Emperor V4 noob Questions


In what Category do we post basic questions about, specific Major Programs?

I can’t seem to find, Main Discussion Thread - Emperor V4


This is the correct forum category to do that :slight_smile:

Also I believe this is what you’re looking for?


I read through through many topics in the Hype and found many helpful threads.
One of my biggest questions is:
How are all these scripts and modules placed, within Emperor V4 at 45min in length?

The Standard Script (Over 65 submodules that push the power of the subliminal to cutting edge levels of subliminal technology)
Emperor CORE I
Emperor CORE II
Emperor CORE III
Emperor CORE IV (New)
    The “Core” scripts contain the goal scripting and other submodules to boost results.
    The EMPEROR Core scripts contain over 50 submodules that will drastically change your mindset toward becoming your ideal embodiment of perfection.
Ascension CORE
Ascension CORE II
Ascension CORE III
Mogul CORE
Sex Mastery X CORE
Sex Mastery X CORE II
Sex Mastery X CORE III
New Beginnings Lite
The EVOLUTION Module (Classified)
TYRANTS (Classified)
Emperor’s Reality (Classified)
Quantum Limitless Lite


I believe this is proprietary tech. However, bear in mind that your subconscious does not process messages like when you read a book. It processes much faster than that.


tell me more…


Not sure what you mean by "tell me more "


about this


Imagine taking a long drive. Do you consciously take into account the feel of the steering wheel? How about when you turn? Do you consciously look out for potholes? Do you consciously speed up or slow down? Do you know the make and model of the car you’re overtaking? How about the one that overtook you? Do you consciously adjust your grip or move your eyes as you drive by?
All of the these ”activities” and the information from each are processed by your subconscious. In fact, once you get to park your car, you would barely remember the whole drive unless there’s anything out of the ordinary like an accident.


Getting yourself to be aware of those things while driving or doing anything else is actually a very good awareness exercise. You’ll start to see, feel, hear, smell, taste things you usually didn’t. Then try to negate all of those and sense with your clairsenses. You’ll start to know things that are impossible for you to know, just clear your mind.

Interesting that you write about this - Quantum Limitless?


Yep. Been stacking QL with AM and Mogul for over a month now. Have been journaling it here Digger’s Journey to becoming a Quantum Mogul


Oh I thought I answered on another of these Emperor Q journals. So many of them out there.

I see, Quantum Limitless is really the real deal. I saw improvements in my awareness and meditation as well. One thing in particular which was really noticeable is an increase in my reflexes.

I love that subliminal. But currently I’m running Emperor Q, overtime I’ll be adding in Quantum Limitless again. I’d love to move forward with that one, probably be doing 3 months on each stage as to get everything out of it.

Men, I’ve been 80% of my day in the flow state since running Quantum Limitless, both in Emperor and QL itself. Stage 3 was life changing.

Good luck!


I understand Taking action is critical to realize our potential.

Me, having no clue of what scripts or affirmations are in EmpV4.

What set of conscious thoughts could we dwell on that would help align our conscious thoughts to our sub-conscious re-alignment/expansion???

Thanks in advance.


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you are reading too much into it… just let it do its thing… you just keep listening…


This was a real question to the veterans / creators. Because I don’t see or feel much from 3= weeks, 10-14 hours a day with Emperor V4 W/Aura on loop.

And What is “Q” ?
How does it change any of the core products?


Do you keep a journal by any chance? I ask because I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like doing what I consider 'extra work, for example - let the subliminal play ’ that’s what it’s supposed to do, why should I need to write a journal?

However, I’ve been writing in mine and I’ve started to notice subtle changes that are making a big difference to be honest just running Emperor and some others. So if you don’t have a journal, write one. It helps.

If you do write a journal, disregard what I’m saying completely and ask for more support.

In regards to Q, I don’t understand it EXACTLY but I do know it allows them to update their subliminals quicker and it adds more to the products. Again, I don’t understand how or what it does truly but I’m excited for it.

Edit: It also takes time with subliminals. Ask for more support with your goals and see if Emperor is the right thing for you.


Holy [email protected]

I actually had an incredible experience last night.

In the middle of my usual 6-7 hour sleep cycle I found myself partially conscious and aware enough, to hear, see and feel something completely out of the ordinary occurring. (I didn’t move except to lightly clinch each of my hands, to see if it was a dream, Not a dream!)

I heard a swishing sound from left to right.
In time with the sound, there were images moving to center of field.
They looked like female photo face-shots, I remember about 10-15 of these proceed across my semi-awareness.(didn’t recognize faces)

During this visual, and mostly after(not sure of the timing) I experienced some incredible and strong unfamiliar body vibrations.

These vibrations, started at my head/shoulders, then moved to different areas (not sure of the sequence) definitely head/chest vibes, chest/shoulder vibes, chest/hip, hips, and legs.
(quite possibly chakara activation, though I don’t know much about that)
Several cycles than returning to head and upper chest.

Resolving to an overall body, energy wave type flow, that blanketed in an oscillating fashion my body with no particular pattern.

Me: Partially aware, after what seemed almost like a body scan, and while the energy-flow-type was still active, I was trying to guide this flow to areas that I know need protection and healing.(somewhat successful in guiding the flow)

Except for when I was very young,(under 3yo) when I had some incredible body-vibe dreams. I have never experienced this type of body vibrations!

I didn’t move to see what time it was and woke-up normally,
Had to share my experience!

Big caveat to this experience: I was running masked Emperor V4 stacked with Aura W/blue tooth earbuds, low enough to hear the fan on the room air purifier.
AND Ultrasonic Seductress stacked with ultrasonic Aura on blue tooth speaker for wife on headboard. So I can’t assign a specific file this experience.


Over a month and No comments?
Out of all the posts iin the regular forums, have seen, there isn’t anything like what I experienced. (I haven’t read many journals. Forgive me I Don’t have the time to dedicate)
Anybody else have body type experiences?


To answer your question, many people have had body/energy experiences. But they document these in their journals, which is likely why you haven’t come across them.