Emperor - Wow! Best subliminal I have used



It’s great to be here! I’m not exactly sure how my cousin found this place but every year for our birthdays we buy each other a program or book that is usually in business or self improvement. This year he sent me the Emperor subliminal.

Holy Smokes! I’ve tried just about every subliminal program I could find over the years with hit or miss results but this one is blowing my mind.

I’ve been using the set and forget method for I think 6 days now. First of all, I just feel this personal power that I have never felt before. Walking down the street I feel amazing. Self consciousness has been greatly reduced. And I’ve been hitting the gym hard every day, and being excited to get to the gym.

It’s also weird too, I have been crushing it with phone calls I have to do for my business. Normally, I have to force myself to call these leads and once I start I’m fine. But since listening to Emperor I’ve been almost excited to make the calls. Something in my mind switched and I find myself thinking “any one of these phone calls could be thousands of dollars in commission, let’s do this!”

The crazy thing though that’s been happening is with women. It’s never been uncommon for women to check me out but I would just catch them in my peripheral vision and usually when I’d look at them they would look away. However I think every single day of using this subliminal at least one girl has locked eye contact from about 10 ft away when walking down the street and then held the eye contact and smiled at me as we pass. The second day this happened 3 times and it kind of freaked me out lol.

But then today, it was nuts. I was sitting in an office waiting room with big full windows and a girl was walking past outside on the sidewalk. She was smokin hot too. She locked eyes with me while I was inside and smiled at me as she walked by about 15 feet away. I smiled back but then, without even thinking, I jump out of my chair and chase her down and end up getting her phone number.

So anyway, I’m sold - Just purchased Ascended Mogul and Sex Mastery X (order # 2198). And I will pre-order the new sex and seduction as soon as that page is up.


I just recalled a couple other happenings over the course of this week.

First of all two girls I used to date both contacted me. They coincidentally both had just ended their relationships with boyfriends (and neither one knows the other so it was just a crazy coincident that both of them are now single) and want to “catch up”.

I also had one day, I believe it was day 3 where I was very emotional and not depressed but sad. I was conscious that this could be my subconscious processing all of this.

I have also had vivid dreams. I can’t recall them now but one of them was funny I was like 8 feet tall and really muscular in the dream and it was amazing interacting with all my friends and strangers who were their normal sizes. Everyone was treating me super respectful and were obviously intimidated.

EDIT: I keep realizing subtle changes, I should start a daily journal. I am a classic introvert and have also been self conscious of my voice my whole life. It has always been quiet and people ask me to repeat myself. I definitely feel like I’m naturally talking louder. I also never liked being the center of attention with more than a couple people. Tonight (it’s my birthday) I went to my local liquor store to grab some cocktail mixtures. There were 4 people working and all the attention was on me as they saw it was my birthday on my ID. I was very relaxed and had just the right charming comments to all of them.

I also have noticed this sort of subtle aggressiveness and feeling of power with my eye contact. Not sure how to put this in words but whereas before if other confident individuals were making eye contact with me I would sort of shy away and look away. I now notice I am kind of matching their eye contact and one upping them with mine.


Quite excited to read up your results with Emperor. Looking forward to reading up on your progress.


Definitely. I have noticed the same.


So some further updates. Within the past few days I have suddenly gotten an increase in matches on dating sites, and the girls messaging me. I have two dates set up this week as that’s all I can fit in my schedule now. Note: I changed nothing on my profiles.

I had a crazy dream last night. First of all I was walking around naked in public and hoping to find a towel or something but didn’t care that other people were seeing me unclothed.

The second memorable part was I was sitting in a meeting and had this tiny syringe of something that was supposed to make me smarter. I gave my self the shot right in the butt cheek in front of everyone.

Then lastly, I was hanging out with my business mentor (real life he is) but this was my dream. And I shortened his name aka his name is Steven and I called him Steve. He got really upset saying to never do that.

