Emperors in the Flesh


Real life examples of individuals who manifest the ideals and aspirations of Emperor and Commander titles.
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Really…? I dont think so


Jason Capital


So Emperor and Commander will allow you to use Daddys money to pay prostitutes.

I think not.


I’ll try the game let’s say Jay-Z. I found him quite low key for the business he is in. I don’t really like his music but he is respected in the industry. He moved from artist to producer to I don’t know what he is doing now. He is not on social media, doesn’t really say much to the medias. He has a powerful wife, he has/had tons of affairs. He is rich. When you look at his careers move they where often unexpected and misunderstood but they always/often paid off.


OPM - Other People’s Money - First Principle, unless you print it yourself.


I’m closer to emperor and commander than any other person mentioned in this post. Step it up guys :wink:


Other people would be different from those whom you would inherit from.