EmperorQ :Any instructions?


Any particular instructions we should be aware of while running Q subs? I’m running EmperorQ. It is 60 minute long as opposed to 45 minutes for older versions. How many loops would you recommend?
By the way, @SaintSovereign and @Fire, did you guys seriously beef up the fear eliminating scripting in EmperorQ? There is one specific fear that I am dealing with and it almost feels like it’s gone. And I have been running EmperorQ for just a few hours. Could it be coincidence?

Another thing I’m curious about is this : all the previous Emperor versions made me sick at the beginning, either flu (in summer!!!) or stomach ache with diarrhea (TMI?). All of them made me sick. I had to push through. Is there such a thing as physical reconciliation?
Waiting to see if EmperorQ makes me sick as well.


Run it like you normally would. Same amount of loops. If that’s overwhelming, dial it back. Q is much more powerful than any other build type we’ve created. I’d actually put Q-generated titles against anything on the market, and here’s the thing – we actually dialed it back a bit. We could easily go into Q (and that’s probably an upcoming test) and within minutes, turn up the power exponentially. While we didn’t focus on fear elimination, the sheer power of a Q title will cause that effect.

As for physical reconciliation, it’s possible. Many people get headaches after too much exposure, but I’ve never observed anything as profound as gastric issues.

Optimal Listening Habits For The Q Wave Of Subliminals?

Why so? I’m also curious—did Blue Skies/New Beginnings full make it into any Q products?


Will “power level” be an option with the customized Q subs? :slight_smile:


Because it needs to be tested properly. New Beginnings yes, Blue Skies, no.


No. Taking action is the best thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of a sub.


So do any subs have that blue skies module in it?


If it’s that potent, I am assuming this should be the endgame to all subliminal ever produced up-to-date.


No Blue Skies.


Will there be a sub in the future with it? or is too potent for that?


Is New Beginnings added to any of the revamped subs? e.g. RegenerationQ or KhanQ ST1?


Do the updates make Emperor even heavier as a title or lighter? I mean this in regards of the way the body processes the information


That is incredibly subjective and almost entirely dependent on the user


As SaintSovereign, they need to test that out first. But I guarantee you that they will not stop working and tweaking the subliminal script method. So if it will be called New Beginnings v2, Blue Skies, or Phoenix (this is no confirmed name, only made that up), there will be for sure an even more powerful Regeneration scripting in future. But before all that, choose a subliminal now and you will be amazed how powerful the current version really is…


Most likely heavier. Won’t be as easy to run as the test version of Emperor Q. We pumped up the power quite a bit. :wink:


Guess it makes Emperor to a 2-or-3-stage-in-one subliminal, which means you can’t run any major programs beside it. Thanks for clarifying


Not quite. Turning up the power doesn’t necessarily mean adding a ton of scripting. You can still stack. Just use less loops of the other subs.


@SaintSovereign : I am pretty sure I’m going to stick to EmperorQ as my one and only sub for at least 3 to 6 months but the Q upgrade makes me wants to buy Q superchargers.
Can I have you honest opinion about these two stacks? One of them might be what I use in fall of this year.
Stack 1
EmperorQ (8 loops)
Godlike Masculinity (4 loops)
Aura (2 loops)

Stack 2
EmperorQ (8 loops)
Godlike Masculinity (4 loops)
Sanguine (2 loops)

I am trying to dial down the overly social, talkative and easy going (weak?) part of my personality and develop a reserved, gravitas and authority filled, successful very serious traits and vibe. The type of person that is not aggressive but you just know you can’t fuck with them. Where would The Commander fit in there? I might buy that one pretty soon.
I’m open to any other combinations you’ll suggest.


Stack 2 would fit your goals better. Might want to add a bit of Daredevil to adjust the social side to alpha playful.


No place for The Commander though?