Lol I don’t know, but one thing I usually never remember my dreams this well and this vividly. And I had Emporer and Ascended Mogul playing looped while sleeping.


Yesterday I had two more girls, one in an elevator and one in a parking lot strike up conversations with me and keep them going. This is not the norm in a bigger city. I’m not used to this though so in hindsight could see the obvious windows of opportunity.

Also the last two days I have slept 11 hours. My alarm would go off at it’s usual time, and I’m usually up in the morning like clockwork. However yesterday and today I tried just giving myself 20 more minutes. But it was still that feeling of nope, this is not happening. I just saw it as healthy and let myself sleep. Next thing it’s over 3 hours later when I naturally wake up. I haven’t slept in this late in a long time and nothing as far as my daily routine has been drastically different except for the subs.

EDIT: to add, yesterday evening I had a few hour period until I went to sleep where I was really down - as in feeling like “what am I doing with my life???”. This has since passed and I feel great today.


Well last night during sleep I did NOT listen to any subs as I am staying with a female friend for a few days. It was my first night off since starting.

However I had some very vivid dreams. First I dreamed that I received an award for setting a record for the most amount of commissions earned in the shortest time at my company. Then in another dream (after waking then falling back to sleep) I dreamed that I woke up to 100’s of affiliate sales for an online venture I started.

***But of huge note. I had two dates this week. Both went well and both want to see me again. However the second girl was very noteworthy. First of all we hit it off like crazy and right from the start I steered the conversation sexual which is not the norm for me at all. We then went to another bar to play darts and the game was very flirty fun. As it we got close to completing the first game she goes “ok if I win…you make out with me. If you win…I have to make out with you”.

How sexual I was from the start was very interesting but then what happened next was weird. Three foreign drunk guys came over and asked to play doubles 2 of them vs us. They were kind of funny but then just started throwing darts way off into the wall and farting in the area. I got annoyed and normally would have played it cool. But this night I got angry and said hey are we really going to play here? I then made my displeasure obvious the rest of the game. After the game, the girl I was on the date with framed it as jealousy which I can see. As she said they were douches let them have their drunk fun. And I would preferred to have played it cool but I saw it more as myself being more direct and assertive not sure how it came off. And I am not the jealous type ESPECIALLY on the FIRST date, I just could not hold it in that they were wasting our time and that the first few way off throws were funny but now it’s getting lame.

My date and I talked it over and she still saw it as jealousy but I changed the subject and then things got really physically sexual right in the bar. It ended with her saying “I’m not having sex with you on the first night, but we definitely owe it to ourselves to see how it the sex is with us”.

In summary, dreams about business success, me steering the conversation sexual very fast, and out of the norm asserting my displeasure with others actions/maybe a jealous outrage?


I don’t have a lot to report. I have only been listening to Emperor masked for the last 3 days and only about 8 hours a day (mostly at night). Reason being is I’ve been super busy moving to a new apartment and Emperor masked is the only sub I have on my phone.

I will say the super vivid dreams that I easily remember even hours and days later have still continued. The last couple nights they have had a distinct theme of me teaching something to others.

The other to note is that it seems a lot more people, not just women, are being friendlier, smiling and saying hello to me more often. As in strangers on the street not those in service jobs or anything.


So some further updates. I had basically the opposite reaction tonight as my other date where I got confrontationally angry with drunk dudes.

Tonight a girl asked me to hang out and my first introverted normal reaction was I’m tired make up some excuse. But something pushed me to get ready and go. I was listening to Emperor masked all day.

So first of all this girl took me to her regular place where all the bartenders and servers are really good looking and they were definitely all flirting with her. Then come to find out she used to be a casting agent in LA so she told me all these stories of famous people she has dated and hooked up with.

I seriously had the most chill, don’t give a f***attitude i’ve witnessed in myself. I was completely non-reactive to her stories of past celebrities.

