Emperor vs Khan 1 year

Let’s say we take 2 identical twins, the first one runs emperor for 1 year and second one runs khan complete for 1 year.

How do you think they would compete? In any field you can think about, be it money, women, dominance, charisma, social skills, smartness etc.

I know there are many threads on the subject of emperor vs khan but I find this question very intriguing.


If they are identical it depends on their alignment of personality with the subs.
Lets say both are aligned, hopefully they will reach same points.
Khan delegates the tasks, and emperor mostly did them himself.
The Khan will have power which will bring him more money and no one dares to mess with his wealth, since he polarizes and is protagonist.
Emperor has this ruthlessness to some degree, but not as much as the Khan(especially the fear which people feel towards you cuz you created conflicts and that results in fear/love)


From what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong) you are describing khan as more powerful than emperor.

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I still don’t understand that myself. I figured Emperor would be more powerful as the sales page for Khan clearly emphasize social and seduction

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I think both twins would be too busy kicking ass to even think about hypothetical questions like this :joy:


Emperor will be much bolder, more serious, dominant and self-confident. He will outwork all his peer with sheer dedication, drive and intelligence. He won‘t be the most popular guy and he doesn’t care too much about competing socially. He is a whole hearted individual that is loved by a few people around him but his zero tolerance for bullshit makes him get into arguments and trouble far more easily.

Khan is loose, smooth and seductive — balancing the masculine and feminine polarities in a way that is more naturally relatable for most people. His work ethic is comparably lacking but he makes it up with otherwordly dreams, supporting relationships and the confidence to take big risks. He is a sort of a thrill seeker always looking about maximizing fun (and needs to be constantly around people to thrive). He is a master at social games, the art of sexual tension and using his nonverbal communication as the driving force for seduction. He wouldn’t do anything stupid that would risk his social status.
It is this mix of characteristics makes him unlike anybody else.


I don’t find this to be the case, I find Khan serious as all hell it’s just directed towards sex, health, wealth, power.

and the boldness of Khan comes in abundance too.

make no mistake that Khan is a huge badass and the program shouldnt be seen as just another playboy journey, it’s a lot deeper.


Serious in your ambitions — not in your interactions.


Khan is more charismatic, more dominant, more lovable and enjoyable as compared to Emperor.

A Khan is an individual you allow to lead you, you admire his strength and naturally submit to his leadership. He is a Man that has “it”, I can go on and delve deeper into this.

Khan has a lot of fun, joy for life, etc

Emperor is more of a lone-wolf, Khan thrives in social dominance, debates, environments where strong leadership is required.

Emperor is more self-leadership, becoming a “loner”, Emperor is more focused on building an Empire and will excel in wealth generation far better as compared to Khan. However, Khan allows you to dream and think big, take risk and go out of your comfort zone, with Khan, I see people making wealth easily due to the trust and loyalty that is gained from Khan’s status.

An Emperor will never sidetrack his wealth goals for women, women are important only in-so-far that it accelerates his wealth goals, and distractions are not tolerated.

With Khan dating and sociality is far more important.

There are a lot of distinctions — both are powerful, Emperor has a little bit of that “Ascension” edge too, you can potentially come across as aggressive or blunt. On Khan you have more a sense and regard for the social dynamics.

Khans freedom to live your life and go after your grand and big dreams without restrictions is truly amazing.

I liked a lot of Khans scripting it’s a powerful program and it makes you calm, like a Lion, unperturbed by the opinions of others, and careless, distancing yourself from the whole crowd because on Khan you become an totally different person and are not chained by the boundaries of society—and without a “sorry”, you have your own set of principles and morals which you wholeheartedly protect and stand-by it is truly free-ing.

It also makes you feel like a God. Lol.

Just a few thoughts, I definitely am more inclined towards Khan, personally.


