Emperor, PS, QL & The Executive

Day 1

Played Emperor & Executive the previous night as well as first thing in the morning.

I woke up in a very happy mood and was eager to get work. My usual morning grogginess wasn’t present, and that was strange.

At the moment i work in a truss shop as a builder. I have much bigger plans though and I am actively working on becoming a freelance copywriter.


I walked in with a sense of excitement, I just wanted to get to the table and start building. However, I didn’t have the plates to build my trusses, so I took it upon myself to go grab them myself and get to work.

Upon walking back to my table, I noticed my boss watching me with a look of surprise on his face. It is unlike me to be so upbeat and quick to get started in the morning, and I could tell he noticed.

I found myself in a calm yet energetic state of mind and I felt confident in my ability to get my work done without the usual stress and worry of “am I doing enough”.

Another point…

My confidence was through the roof. It’s quite surprising really as I used to struggle hard with “social anxiety”.

I’ve gotten much better over the past 2 years and today was truly a breakthrough moment. I was saying hi to people, actively participating in conversations, I even made friends with a new co worker and helped point him in the right direction.


I felt a small sense of imposter syndrome, like my mind was at war with itself.

I would describe it like my subconscious was yelling at me saying “This is unlike you, why are you so happy and confident, you’re supposed to be self conscious and tired all the time”.

I was able to easily ignore those negative thoughts and shift my focus back to more positive thoughts.

After work, I played my first loop of primal seduction.

I came home to see my step brother and his girlfriend were over. So after a quick shower, I grabbed myself a glass of wine, and went outside to say hi.

My whole family was outside, we all talked and had a good time. Strangely enough, I wasn’t as self conscious as usual. (Not in my head)

I am a very analytical person so I am very much aware of my body language, my vocal tonality, my facial expressions the way I speak and how I make others feel etc.

I found myself present in the moment. Although I still had these thoughts, they were much quieter and faster. So they didn’t take me out of the conversation into a self reflective state if that makes sense.

Instead I could maintain eye contact, actively listen and still maintain awareness of these key social dynamics.

Throughout the night I maintained my joyful, confident mood and found it easier than normal to just let go and be myself.

Usually I’m more reserved around my family when drinking and “partying” as I don’t want to make a fool of myself in front them.

But today was different, we played some throwback hits and I was singing along and having a good time without worrying about if I’m coming across as awkward or annoying.

I was cracking jokes left and right. I was actually starting conversations as opposed to being the usual “fly on the wall” watching others.

Another thing, I noticed his girlfriend looked at me a lot, especially when laughing.

(Just to be clear: I would never make a move on any of my friends or brothers girlfriends. Nor would I actively try and seduce them for self gratifying purposes.)


She talked to me a lot that night and we got along quite well. Mind you I have only met her a few times and didn’t know her all that well until tonight.

This may sound strange, but I felt a warm feeling around my stomach area while talking to her. Especially at the beginning of the night. It was comforting and made me feel less inhibited.

Not sure if this is a sacral chakra thing, maybe it’s just the white claw I drank, I don’t know. All I know is I felt it.

While there was no romantic connection or “spark between us” I could tell she found me attractive and she was clearly drawn to me for some reason.

Overall GREAT first day. Maybe it’s placebo, maybe it’s working. While likely a mixture of both, I’m happy with my results so far.

In the future I’ll continue to add more entries to the site.

I’ll be adding in Quantum Limitless to the playlist next.

Feel free to comment or leave any questions you have. I’m excited to connect with this great community of people and I’m all for helping each other reach our desired goals

So if you’re interested in my journey…stay tuned and thanks for reading :slight_smile:



Okay so it’s been around a week and a half

Been running 2 loops of Emperor, PS, Quantum Limitless and The Executive.

I started experiencing some emotional turmoil at the end of last week.

My mind was super active and I didn’t sleep too well for the first few nights.

My mind was processing so much random information, I’d wake up in the middle of a dream, then the dream would change and again and again and I’d forget it within seconds. And none of it made sense

So I guess that’s my subconscious attempting to organize itself and process the subliminals.

Executive is a game changer for me, procrastination is on of my biggest problems and I have to say it’s having a profound effect.

I had bought a few courses that I started and never finished that I’m now flying through. The more I do, the more I want to learn, it’s like I want to study.
(Probably due to Quantum Limitless)

I cleaned my room, my clothes, organized my closet, threw out a bunch of old clothes, went shopping and bought some NICE new shirts and pants.

Primal seduction’s impeccable style script is really noticeable. I’m suddenly motivated to re vamp my style.

I pay much closer attention to what goes with what, I’m taking better care of my hair, skin nails etc.