And I’m not sure how this comes off to her but for me it was total confidence building that I could play it so cool in what I would think should be an intimidating situation. She also texted me after we parted ways saying I need to take you to my favorite restaurant this week. So seems like she was into it. The funny part is I was seriously not even saying much and letting her talk the whole time. Just some reassuring “yeahs” and “cool”.

EDIT: we also talked a lot about sexual preferences and turn offs turn ons. This is definitely the subs because in the past sexual topics would never come up this quickly in conversation. I mean like 20 minutes in we were talking exactly about what we each liked.


I still have been listening to Emperor masked only. About 8 hours a day. But now can get back to set and forget with being settled in the new place.

The past 2 days and now again this morning it’s continuing. I have been receiving a ridiculously overwhelming amount of text messages from friends, family, girls, business partners. About this and that and business ideas and plans to visit. Hang out etc. Could be a coincidence I don’t know, but I cannot say I have ever been so barraged by texts.

In other news, my business partners and I have laid the groundwork for a super exciting new venture in our business. Today is Day 1 of massive action and it could be huge if all goes according to plan. This was all hashed out in the time after starting Emperor interestingly enough. I’ve never been so excited about life and the possibilities.


So I now have my set up ready at the new place. Been playing Emperor masked -> Ascended Mogul -> Sex mastery X on replay 24 hours. I’ve been buried away in my place working this business nonstop while listening.

I’m noticing myself speaking up more on our business video conference calls.

I also noticed while on some dating apps that before I would feel undeserving of the super hot girls when coming across them. Like instinctual, subconscious undeserving. Today while swiping, I would come across 10’s and my auto thought was “she’d be lucky to get to hang with me”

Pretty awesome.

EDIT: One other thing I noticed when looking back over the past few weeks with the subs. On dating apps I have been like clockwork. We schedule a get together and I just go when the time comes.

Whereas in the past, and I don’t know if anyone can relate, but in the past a date scheduled for a couple days from now would sound great. But then when the time came to get ready for it, it would be like “eh, I’m having a great time watching tv, should I cancel?” But i’d Force myself to go.

Lately it’s like someone beyond me is texting “see you in a bit”, and walking to the venue. Just going there on autopilot.


I’ve started a 24/7 playlist of Emperor masked > Ascended Mogul > Sex Mastery > S & S.

Not sure if this is too much but…???

I notice in these 3 days, and I believe it’s sex mastery from playing it previously, but it’s like I’m 16 again and all it takes is the wind blowing if you get what I mean.

Another girl from my past who I haven’t heard from in over a year also just contacted me and wants to get together.

Oh and this is not a proud moment but a girl I was just fwb with and I hadn’t heard from in a while texted me and came over. We slept together (a few times through the night). My spidy senses were going off and today I checked her Instagram only because she liked one of my photos. Well from her posts I see she has been in a relationship for around 3 months :grimacing:.


Emperor, Ascended Mogul and S&S all contain Sex Mastery. So you’re basically getting hit with the script 24 hrs a day.

If that works for you that’s completely fine. If you ever want to get in more time with any of the other subliminals, I’m sure you can keep most of the benefits of sex mastery with just those 3.

Personally I find S&S to give me benefits closest to just running Sex Mastery, plus I get all the other benefits from the “Seduction” side. I may run Sex Mastery before a date sometime and see if it makes any difference, but I’ve been doing quite well without ever using the dedicated sub.


Cool, thanks for the tip! So I guess I will pull sex mastery out for the time being. And I think I will double up Ascended Mogul as my main goal right now is to scale my business


An update - I’m playing Emperor masked -> Ascended Mogul -> S & S on repeat about 20 hours a day.

The crazy, vivid dreams continue when I play them overnight. And I remember these dreams days later still.
Whereas before I never remembered dreams, wondered if I did even dream lol.

I’m actually overwhelmed with the amount of girls I’ve been going on dates with and recently found myself withdrawing and not texting them back as I have this huge urge to focus entirely on my business. Girls will always be there but I need to get my business rocking and then it will be time for luxury, fun, and women.

I just pre-ordered limitless as well so excited to give that a try.