool with the dude but actually be talking shit in their head the whole time. We even discussed partying together when this whole pandemic is over with.

My now former female friend keeps crossing my mind but my pride won’t let me reach out to her, not even to see how she’s been through the pandemic. It got to the point where I realized that I’m the one who initiated contact 9/10 times and she even started contributing less to conversations so I simply decided to ghost her. I developed a crush but became disgusted; that after all the things she said, she turned out not to even be that good of a friend or reciprocate the investment I tried making in the friendship. Funny how she’s the one who brought up the fact that we’d be good friends in the first place but oh well. She wouldn’t be the first person I’ve gone through this with.

Earlier I ran across my ex wife’s profile on Facebook. As I scrolled through a few pics, some old feelings came rushing back. They weren’t overwhelming but they were strong. After feeling em for about two minutes I simply said to myself “too bad you turned out to be such pain in the ass” and I logged off. Irritation is the strongest emotion I feel in relationships these days and I rather be alone. Sex, romance and companionship are simply things I’ve come not to care about. The few female friends I have now are busy with their own lives but at least reach out occasionally so I’m good with that.


Took the day off. Changed up my schedule. I’ll be running 6 loops daily and splitting those into 2 three-hour sessions. My off days will be Sunday and Wednesday so I’m never running the program more than 3 days in a row. No overnight listening. This week is obliviously an exception since it felt like I needed a break and was approaching my subliminal input limit.

Even without running Emperor today my appetite is still way lower than usual. Still had people referring to me as sir all day long too. My energy levels and motivation in the morning however were in the dumps after my morning shower. I also kept getting an urge to run the program but really wanted to rest my mind.

Just got through editing my custom sub wishlist too. Removed a couple modules that I felt were already addressed well enough by Emperor Q core. Won’t publish the contents until after I’ve already attained the program though in case any modules I want more come along.

More desire to reach out to the woman I spoke of in the last journal too, but as usual I’m not taking action on the urge. No logical reason why I should or even want to.

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Just had a profound realization while brushing my teeth. I realized that don’t respond well to control or domination attempts by others or even myself. It suddenly hit me that my whole life I’ve done best and improved quickly in anything I set my mind to when I’ve had a patient coach/mentor on my side to show me the ropes and then I was finally left to do my own thing, in my own way after I mastered what I was taught.

This must be the reason why subclub programs seem to work quicker and better for me, because of their scripting methods. I’m not the type that’s motivated by fear and haven’t been for a while. I actually tend to rebel against it and have a fight response instead of a flight response when I’m faced with it. Going forward I’ll know more or less that utilizing even my own willpower will come best when I approach it from an angle of choice vs control.


Yesterday was another off day. Was productive despite me not listening. My sex drive also went into overdrive. Gonna be a challenge learning how to tame the excess sexual energy.

I’m becoming significantly less interested in being engaged in time wasting activities.

Woke up this morning to handle an important errand. Had a good deal of time to kill in sweet my wake up time s d my errand though. I found myself becoming usually anxious as I switched between numerous tasks to keep myself occupied until it was time to handle business,

Took yesterday off but may be taking off 3 more; as of Saturday, my subconscious seemed irritated during the last loop which means reconciliation may have tried to kick in. Friday and Saturday I went up to 8 loops and even did a couple nights of overnight listening but woke up tired after the 2nd night.

In any case what has happened since my last update:

  • An opportunity to save hundreds per month on my living expenses, as my older sister found a way to break her lease early. We both figured it just makes more sense to live together and save money right now, especially in these days and times. For the moment, I’m mostly glad that means that I’ll be able to buy my custom much faster. I’ll still give my current EQ run some time to flourish though. I’ll also be able to save up for a marketing budget to promote dropshipping stores I want to build.

  • I cant stand to spend more than 5 minutes on any particular social media account.

  • My youtube binge watching habit has been eradicated.

  • I’m actually struggling to get aroused when I watch porn and haven’t fapped in almost a week. I seem to have WAY more control over my sexual urges than I’ve had in my entire life. The desire to watch porn is gone and even if I do visit a site, I leave it in 3 minutes or less without even clicking on an actual video half the time.

  • For once I appreciate and treasure the process of semen retention and the life force energy, mental clarity, and emotional stability it’s providing. It wasn’t even my intention to begin No PMO/ No FAP. It’s just a natural occurrence. In fact I feel just fine with being abstinent altogether.

  • Gotten up the past four mornings with a great amount of energy.

  • I’m being sure to watch my hormonal balance and have been eating healthier overall, even my portions have shrunk and I only have only a snack or two throughout the day, and 2 very small meals.

  • Slimming down a bit.

  • Drinking more water and paying closer attention to my hydration levels.

  • Ability to focus has increased and my procrastination is shrinking steadily.


It’s starting to hit me that I’m fed up with everyone and everything in life and this world. I’m not depressed just fed up. I’ve come to accept the world and ppl for what they are and I feel neutral towards it all but also unwilling to deal with it if I have to. Let’s see if I get through this.

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I’m in a much better mental space than I was yesterday. Somehow; every time I document a bad day in a subliminal journal, the next one is always much better. Go figure. I came dangerously close to thoughts of suicide. I may have to take an unexpected rest today to let my mind rest.

I’m still fed up with everything, but I’m now choosing to be carefree about it and letting go of the idea of changing what I can’t control. This is my default mindset, it was just one of those days where it got to me more than usual. Same mindset, but today I have a different perspective today.

My current mood is that I feel happy and victorious that I conquered my extremely dark mood from yesterday. I even woke up and wrote down a list of what I’ll be making a 2nd custom subliminal for. To my surprise, it’s wealth focused. Deep down I truly am feeling that I’d rather die than keep living the life I’m living and despite my efforts things are moving too slow. I need something to shake.



Find myself going through an emotional roller coaster once again on EQ when I look back at the past few weeks. I’m still presently in a good mood, but in order to maintain and make progress I feel I must master the art of Stoicism. After all, everything in life is fleeting so it goes against rationalism to become and remain attached.

Only 2 things in life guaranteed are change and death itself. I’ll have to prioritize establishing and maintain order within myself in my life from here on out. Seems the program is guiding me to express myself as an “Emperor” in that manner. A sovereign that establishes and maintains order at the cost of any and everything (people and relationships included) that upset order on a consistent basis.

Obviously peace and even order are also fleeting, but I’m gaining a clearer understanding of where I’m at in life and what I’m evolving into. When there is order that’s when I’m happiest and most peaceful, ironically I gave up the pursuit of happiness years ago and still don’t care about it, but I at least no know what it would take me to gain a more continuous sense of it.


Since Sanguine Ultima has been released I decided to give Sanguine Q a try to help counteract the reconciliation I’ve been feeling in EQ. 10 seconds into the loop and It feels like the energy around my heart is becoming light and fluid, no joke. The feeling is getting stronger as the minutes pass by. Wanted to use EQ all alone this time around but Sanguine could prove to be an invaluable addition.

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