And I won’t/can’t say because of the sociability, but saint explicitly said emperor is the note cliff and Khan is the complete package.
And I am noticing this, Khan is giving me the willpower more than emperor, I am actively NOT fapping. On emperor I did it.
AND it is not because I get dopamines from elsewhere, since I talk less on Khan.
The respect is massive-more than emperor. It’s just amazing. I remember the time I was in constant recon and overexposure, it’ll ruin you.
When you add PCC, people will linger on your every words, you are diplomatic and powerful.
You will do WHATEVER is needed for social power, and you will definitely won’t be a bad boy. JUST RUN IT :sweat_smile:.
and DON’T SKIP THE TOTAL BREAKDOWN. Run it with st4, it’s cool :sunglasses:.



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You think if you combine emperor with stark you get closer to khan?

I must second this, Khan is an alpha male program, not purely seduction related. If you want to explore what is alpha for you, Khan is a lot more deeper than Emperor. Which is why it’s a 4 stager.


I will use khan at the end, but for now I’m building my base with ascension + true sell, after I will move to emperor + stark and then khan all 4 stages.

Maybe I will do ascended mogul before emperor but I don’t know if it’s necessary.

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Skip the emp+stark

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This my friend is still false. Both are serious in ambition but khan has ambitions bleeding over into this dominance of self and sexual expression.

you ran ST1 and ST4 together ?

Yes I am+my custom

Well emperor is more fast acting because it’s a single stage

Just saw your pm, I’ll throw in a couple tips for you too:

Khan is kind of like a more comprehensive Emperor and dials the power/sexual to the absolute maximum.

Think less in terms of archetypes and more in terms of comprehensiveness.
Khan is just more extensive, it allows them to pack more into it since it’s a multi-stage program. The general end goals are the same.

It’s kind of like Limitless vs Quantum Limitless.

If you have the time to get through all of the stages and experience massive growth, then you’d pick Quantum Limitless over Limitless. That same logic applied, you’d pick Khan over Emperor.

If you want massive Alpha Male growth that is very comprehensive but not as massive as Khan, then you’d run Emperor.

Khan is the complete revamp of man to the pinnacle of his power, sexuality and social dominance on all levels. All of your primal attributes will skyrocket to the highest level and be focused in a way to where your reality will be filtered through them (power, sexuality, dominance, masculinity) in order to get absolutely everything you want.

If you run Emperor or Khan, make sure you take action like a maniac.
Even if you don’t know what you’re doing or your actions don’t make sense, just do it anyways lol.
Less questions, more action. Action stimulates the subliminals like crazy.

Minimize your time on the forum and minimize the escapism. Make sure you have clear goals and direct your energy towards them. Don’t be the guy who is checking this forum multiple times a day for no reason. Learn how to manage yourself. There are 24 hours in a day and majority of that needs to be aligned with your subliminal goals. Start getting into the habit of asking yourself if what you’re doing is bringing you closer to your goals or distracting you.

Don’t watch any porn. Not only does it trick your mind into thinking that your having sex (why will your mind manifest sex if it believes that you’re already having it?) but I have extremely strong reasons to believe, based on studying other people, that porn can slow down results massively. This is my opinion, I don’t care if people disagree with me. It is what it is, lol.

Anyways, it’s likely that you’ll experience a large increase in sexual energy and libido on Emperor/Khan. If that happens, don’t be afraid of it. It’s not exaggerating your libido, it’s actually bringing it to a normal, powerful and healthy state. Make sure you use this new energy towards action, creativity, goals, real women, socializing, working out, developing skills etc.

If you want crazy results, it’s a matter of having clear goals, listening to the subs, focusing your energy and taking action. It’s literally that simple lol.

If the subs are negatively affecting your ability to function in day to day life, then either decrease the amount of loops, space them out more or take a slower pace that you can handle, etc. Just use common sense.

Emperor can be a stepping stone to Khan when you want to further explore new heights of power and sexual/social dominance or flesh out your overall development. That’s pretty much what I kind of did