Digger’s Journey to becoming a Quantum Mogul


As stated in my previous journals, I have decided to move on to playing both QL and mogul. I believe that both me and my wife need to learn to start saving and making money. In addition, I sometimes think that my wife can be any of the following at times:

  1. Stupid AF.
  2. Doesn’t want to think.
  3. Doesn’t want to accept logical thought.
  4. Reasons wrongly
  5. Any of the combinations above.

For example. My wife came from a country that uses concrete and cement for the entire structure of their homes (except for roofing). Being that, she likes using water a lot to clean everything at and in the house, especially the bathrooms. Because of this, the doorframe to one bathroom became so warped that we couldn’t open the door anymore and had to have it replaced. While her sister’s family “visited” here for a few months, I noticed that the same bathroom’s floors were constantly wet. I told her about this and outright just ignored me. Now that the sister has left, the same doorframe has started to again warp and even the floor tiles outside the bathroom have warped too. Now she’s complaining and telling me to have them fixed. Thinking about it, wouldn’t it have been prevented if she listened to me in the first place? Didn’t she learn her lesson from past experience? It’s the unnecessary expenses such as these that really rile me up.
It’s because of this that I want to have her listen to QL. Hopefully she starts to reason logically and learn more and better stuff rather than looking for things to spend on, unnecessary places to go to and stuff like that.
With Mogul, I’m hoping that we both learn to value money properly and learn to either at least save more, or (with QL) learn to make more.
I will be playing each stage of QL for at least 2 months to let it “sink in” to both me and my wife.
QL and mogul will be played on ultra at night. And during the day, I will add emperor for me as I have heard good things regarding this sub.
So after 8 months, I’m hoping that me and my family will be in a much better financial situation.

[STACKED] Digger’s Quantum EmperorQ
Emperor V4 noob Questions

Any specific reason for not Choosing EOG over Mogul?



I don’t know why but ultrasonics don’t seem to be that good for me. After playing QL and Mogul overnight, woke up to a mild headache. Last week, I was playing QL and Emperor masked throughout the day and night (as long as my earphones don’t fall off), and I did not have any problems.
Aside from the above, nothing much to report. slight reconciliation as I was feeling rather angry most of the day.


If this is how you truly feel then it’s about time to let your wife know that her inability to think long-term is unacceptable if you haven’t done so already. In fact, I’d make her help me pay for the replacement of the door frame since her negligence is to blame for the reoccurence of the issue. it’ only fair. If she REALLY wants it fixed, then she’ll contribute.


Oh man. I wish. Unfortunately, she’s a stay-at-home mom with no job. Given that, my family relies on me for everything.
Thinking long term is not really one of her fortes. She has been more of an “in the now” type of person. Which is why I also want her to benefit from QL.
Mixing both QL and mogul would help both of us.



Still running QL and mogul ultra at night. And QL and mogul masked with emperor during the day. I’ve come to a realization that I’m as guilty as my wife is when it comes to spending. I’ve been enrolling in various courses like photography, IT and hypnosis that I didn’t really take time and effort to actually delve into and really learn and master.
I’ve bought cameras, lenses and flashes that I haven’t really used. I’ve been making excuses like they’re too bulky to lug around when my family’s out and about.
The hypnosis courses, I make excuses like I don’t have a practice partner.
IT courses I haven’t even touched. Some I already forgot the accounts to.
This realization hit me hard today. I say that my wife spends a lot on frivolous stuff only to see that I too do the same.


Then now is the opportunity to approach your wife with a plan to instill better financial discipline within you both. Sometimes a couple working towards a common goal becomes stronger. If you want to persuade her to do this then you’ll have to be able to paint a picture of how mastering financial discipline will benefit herself first, and then the family.

If she agrees, then proceed to explain the plan in detail, in a way that keeps her mentally and emotionally engaged. Think of it almost like a sales pitch, but for discipline instead of a product or service. Also be prepared for questions and possible objections


This is actually one of the reasons why I subscribed to some online conversational hypnosis courses. I cannot for the life of me persuasively engage in any sales pitches.



Same stack, different day. Don’t know why but feel so damned tired all day.

Took my car to the shop for a tune-up and because my tires are constantly getting deflated. Got tired of having to have a substandard vulcanizing shop check why my tires are always getting a flat. Turns out after almost 5 years, it’s about time to have them replaced. Hurt my wallet real hard.

Really hating my job right now. Especially since the project I proposed 2 years ago was basically ignored back then, but is now being brought to the forefront just because some hot-shot manager is trying to get it done. The thing is, the guys I talked to back then who shot it down, are now the ones who are trying to get a piece of the pie. If they agreed back then, we wouldn’t be scrambling right now.



Same stack different day. And what a day it was. Feel like I got some reconciliation going on. Woke up missing someone. All day kept thinking about my doomed relationship. Even went to the point of thinking of what if I became a multi-billionaire and invited their family over.
Fantasies fantasies fantasies. Or is it?
Isn’t this the whole point of it all? As the title of this journal goes…
Here’s to hoping…


QL ST1 Day5

Still same stack. Given it’s still a weekend for me, I wanted very much to sleep in. Woke up because of my kids’ noise. Prepared them food and went back to bed. Woke up again past 11am.

Kids were not behaving at all. Whole day my wife and I were so pissed. Had to go grocery shopping with misbehaving kids. If it was up to me, I would have just left them at home. But doing so would have been wrong parenting.

