Emperor Johnny Stark (Stark Q/ Emperor Q Journal)


Just downloaded StarkQ. Will be playing it overnight and reporting results in the morning.


Due to a social session, I only ended up getting 4 hours of sleep and running 1 loop as I slept. Woke up with heavy tension in my head, managed to clear it via some energy work. Internally I felt no different, until I got halfway through my 2nd loop for today (which I’m currently listening to) and noticed that I’m somehow developing an “inner Tony Stark”…which I guess I’ll refer to as Johnny Stark, or JS for short.

Feels strange that I’m even typing this but it’s like a subconscious persona is being formed for me to eventually merge with. JS is developing and taking a life of his own, but seems to be signaling to me that eventually, he and I will be one in the same. @SaintSovereign and the rest of this forum is probably gonna think I’m an undercover mental patient after reading this post, and I can’t believe I’m actually typing these words my damn self.

This is the first program I’ve run from SC where I didn’t feel effects during the first run but who knows why. In any case I’m not doubting the power of SQ. In fact I feel a sense of “hyper-confidence” , like an emotional adrenaline rush, and increased physical energy as well. Of course I mentioned that right now it’s like I have 2 inner voices, in which JS seems to be questioning my every little decision, not to be an asshole, but to seem to want me to figure out why I would even make a move in the first place before I do.

When I think about it, it’s like an inner mentor making sure that I move with purpose and rationalism in order to avoid making a less than ideal move in the long run. Damn, and I’m only 1.5 loops in…more updates to come.


Completed 5 loops, which is all I plan to do for today. In the past 4 hours alone I’ve experienced the following effects:

productivity - being on top of everything, seamless task switching

extreme confidence

sense of self worth and self respect is godlike

sense of humor is grand and sharp

highly enhanced mood

thoughts and actions highly organized

brutally honest “ethical asshole” type of vibe

authoritative and commanding voice/ demeanor

faster/easier memory recall

less distracted

less irritable

sociable but not talkative

love that i’m expressing emotions without being caught up with feeling them deeply

lack of inner tension or anxiety

documenting results while listening when i usually would not

Sense of grounded masculinity

inner sense of effortlessness

major elimination of fear

detachment from emotions and outcomes

feeling like the most valuable being in all of creation, but still socializing in a humble manner

more succinctness and brevity with my communication.


Decided I’ll be adding 3 loops of EQ per day here as I’d still like to achieve the goals of Emperor. I’ll be closing my two previous journals.


Those are awesome results and feelings so far. StarkQ really seems to push the boundaries from the other titles to what you can feel/see sooner then the others. I wonder how manifesting plays a tool in all this too.


I’m definitely looking forward to finding out.



played 3 loops of EQ…it took almost 2 hours to calm down from the effects I felt from SQ, I officially felt balanced toward the end of the first EQ loop, which tells me…SQ and EQ feel like 2 sides of the same coin to me. SQ makes me feel more like a warrior with brains and a fearless sense of humor. EQ gives me the strong, silent and wise type of vibe. It’s like with playing them both in the same day, I could experience the younger, and the more mature aspects of a high-quality male. This combo may make me well-rounded, as I feel they both complement each other by filling in whatever gaps rhe other may be missing to make both feel complete to me.

Also experienced:

Insane appetite boost

Automatically adjusting to good posture

Setting productivity goals as if I’m playing a game, unattached to if they are achieved or not

Immense amount of energy being generated in heart chakra

Quickly figuring out my way through obstacles


Well, one day of SQ and I already managed to fornicate with my ex, and yea she’s still in a relationship. Don’t really wanna post this cause I’m not to keen on the ol kiss and tell, but I’m documenting it here in order to make a mark of SQ results.


I noticed a lot of the same results with SQ, specifically the extra confidence and the feeling of becoming more “Tony” like. It’s very peculiar but definitely welcome


…Well, on EQ my ex was admitting feelings for me…one day of SQ, and she’s back to being attached to me. Damn


Took a break from the internet yesterday, especially social media. Funny thing is, when I was just on my social media accounts, I was on each for about 3 minutes before I got bored and just logged out. I’ll be spending much less time on there of any at all.

Paced myself yesterday and made self-care the theme. Over the past 3 days it seems my Daughter has gotten much more clingy. Can’t tell if it’s because I’m the person she’s around my most, my aura or a combination of both.


I’m starting to take my holistic health much more serious…physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. I’m steadily manifesting tools and methods to especially my energetic health.


Oh snap, you’re on StarkQ too?

And you smashed your ex as well? Still on your way out?


Hey there brother. Yup I’m on StarkQ as well. Yea I’ve had sex with my ex twice since starting it, and she’s showing strong signs that she’s become attached but I’m still on my way out. The virus has slowed down the moving process considerably. I’m just waiting on them to give me the word that a place is ready to move into.


Been sticking to running 5 loops of SQ and 3 loops of EQ daily. Every time my ex and I have had sex I noticed it’s gotten better and better so I know the sex scripting is working well. She even described having a full-body orgasm last night which she’s never experienced before. I have no idea if she’s still in a relationship but that hasn’t stopped me either way. I’m surprised given how much I used to respect relationships but the world I’ve seen form before my eyes has changed the way that I interact with it.

Speaking of which, for months now I’ve slowly felt myself giving up on the human race as a whole. I already know what my life’s purpose is, but it’s in direct contradiction with my current view of humanity. I have to wonder what keeps people motivated to help mankind despite the BS they face on a regular basis.

Basically, I’ve been feeling as if humankind is undeserving of help in general. Honestly, this train of thought began forming around a month after I found subclub and it’s growing stronger daily. Not blaming subclub for my current views but I wonder how within 18 months I went from wanting to save the world, to being indifferent to its future.

I still show kindness here and there but my indifference is growing steadily. Speaking of indifference, I’ve decided that my new female “friend” is now just an acquaintance. Over the past 2 months, I’ve noticed that I seem to put in more work into our conversations and even initiating contact. Huge turn off for me as I’ve had more than enough “friends” like this, and it’s only a matter of time before we lose contact altogether. Oh well. Her and I will speak when we speak, if at all. I’ll no longer be going out of my way.


Hey this is AMAZING!!

Your journal making me overthink if I should have gotten Stark Q instead, I bought Emperor V4 and now I am using EQ for public testing ehehe…

But yeah I am missing the Sociable quality from Stark Q hehe.

So do you feel SQ and EQ really compliments each others?
Would you recommend to use them both?



I’d recommend using them both depending on your goal. As @SaintSovereign said, EQ is more inwardly focused (as I was able to determine once I started running it alongside SQ), and SQ is more of a program that focuses one on becoming a leader and visionary, and creating a team to accomplish the goal of advancing mankind in a specific way.

As I described before, I personally see them as 2 sides of the same coin, at least that’s what it feels like to me. If you want more of a Sigma male vibe and to succeed in creating your own empire and reality outside of the confines of social constructs, then EQ should be your focus to run. SQ is more for those who plan or want to become leaders of mankind and uplift those they come across in the process.

I run both together because at heart I am a philanthropist, but I also love the idea of having the personal freedom to create and maintain my own reality. They way my personality is, I could easily switch between Sigma and Alpha mode.


Noticing that I’m developing the habit of automatically taking control of interactions whenever I see someone beginning to become too emotional and make a small issue into a bigger one.


Yay Awesome !! Thanks for sharing, love it.


No problem