Emperor , Primal Seduction,Daredevil and Sex mastery X


Only gonna focus on these three programs looped daily all ultrasonic from Mobile phone for 3 months and monitor results , will run overnight/ sleeping :
Emperor x 3
Sex Mastery x3
7 Hours +

During the day/ work will run Primal Seduction & Sex mastery :
Primal seduction x 6
Sex Mastery - X 2
12 - 16 hours

After the 3 months will remove one and replace with Daredevil


Update :
After like a months 24/7 use in ultrasonic
Emperor Ă— 8 loops
Primal Ă—8 loops
Sex mastery x2-3

Results have been good , emperor has given me kinda indestructible like inner confidence and a vibe people notice and respect…even could say fear as i’m a jacked guy .

Primal has given me some added aspects to my seduction ability…rejection doesn’t phase me, women hover around me in clubs without any effort on my part.

I had an encounter while on holiday and it was probably the smoothest least effort pull ever …she thanked me continuously for approaching her , made her night blah blah

Unfortunately haven’t had enough regular sex to know the full effects of sex mastery x …lol


@xanderson83 Thanks for sharing .

  1. When running Primal + Emperor did they create any “conflicts” within yourself or subconscious , initially manifesting in the form of anger/frustration/depression etc ? I ask because apparently Emperor is about going solo/“IDGAF” attitude , and Primal is more socially oriented ?

  2. Did Primal reduce daily general stress/worries etc ?

Thanks !


Hey thanks for the questions :

  1. I dont think there was any conflicts but maybe during the first week or so but as time progressed things settled . A few weird dreams etc but nothing like depression or an negative feelings …more so the opposite as being more positive and happy plus goal oriented .

2.Primal has reduced social worries to a degree but always been introveeted so it’s slowly changing but have helped plus interactions with women are a lot more relaxed and fun the majority of the time.


Update : Today swiched to Primal seduction and daredevil , will run both for 3 months and see what happens . keep you updated once i reach it . Then buy KHAN !

Will run: Primal seduction x4
Daredevil x1
Sex mastery x 1
Will run it ultrasonic on loop 24/7


This is great. I am so happy for you @xanderson83

What is also your plan to take action and approach women, so you give your subconscious the data it needs to improve fast and consistently?


@AMASH …That’s correct i have been in/ out of game for a few years now so when I came across this site i saw these prgrams as ways to assisit me in my lifelong journey to achieve my goals with women .


When running that playlist, help yourself succeed by at least saying “Hi” to one girl a day.

If doing it in real life is intimidating, try online dating.

The interactions with women will help your subconscious learn a lot. You can’t learn about women by never talking with them.


Update : Day 16
Rough guess going on a 20 hour a day
Stack i mentioned above in previous post :
288 Hours of Primal Seduction x4
48 hours of Daredevil x1
34 hours of Sex mastery X v1- x 1
continuous loop over 24/7

Much more social , been going out weekly and it seems pretty effortless to meet new people etc.

On the girl front , way more grounded, also a don’t care attitude as in i can take it or leave it with women and non reactive in conversaton but still got some AA that has come back but will overthrow this with a week of just pure rejection !

A few number closes , a date tomorrow , other number working on but am getting attention from women without even doing much which is good and bad but need to approach and practice to see how effective PS is etc with assisting me .

I might remove daredevil temporarily, will wait until the day 21 mark to decide .

So far PS is doing well with supporting me


Update day 30

Still running the same as above
4 loops of PS
1 loop of Daredevil
1 loop of sex mastery V 1
Literally on a 20 hour a day loop as before

Social skills have become way improved as went out 5 nights in a row last week
Women have been giving me way more attention day/night , had some strange yet fun experiences e.g. much easier to escalate with girls , women literally fighting over me , women with boyfriends literally begging me to come home with them .

I still have slight introversion which i know will take months to years to beat , seduction front , i open girls asap , i capitalise on IOI’s more often , close all the time via , number or social media .

Will run this same stack until end of august


Khan ST3 beat it for me.

I don’t even get tired anymore from socializing.

Did you give Khan a try? It literally contains all the products you’re running now plus extra cool stuff, So it’s more streamlined, and will work faster.


I have Khan but gonna run PS & daredevil another month or so and then start Khan from Stage 1 all the way through!
Update : had my first lay a few days ago , so got to see how sex mastery performed and was literally like a stamina god , she loved it etc , maybe got too much stamina now…lol
Onward & upwards using PS/DD & SM :slight_smile:


Update: day 39
Slept with a new girl last night, sexual mastery x …insane…had 3 hours of sex , she said i felt massive, plenty orgasms . Its the real deal but i also supplement it with kegal exercises as been doing them for years prior .


Not sure about kegal. I don’t do them, and with Khan + a few Sexual Mastery X loops before sex, I can fuck girls for about 2 hours.

So it’s still very good :slight_smile:


Kegal exercisies are king …been doing them for over 10 years !


How many loops of sex mastery are you running? Do you run it every day or just before dates?


I run the stack literally 24/7 or as close to it , sex mastery i run maybe 3 loops a day as i run PS & DD alongside it .


Update day 47
Had another new girl last night/this morning , i have adjusted my list a bit so now is the following
Primal seduction Ă—2 loops
PS:Iron throne x5 loops
SM X: v1 x 1 loop
I run this 24/7 ultrasonic via my phone ( at the gym i play masked PS ) .

So far after adding Irone throne …was more sexual thoughts and eyeing up women, physical escalation is sky rocketing , my banter is more direct & blunt plus i have a dgaf attitude to women much more than before .

I will run this stack until october to really see how effective it is with assiting me in my seduction journey !!


Update day 61

Still on the above mentioned playlist , haven’t been out much as on a crazy work schedule for the next month or so . Last week went to a street party in london , had tons of fun, lots of attention from women . Met a cute girl who’s number i got and currently working on !

Went out last Wednesday, met a few girls and got numbers …one flaked yesterday! Also had a few girls hovering around for my attention , which before these subs i might get flustered or something but now doesn’t affect me as I know i am the prize and they need to impress me not the other way around !

I will continue to run PS: Irone throne only for the next few months and update!


Update day : 76
Only running Iron throne for 4 loops and sex mastery for 1 loop , i had a new woman last night who i met off a dating app , we messaged for a week then met last night which quickly ended up at my place …and i quote 2 statements she said " Your the best sex i’ve had in the last 6 months " …which later changed to " Your the best sex i’ve ever had in my life " …now obviously these are slight exaggerations on her part but it was a 3 hour session, then a 30 min quickie before i left for work …it was ego boosting to hear if i"m honest!!

I definetly see the benefits of long term use of sex mastery x and will continue for the foreseeable future!

Interactions with other women on the app have been growing resulting in numbers and dates , i wil be going out tomorrow night and friday so will see what happens in real life meeting women and see if Iron throne has dug its roots in my persoana and assiting in my seduction journey !