Don’t know how I feel about Kobe’ s passing really. My entire social media feed was mostly about him today. But looking at it from another perspective, why was there such an outpouring of “love” over this news? Yet not so much over the victims of other tragedies and calamities? Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t want anyone to die from a helicopter crash, but at the same time, I also wouldn’t want to hear news of someone getting shot, getting burned, drowning or any other sad news.


I feel the same as you. I feel for all the victims of the crash but the focus is on Kobe and his Daughter because we’re conditioned by society to value celebrities. We’re conditioned to see them as super humans who can do what most “can’t”, and when they die the are revered and immortalized as a “god” so to speak.

The whole situation is sad but I simply don’t feel emotional about it because I didn’t know anyone in that crash. Every other person on my friends list in Facebook feels differently however, they’ve each posted about the even several times. It’s a bit irritating but I’ve simply come to accept how irrational ppl can be. I’ll personally be staying away from social media until next week when everyone that pretended to care so much has already moved on.

I’ll admit that it shocked me and the news was unexpected and tragic nonetheless, I’m just seeing it as a reminder that you never know when you’re time is up. Well wishes to the victims and their families.


I did feel sad about it. You’re both right, of course. There is an infantile, unexamined relationship with ‘Celebrity’ in the world and especially in the US. That is true.

But I also feel that icons, myths, and symbols are meaningful. There’s a certain sacrifice and exertion that goes with living under the weight of a shared cultural myth. Whether we love them or despise them, the famous and the known carry something in our society. (Personally, I don’t think I’d ever want to carry that. Fame seems like a very high price to pay in exchange for wealth or success. But I know some people really want it.)

We may not have known Kobe in the way we know our true friends, but we do know him in the way that we know a landmark. A tree, a mountain, a building, even a song, that we can all experience and that reminds you of where you live. There’s a meaning there that shouldn’t be ‘thrown out with the bath water’. Public figures, public events, even public ideas allow us to connect around the idea of a shared experience. And so, for what he was, what he did, what he accomplished, and what he represented publicly, I honor him.

But the more important point is just what you’ve both said. The loss of life and of family members that is being felt on a personal level, by those who knew and loved these people, and by those who know and love anyone going through trials, that is the real point. Not some celebrity, spectacle business.


QL ST1 Day6

Still running ql with mogul on ultra at night. Not sure but my wife seems to be having reconciliation issues today. She’s been very hot headed and everything gets her mad. I know it’s not that time of month because yesterday was the last day.

Been feeling like crap today. Attended one of those “weekly” work meetings today. I say it with quotes simply because my boss likes having multiple meetings but same things being said most of the time. May have acted like a jerk but was totally pissed because he decided to talk about the same project I proposed a couple of years ago. Not sure if he understood correctly or if he was acting dumb. Sometimes I think it’s because of language issues as we are both foreigners from different countries. And not being able to be sure I am being understood properly pisses me even more.


QL ST1 Day7

Seems that wife is still having reconciliation. Went to a big box membership store this morning and she only put essentials in the cart. Playfully pointed at expensive furniture and appliances, but when I asked where we can get the money to pay for them, she quietly stopped and just went to the next aisle. Here’s hoping that we start saving.
As for me, I too am feeling conflicted. Been thinking of either retaking the exam I failed weeks ago or take another certification course. Both are expensive and difficult. But I’m thinking that both would also help my prospects of getting a better job. Nowadays, employers look for certification rather than years of experience. But as I asked my wife earlier, where will I get the money to pay? I’m expecting some cash 2 months from now, but don’t really have an exact amount and am not sure if it will be enough.
Went to the periodontist this afternoon, and though my gums improved, it was not that big an improvement. I spent a lot for the operation last month, only to be told that there’s still a lot of damage and that my gums and jaw don’t seem to be taking the grafted bone and tissue that well. @SaintSovereign would Emperor Fitness help in this respect?


He may not be acting dumb; he may have completely forgotten what you proposed a couple years ago, because he was never invested enough in it to have it be imprinted in his memory.

Happens all the time, with all of us.


I really don’t know about that. Prior to Monday’s team meeting, I told him about it and kept reminding him for a couple of weeks because we’ve been talking with other teams prior to Monday. So I really doubt he “forgot” about it. As for acting dumb, as I said, like me, we both migrated from different countries. And that English is not his primary language. That’s why I’m giving him a benefit of the doubt.


QL ST1 Day8

Wife’s been getting angry easily. Must be reconciliation on her part.

Been feeling lazy as fuck. Didn’t want to do anything today. I know I aught to be working as I’m not being paid to just lounge around. But fuck! When nobody listens to my suggestions and then some shit comes up wherein we would have been in a much better situation if they bothered to listen, it just gets me so pissed off. And to top it off, I’ll again be attending another meeting for the same thing.

Been looking at our expenses again. Bills are piling up! Here’s to hoping we can start cutting down on some costs.

Was looking at the various job postings for my field. Turns out they require a lot of certifications. Feeling rather down as I couldn’t pass my previous exam. Was looking at other cheaper certifications, but the training is still expensive!

Been getting the urge to do something about our situation, but for the life of me, I just don’t know what. Really want to resign, but don’t have any job offers. Really want to save up, but we’re still paying the interest from past credit bills.

It’s like I’m lost in a maze I put myself in, and can’t find a way out without having to bash through the walls.


Brother, I hear you!

Hang in there and get through it.

Remember self-care.

Remember the importance of small projects.

And be prepared and ready for the breakthroughs that are on the way to you.


Thanks @Malkuth.