Emperor, SM and QL


OK today i bought QL, Sex mastery x2 and regeneration.
I think i’m gonna listen to it while i sleep so i can let my mind elaborate the informations during the day.
i think my playlist will be:
regeneration x1
30 minutes of silence
QL x1
30 MOS
SM2 x 1

maybe in the future i will try 2 loops for QL and SM but i think i will listen to regeneration only one time/day because i think reconciliation could hit really hard especially because i have a lot of past traumas.
When i will feel better maybe i will change regeneration with a seduction sub (maybe the seductress male version when it will be in the shop) because idk how useful could be SM about attracting girls.

it’s my first playlist so if you have any advice about loops or something like that it’s really valued

Problem with SM


I feel better then the other days.
I had difficulties to sleep, but i think it’s because i have to get used to subliminals.
If i notice something during these first days i will update you.


Are you using your Phone to run the subs. Don’t keep it too close, you will get used to it running at night. Initially you might have difficulties its common.


Are you completely new to subliminals? If so I’d go with Regeneration for 1 month, and then add the others depending on your progress after that. 3 brand new subliminals can potentially be too much to absorb all at once, but you’re free to experiment.


I agree with @Sirchiropractixalot
I started new as well and with Q the power is real!


yes i use my phone. i put it on the bedside table, do you think it’s too close? maybe i can put it on the floor so it’s a little bit more distant.


I tried a lot of subliminals from youtube and from some of them i gained some results, not life changing but something yes, so i’m not new in this world, but i’m new with this type with this tecnology. i think i can hold this playlist because i used to listen to a lot of subliminals even 8 or 9 in loop all day and night until i had headache, so just playing one time each subliminal is sustainable from my mind (i hope ahahah). i know that these subliminals hit hard and that’s the reason i don’t wanna play maybe QL or SM 2 times, i wanna avoid too much reconciliation.
i hope to undestand if i have to increase loops or take rest days.


That’s a good reason why I’d love to see a power level before Q.

Q divided comes to mind, just for those newcomers out there that want sufficient exposure without all to much reconciliation. Most people here already have had lot’s of experiences with the scripts before they got Q-ified and thus have a great baseline.


i think it could be useful if they create a subliminal that they give you with every time you buy a subliminal and it just trains your mind to sustain better the q technology. something that you play just one or two weeks before you start your playlist and it gives you the energy to get used to subliminals easlily.


For now have lots of water…I mean alot alot…it helps with processing the information.


yeah i try to drink at least 2 liters everyday.


That’s little for Q …


i’ll try 4/5 liters do you think it’s enough?


O rly? :thinking:


Yes I drink that amount after experienced members advised me.
I used to only be able to play one loop Q then the headaches and head pressure should start…then when I increased the water intake it all went away and now I can do 3loops ascension in a day…


Honestly, I never take any medication for headaches, and I can’t remember me ever having a headache from subliminal’s. Which is mainly due to hydration, your brain is like a processor and when it’s overexposed it heathens up, water and hydration are important to cool it down. Always stay hydrated, drink lot’s of water and you’ll be fine!



I was able to sleep last night, although I noticed that I need several hours of sleep even 9 or 10.
I noticed that I had a little of anxiety, but I usually feel a heavy weight in my chest while today this weight is lighter and more manageable.
If I don’t feel any problems for the whole week, maybe both SM and QL increase by one (but I think it’s better to wait 2 weeks).
as for regeneration I will try to do the same thing after 3 weeks or a month if there are no problems, but with it I go very slowly because I think it is the heaviest of the 3 and increasing by one could lead to a strong reconciliation.

Ah, a doubt came to me: is it a good thing that has not perceived any kind of reconciliation? even small? maybe it will come in the next few days, however, it makes me strange not to feel it since learning and in general my various traumas are delicate parts of my subconscious (I have no confidence in my learning skills).


Yes, if your actions are congruent with the sub eg going out to socialize for someone on Daredevil, or practicing Muay Thai 5x a day for those on Muay Thai Mastery X, it is possible there is no reconciliation.


I totally agree with this. Water is essential and helps the body process things on all levels.


I drink around 3.5 litres of purified, structured and energetically enhanced water. I can’t stress enough on the importance of water for our physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Stay hydrated kids.

Actually I never have migraines or any of that after drinking heavily just because I stay hydrated all the time, I simply never drink anything other then water, fuck soft drinks any of the those sugar related drinks, they fuck with your whole bodily system and drain you of energy while dehydrating you.