EmperorQ Testing SOLO


SC have kindly allowed to test EmperorQ solo which I am looking foreward too. Right now I am on the road and my internet connection is pretty bad. Will begin testing this subliminal solo in a weeks time.

Why in a weeks time ? well I am finishing off listening to a healing subliminal, will give it a couple of days where I am subliminal free then move onto listening to Q.


Welcome back @blackadder, we missed you!

What did you feel you needed healing with in your life right now @blackadder? Something that the SC products you have been consistently using for 2 years now have not helped with?

I am curious.


Emperor Q - 8 loops overnight using masked

Day 1

Whilst asleep disturbing dreams of how my father use to control me and shadow my life. This seems to be a recurring theme with all the emperor versions I have listened to so its nothing new. I wish these dreams would just melt away and not haunt me anymore.

On awakening I feel brain dead for the first 30 mins like my brain has been overloaded with information. Then everything seems to sort itself out after I have had my coffee and breakfast.

I feel certain that things are going to workout with me no matter what comes my way. Again this is nothing new as I have experienced this with previous versions of emperor and godlike masculinity.

Focus and concentration is amplified I can work on code for hours on end without leaving the computer screen. This I experienced with previous versions of emperor and limitless so again its nothing new.


@AMASH I am sorry i just do not have the time right now to provide you with a detailed explanation.


Day 2

10 Loops EmperorQ overnight masked

First few hours unable to sleep as I had lots of thoughts rushing through my head. I felt angry as the thoughts came to the surface. Thoughts of past mistakes and regrets. I felt like I wanted to argue with anyone I met.

Dreams of my father telling me off complaining about me, myself breaking down in tears in the dream.

Felt extremely tired when waking up in fact I was at a point of not wanting to wake up just wanted to lie in bed however I did get myself out of bed.

Once I had breakfast there was an immediate urge to get my morning chores completed before I left my appartment.


Wow seems like New Beginnings is working on something deep there. Stay strong and all the best!


Day 5

The last two days I was running 10 loops overnight. The problem was that 10 loops was far too many. I would wake up feeling extremely tired at work I was unable to function. So I decided to drop to 5 loops which is currently my sweet spot. By the way I am running the one hour subliminal.

Results so far

  1. Reoccuring dreams which have a reocurring theme related to my father overshadowing me as a child. Constantly telling me how terrible I was and how I would never ever be successful in my life.

2.Urge to focus on training in more masculine sports like boxing, MMA.

  1. Brief moments of sadness during the day followed by certainty that everything is going to be ok despite the struggles.

  2. Bursts of anger related to past mistakes come to the surface now and again which slowly dissipate.


Thanks for your support Friday :slight_smile:


No updates in the last week and a bit ,reasons are that where I currently reside is in lock down. Gym, bars, restaurants places where I would normally socialize have been closed. I am stuck at home just reading.

It would be unfair to give feedback on Q without taking the necessary action.