EmperorQ, StarkQ & Commander stack recommendation


Hi all,

I joined not even a week ago, so I’ll share a little about me first.

Not sure what the opinion here about YouTube subliminals is, but that’s what I’ve been doing for the past ~6 months with good results. I had 3-4 favorite channels and got consistent benefits, so I decided to take it to the next level and joined SC.

My goal is to advance in my career. As I’ve been going up the ladder I realized that so far it’s been enough to “be” good, but I’m getting to the point where it’s equally important, if not more, to “play” good. I’m HORRIBLE at office politics. I’ve always despised people that advance this way, yet at the same time I admire and envy them because what they do seems out of reach to me.

My main problems are that I try to avoid conflict whenever possible and I hate being the center of attention. Think about me as being the complete opposite of the typical obnoxious, egocentric, asshole. Also, when it comes to socializing, I’ve always preferred a small group of good friends, over being surrounded by many acquaintances. The result is that I’m typically not the guy everyone knows around the office because I tend to fly under the radar.

So, with that in mind, I ordered Emperor, Stark, and Commander because it seemed the description fit very well with my objectives. I put the three tracks on a playlist and I’ve been playing it throughout the day on a loop. I take breaks here and there, but on average, I’d say I have it on anywhere from 10-14 hours (including at night most of the time). Here is what I noticed:

The good:

  • Best mood in months in the second day of listening (faded away the next day)
  • More confident talking to others
  • More inclined to get involved and to express my opinion
  • A feeling of knowing everything will be fine or fall into place with time
  • More resistant to physical pain (very surprised about this; not sure if it has to do with the subliminal)

The bad

  • I feel like I need more rest, particularly in the afternoon
  • Easily frustrated with people / shorter fuse
  • Randomly feeling “horny”

The ugly

  • More aggressive, blunt, direct

I really don’t like the aggressiveness aspect of it. Even though I’ve always tried to avoid conflict, when the conflict is unavoidable, I go all-in and don’t hold anything back. I’ve always been like that, and maybe that’s why I always try to avoid conflict in the first place. Being more aggressive in those situations is the opposite I need. I’d like to be more assertive and set boundaries sooner, before there is a conflict to deal with.

Problem is I don’t know which of these effects come from which subliminal since I’m running all three in sequence. I wonder if it’d be better to stick only with one.

What are your thoughts? Should I do just one, and if so, which one and for how long?

Is there any other subliminal you’d recommend based on what I want to achieve?

If there are any synergistic effects of running them together I wouldn’t want to lose on that. On the other side, I’m also concerned that there might be “conflicting” messages in this stack, which could reduce the overall benefit.

Hope someone can offer their opinion and share their experience dealing with something similar.


Hello and welcome!

I also started off listening to subs in YT before I came to SubClub. I’ve run all the subs/supercharger you mentioned except for EmperorQ, although I’ve run previous Emperor versions.

If I were in your shoes, I would first and foremost reduce my overall listening time from 10-14 hours down to 4-8 hours, considering Q-powered titles yield quicker and more profound results. No need for so much listening, especially when starting out. You can always increase listening time later.

I would also remove Commander from your looping playlist and listen to it only 2 loops first thing in the morning (I believe that’s what the SubClub supercharger guide recommends, you can find it in your downloads).

As far as the undesired aggressiveness, I’m guessing it might be caused by EmperorQ. I would either remove that from your playlist entirely and add it in later time, or if you want to retain synergistic effects, run 1 loop EmperorQ for every 3 loops StarkQ. Maybe even 1 loop EmperorQ per day, or every other day.


I would choose between Emperor or Stark. Start with one of them then after a few weeks or a month of listening to 1 you can add the other.

Also it is not recommended to use YT subs and subclub subs but most people do what they want lol. I personally use some youtube stuff but just binaural beats and stuff from sapienmed.

The aggressiveness could be from emperor because it is making you like an alpha, and in certain situations where you might be no offense but a little bitch usually it is showing you to have some back bone and that might be the aggressiveness you are talking about. Also it could be from the youtube subs you are listening to.


Thanks, all good points.

I was blaming the aggressiveness on EmperorQ too, so I was inclined to drop it, however I like your idea to use it sparingly instead. That way I can keep some of the benefits, hoping to tune down the aggressiveness a bit. That should help, specially if I reduce overall listening time as well.

Thanks for the input!


@Floridianninja, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t mind the aggressiveness towards others that much, but these days with the lockdown it is my family who is at the other end of me snapping. Need to have more patience, so I’ll reduce EmperorQ drastically, if not drop it altogether.

Regarding YouTube, I don’t listen to that anymore. There is only so many hours in the day, plus I don’t want to dilute the effects of the subs from SC. I want to know exactly how I respond to each sub, so YT is out. Also considering doing one by one for the same reason.

Thanks for the advice