Emperor V4 + Sound Effects


Hello, I’ve been using the Emperor subliminal for about 2 months now. Usually, I just run Emperor V4 either masked or ultrasonic while I sleep and during the day, so I definently put in several hours to either or.

But, I was curious as to wether or not I need to use the other versions ( V2, V3 ) as well, so that it goes from stage to stage. Or should I just keep running V4 because its the most up to date version? So to sum it up, should I run V2,V3, V4 in a looped playlist or do I just run V4 straight through? Thanks for the help!

And while it is great, I was wondering if any plans are in the works to add other versions of sound effects besides the Running Water present in the masked versions of subliminals.

A variety to choose from would be great instead of just one or the other, especially during background noise for studying, working, etc.


Short answer:
Run v4 only unless you can think of a very good reason to run an older version.

Long answer:
When you buy Emperor, you don’t buy a specific version. There is only one Emperor. So people that bought Emperor when there was only v2 will have all versions available to download. And people that bought v4 will have all versions available for download. If you read through ALL the Emperor journals, you will see that each version has somewhat different effects and some individuals may choose an older version to get one specific effect. But generally, pick the latest version and stick with it.

My first answer may not be entirely correct. I wonder if EmperorQ will be a free upgrade to Emperor buyers…


Okay, sounds good. I’m just gonna keep it simple and keep doing what I’ve been doing haha. Thanks for the help brother!

As for EmperorQ, I wonder about that too… but then I think about Emperor Fitness and that isn’t included with the original Emperor, so who knows…


@BigSlick777 Hey Well done on using it for 2 months straight yeah.
How are you progressing so far?

I was thinking about different types of masking too earlier, happy that you thought the same, I like River and Waterfall sounds too, or even fireplace, there are all sorts of white noises to experiment with.


Thanks! Oh, I’ve really been feeling the effects of Emperor lately. Emperor has made me more committed to the goals I sent for myself. Also, I noticed that I don’t like to spend much time with people that aren’t helping to improve me or that I can learn from. Sort of a lone wolf type of thing I guess.

Have you been using Emperor too?

And awesome! Yeah, that fireplace sound effect would be real nice. Usually I’d go on YouTube and have the ultrasonic playing on the background, but I like to stay off of YouTube as much as possible because for me it’s kind of a gateway to becoming distracted.


Interesting point about the Fire sounds.

Makes me think of different sounds for the four elements.

Water we usually get, because flowing or falling water is such an intuitive white noise sound. Good for masking.

Wind works too. Like in the Commander supercharger. Don’t know how that would be for an entire masked subliminal, but it’s an intriguing idea.

Then there’s the Fire sound, that crackling. and the popping of logs.

And finally, Earth. Not a lot of sounds generally associated with Earth, I guess. Due to it’s being the essence of stability and stillness. But drums, claps, and foot steps and stomps do evoke the Earth to some degree.

Anyway, just some interesting things to think about.


Usually I use the Calm App on Android for sounds, mainly rain, waves, heavy rain is really nice, river, waterfall.

I usually use youtube too in complimentary with ultrasonic version.


@BigSlick777 Yes Day 3 Bro!

So far I have seen massive changes regarding my attitude towards life and my goals, and honestly I am blown away by how much result I am getting. I am finally Give a Shit and Passionate and Inspired to work towards my goal, Bust through procrastination, and decluttered, I am also being more Decisive than ever.

Side Effects:
Difficulty Sleeping
Being Horny (Masturbated more, maybe bc the Sex Mastery implementation)

I just bought Regen + Elixir as a Healing Stack for night sleep which hopefully works better and wont get me horny hehe…