Emperor: House of Medici + True Sell + LBFH | Focus: Business Growth

Hey…thanks for stopping by and opening this random guy’s journal. This is the start of my 2nd cycle on this stack, and 3rd with HOM as the centerpiece.

Like it says in the title, the focus for this journal is on building a business and growing fast. I aim to process all the things and keep the posts tight, to the point, and maybe post something useful to whoever reads this along the way.

First, let me tell you about how much I suck at this business-building thing so far…

Here’s what my “starting line” for this journal looks like:

  • failed to escape the feast and famine cycle for many reasons, mainly fear and lack of delegation
  • the people I’ve targeted to partner with so far have been difficult, scarcity-minded, and don’t highly value time
  • adopted a new business model I’m excited about, and the first two agreements I inked have turned into steaming piles :poop: :poop:
  • the major issue as I see it is the gap between my perceived self-worth and how I view high net worth business owners; fear is a factor

Now, let me share how I’m framing these things currently…

  • the “difficult” partners I entered into deals with were mirror reflections of how I’ve been walking this path so far, and I finally SEE it…so I can focus more directly on changing those things within
  • applying my skill in sales and negotiation on the RIGHT opportunity is more important than “getting a deal done”…filtering people out and saying NO to the wrong ones for me is my first priority
  • all I need to focus on is the value of the problem I’m solving and delivering on my agreements, not on the differences of net worth

And that’s probably enough for now. The next posts will reveal how much action I’m taking (and not taking).

It feels like I’m at the base camp of a massive mountain that I haven’t been able to summit yet and have taken some hard tumbles down due to my lack of skills and awareness of Nature, up to this point…but I’ve learned some things, patched myself up, my spirits are high, and I’m ready to make another attempt.

Plus, I’m outright unemployable, so it’s either summit or die.



And for me, it’s either First Galactic Empire or die :slight_smile:
We got this.

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Following your journey brother. Lets see the power of emperor doing magic in our lives. :pray::pray:


SICK Stack!


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Well, this will be the last post in this journal for me since I swapped out LBFH with PS for my current cycle.

Here are the highlights of the past few weeks on my business growth journey:

  • got fucked over on a deal I made for 5-figures plus profit-share; partner broke the agreement after I provided changes that increased their customer value by 82% in 34 days; one test resulted in a 166% increase…I was on track to make us both some good $$$$, but they chose greed
  • spent an entire week basically sitting on the couch introspecting and reading i.e. being a little depressed
  • had one potential partner opportunity show up conveniently, but it was only an opportunity for me to practice saying NO, which I did

The most interesting part of the past few weeks has been the fact that I’ve gotten more clarity on who I am and how I’m being…and some things that I’ll never accept into my life again.

I’m 100% sure that I hit some deep pockets of recon this last month and I didn’t “get back on the horse” very quickly either, but looking back with the clarity that I have now, it was worth it to take it slow and think.

The win from choosing that shitty partner is: I’ve proven to myself beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can partner with a business in an unfamiliar market, run some tests, and make it rain.

So, lots of growth happened this month…you couldn’t tell by my bank account though, lol.

My perception of “not having enough” money fueled my ugly cycles of stress and apathy (and manifested in my choice of partner), so this outcome was the wake-up call I needed.

The next phase of my business evolution is in deal-making and negotiation, for sure.


No need to stop the journal. PS is a Love Sub too.



Do share the love here … I mean the podcast link.



It was one with Rollo Tomassi, so if you’ve read his book and/or heard him on a podcast before, you already know what he’s going to say. This was the one I watched.

Seems like I’m really late to the party and a lot of guys here are already aware.