My self confidence is rising, I used to have an inferiority complex, but I’ve noticed my self esteem is on fire🔥

I walk into every room like I own the place now

Another thing, I’ve been getting so much attention lately. And GOOD attention

From cute girls, waiters, co workers, even my boss. I’m not even entirely sure why.

But all I know is it’s a good thing.

Emperor is really noticeable. I’m getting lots of ideas about how to build my own brand, I’m coming across people I can learn from, communities I can network with others on.

It’s really amazing how fast these subliminals are taking effect. The subs on YouTube PALE in comparison to these.

I’ll do my best to keep updating more frequently as my insights seem to come and go. My brain is just filled to the brim with ideas, and I have so much work to do.

And for the first time in a while, it actually exites me.

Me? Getting excited to work?


Talk later,



Hey, did you have any social anxiety type side effects?

No, I do feel more introverted though. In the sense that I’m focused on building myself more than talking about mundane things with co workers.

If anything it’s helped. My self esteem is actually rising and the judgment of others is becoming less of a priority to me.


Update: QL is definitely working. I found my work exceptionally easy today.


Everything just felt natural and effortless, I guess you could say I was in the state of flow.

But this felt different, all my mental processes were much faster, and all while I remained physically calm.

No overthinking, no stressing, just WORK.

I can’t wait for St2 of QL, it has such a noticeable effect on me.

As far as PS goes, still getting lots of attention. Especially from the girls I work with.

I don’t know if it’s just coincidence but I’ve caught them starting at me, multiple times throughout the day.

Maybe this has always happened and I’m just noticing I it now, but it’s flattering to say the least.

Emperor is really instilling me with a newfound sense of confidence and self esteem.

My old people pleasing, inferiority complex is fading away. The way co workers talk to me and look at me is even different. There’s some new level of respect being given to me that I haven’t experienced before.

Almost like deference, even though I’m in no managerial or supervisor position.

Got to say I’m liking this, ALOT.

Before buying these subs, I remember reading the descriptions thinking “this is too good to be true”, “They’re just selling me a dream”

But I must say, it’s actually exceeding my expectations.

With that being said I can’t wait to see where I am in a month, 6 months, a year, 5 years…

The way I see it, the possibilities are LIMITLESS

Until next time,



Do you listen to QL in the morning or at night?

Once in the evening and once while sleeping

What results have you got from QLQ so far?

So good to read results like these again, thank you for sharing and congrats.

You’re running all Qv2, right? I’ve been itching to run Quantum Limitless for sometime and now most specially because I want to learn new skills.


My focus is noticeably better, my thoughts are faster and more organized. Im noting a certain mental clarity that I didn’t have before. I can decide quickly what I’m going to do with my day, what task to complete first, etc. I no longer get that analysis paralysis that I used to feel.

I’m also noticing patterns in my actions and thoughts that are self sabotaging.

Like instead of reacting to situations, I find myself responding and in a calmer manner.

It’s only been 2 weeks of QL ST1

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Yes that’s right, all QV2


Update for today,

So today was supposed to be a rest day, however I totally forgot.

I’ve been loving my results so far and it didn’t even cross my mind.

I played Executive and Emperor 1 loop each

My morning was fine, nothing great nothing bad. Just focused on my work.

But, in the afternoon things changed.

Upon realizing its a rest day & finishing my last loop of Emperor…

I found myself stressed. I couldn’t really figure out why.

My job is physical labor so that could play a role, but I was wired.

My focus completely vanished and I was totally out of it.

I started going into a spiral of negative thoughts which made me feel even worse.

Eventually, I caught my breath and realized I was letting my emotions get the best of me.

I reminded myself that I CREATE MY REALITY

And therefore I choose what thoughts I entertain, and as a result… what emotions I feel.

So I immediately switched my thinking from negative, to positive through gratitude.

I thought about everything, my family, friends, all the times I got knocked down HARD by life and got RIGHT BACK UP, all the great things that are working out in my life.

And with that and a smile… I was back.

You control your thoughts, do not let your thoughts control you.

If this ever happens to you, remember…

Your life is a manifestation of your thoughts, if your thoughts are negative and self limiting, your life will reflect that.

But if you REFUSE to think about anything YOU DON’T WANT, and instead think about only WHAT YOU WANT…

You’re going to live a great life full of happiness, love and fulfillment

Till next time



Update today

So I’m taking today and tomorrow as rest days

Morning went fine, nothing significant to write about

In the afternoon, I found myself thinking a lot about beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve me.

From impulsiveness to low self esteem.

I’m really pondering where I learnt these behaviours. Because all behaviours whether positive or negative are learnt.

I’m just trying to make sense of them, and how I can fix them.

They keep popping up in my head, and to me that’s a clear indicator that something needs to be done.

On that note, I’m becoming allergic to normies.

