Emperor Terminus or Ultima

Any idea if we will get a Terminus or Ultima version of Emperor?


Terminus is more likely at this point in time, since Ultima is still in the experimental stage.

Do you guys know whether we would get notified if they ever upgrade Emperor to Terminus or anything else? I’m assuming the answer is yes, because otherwise we would need to keep checking our downloads. I wonder how this has been done in the past

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They always notify.

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edit: This is a joke. No, really.

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I’m thinking of staying Emperor for the rest of the year before switching custom subs. I really want to explore everything that sub has to offer. If we get a Terminus or Ultima version, I’ll gladly push it to the limit to see what Emperor can really do. So I’m pretty happy with I’m getting from Emperor versions 3, 4 and Q. Consistency is key though.


Let’s put it like this:

If you were to ask me if I like the odds of getting the ability to get Emperor in Terminus & Terminus² before year’s end, I would say I would take that bet.

If you were to ask me if I like the odds of getting them as a free upgrade to your current Emperor, I would say I would not take that bet.

There is one more question you could ask me, but I’m not going to feed that one to you.

Of course, these are all hypotheticals. I haven’t actually revealed anything.

As far as Ultima goes, the way I understand it, it works better if it is more directed. Emperor is doing waaaaaay too many things for that. Maybe Ultima². :wink:

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Is the question we have not asked you,
will we be able to get a name embedded store version of Emperor in Q or Terminus Versions?

My guess is name embedded versions in Terminus will be available, as part of a larger project for the whole store, which is why the upgrade won’t be free?

What about Can we simply have a terminus store version of Emperor as an upgrade
pretty please

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Why not do a custom sub with Emperor Terminus andnall the other fancy modules?

Okay, maybe there are 2 questions. :slight_smile:

I’m not taking that bet without an attached time frame.

As for why it wouldn’t be a free upgrade, remember that it takes crunching time to create a Q sub. And crunching time equates costs. An unnamed one would only need to be built once, a named one would have to be rebuilt every single time.

Obviously the preferred path would be to go past unnamed and go directly to named. If they are going to add the functionality, they might as well do it right the first time.

Still hypothetical of course.

Crunching out a one time non name -embedded Emperor in Terminus would be pretty badass.
I’d even pay for that again if necessary, I believe many would (maybe I’ll do a poll), and would rather that sooner than wait on the name embedded tech upgrade for everything.

I know my preference are biased of course :disappointed_relieved:

but hypothetically, if that was offered as a hypothetical option as well,
that be pretty cool…hypothetically of course

Well, not so hypothetically, we’re dealing with two things here. First, the fact that it’s more efficient to upgrade the store only once to support it. Second, unnamed subs are still being shared in larger communities, if you catch my drift.

So the preference of the Boys of the Board would be to go straight to named versions. The technology is there, the infrastructure isn’t. Yet.

But feel free to do a poll. See if you can get blackadder involved, he knows how to generate hype. :slight_smile:

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Haha not a bad gig for you specially if you expand to the rest of the forum under the same terms!

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Yes, I catch it.
I wouldn’t want to push something against those preferences
and the ultimate integrity of Sub Club buuuut…
since the infrastructure is not currently there and the call of terminus is strong…


summoning the legend of hype generation

any interest in non name embedded store Terminus version of Emperor?


Didn’t even think about how going straight to name embedding solves this problem! Smart thinking.

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Is this an early leak, or just pure speculation?

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Neither. That would be a tease. :wink:

Then again, with the way the guys are going, you never can tell. Whatever Saint and Fire are on, I’d love to know where I can get some.


As far as teases go, this one is on par with an instagram post of an only-fans girl.:upside_down_face:

I have a gut feeling Emperor Ultima will be released shortly i personally will be testing this one and taking it to its limits.


Saint said that it doesn’t work with major titles, it did not perform any better than Q so I don’t think he will try it again with Emperor.

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