From my co workers to my family members, they’re all complainers

What annoys me is people love to complain to me.
Probably because I’m great listener and I always lend an ear. But I know I’m too nice.

In my head I’m thinking… fuck off, get up and do something about it, all while I smile and nod my head pretending to care.

I hate the inauthenticity, I just want to be true to myself.

To do and say what I want.

But I think this is a learnt defence mechanism, to shield my blunt and judgmental side.

I’m a walking contradiction in the sense that I’m a very kind person, I care deeply for people.

But I also know that in order to make them happier, they need to take action. Complaining never solves anything. It’s just procrastination.

I can empathize with almost anyone, I understand how most people think and why they do the things they do.

But I hate when people won’t help themselves, when they just accept victimhood.

Worst of all THEY KNOW WHAT TO DO, but they don’t do it.

It’s like they’ve gotten comfortable being a loser

An acquired taste


I get it, you want to avoid taking responsibility for you shit life and say “it’s his fault, if only it weren’t for this person or situation I’d be much happier”

All garbage

Bottom line is I think ditching my “nice side” would really turn people off. I can be very provocative when I speak bluntly and it’s always hurt peoples feeling when I did.

So I think I need a happy medium, I’m going to experiment with this because I can’t keep lowering myself to make others feel better

Other people’s feelings are not my responsibility


Talk soon,



You’ll never find your true people if you’re not being your true self. Although it may mean a challenging period of being alone while your world adjusts.


A good question to ask them during these convos is among the lines of “Oh wow. What are you gonna do about that?”


Great insight here @Matalexander305. Went through a similar thing way back when.

Here’s a hard-learned lesson I picked up along the way (may or may not apply to you)…it’s easy to be judgmental and take direct shots at people – and you will damage relationships that way – but it takes more skill, awareness, and compassion to communicate in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re compromising yourself AND, if you want, shows acceptance of the other person for who and where they are in life. Which will maintain and/or strengthen the relationship, if you want it to exist at all.

Not saying it’s all airy fairy communication all the time. Some people need to be checked if they don’t come correct. But, you get what I’m saying.

You’re on your way, man. Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


Thank you for the wisdom friend, cheers!


Any new results?

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Yes sir.

So yesterday wasn’t very eventful. Still a bit of self reflection going on.

I would describe like there is a higher version of myself somewhere in the ethers guiding me.

Like a coach, sometimes the coach is harsh on me, other times he gentle and encouraging.

Whenever I make a mistake, or take an action that wasn’t optimal…I am made aware of it near instantly.

It’s all becoming conscious

I describe it like there is a camera following me around.

My life is a documentary that is always being filmed. And I want to perform and my best, I don’t want to come across as lazy, unprofessional, or incompetent. But their is no one watching the documentary. It’s just me, my higher self as the director. And all that matters is to satisfy him (me)

So say I’m talking to my friend. I’ll leave that interaction with a list of things I did right and wrong.

I’ll then analyze what my higher self, what the optimal me would have said and would have done.

Then I go into my future interactions with that in mind and then repeat.

So if I were to metaphorically replay the film and compare it to 6 months ago, I see a marked improvement in these key areas I’m working on.

I now apply this to near everything in life.
And what’s strange is that only through writing this entry am I now being made aware that I was even doing this in the first place.

It’s almost subconscious, I don’t think about it much as it just happens naturally.

I think this is largely due to Quantum Limitless.

While on the topic of QL, I’ve noticed when I talk to others I sound smarter. And I don’t need to think as much about what I’m saying. It just happens at lightening speed so I can maintain eye contact while I talk.

I used to struggle with keeping eye contact while talking. I find doctors do this often, also many intellectuals like Elon musk, bill gates etc.

When asked a question their eyes start to wander as they think of an answer.

This is what I’ve always done, but I did it too much, I couldn’t look them in the eye at all due to lack of confidence.

Now I don’t need to look away as much. The information is just ready at the forefront of my brain.

The person I’m talking to could be in the middle of talking to me and I already know what they’re about to say, so I begin thinking of my reply before they even finish their sentence, so when it’s my turn to talk I can smile and look them in the eye as I talk to them.

Simply put, I no longer overthink what I say.

I gotta say it’s made social interaction much more fun.

Eyes really are the window to the soul

That’s all for now really,

Overall I’m just feeling a real lust for life right now.

Excited for what the future will bring.

Whether positive or negative, doesn’t matter.

What is broken down will be built back up stronger and better than before.

Diamonds are forged under pressure, that’s what it takes to shine.

When things go right, and new heights are achieved… then it’s time to set the bar higher.

More wins = More confidence

More confidence = Higher standards

Higher standards = Bigger goals

Bigger goals = Bigger rewards

And repeat

Until next time,



That sounds great! Have you thought about using QL with BLU?

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