Emperor Fitness Q Results?


What have people experienced with Emperor Fitness? It was hyped before its release but discussion about it has been very quiet after its release. Also, anyone notice anything different about the Q version?


Possibly because of the quarantine limiting access to gyms for the majority of people : )


One member reported getting a more leaner body so i guess it must be working.


Just started EFQ ST1 on May 9th.

EFQ ST1 + 2 other subs (Masked)
Overnight, then daily if I have the chance.

The only thing new… I suddenly bought this…

To be delivered on 4th week of May :grinning:


Doesnt require screws or drilling holes wow???


Nope. You just stuck it up the door. It’s awesome.

Been doing pullups now for exactly 22 days straight. 5 sets 5-6 reps every day : )


I have one their brilliant you can do so many variations of pull ups with them


Guys it looks like a good investment however what concerns me is that if the bar falls of the door frame and i break my back or injure my arse. Does the risk of this not concern you ?


Trust me… when you try it, you’ll feel safe as the mechanism is quite smart.

Although main has a weight limit of 125kg --> as i am about 83kg I feel okay and safe doing even explosive pullups : )


Their really safe I got mine from homebargains really cheap


Last two days ago, I woke up late… feeling drained and all

Was running overnight loop

KhanQ ST1
EmpFitQ ST1

So, I started to do my daily study session… but low energy, suddenly I remembered “The Beast Unleashed” but again it’s for fitness right? let’s experiment…

The Beast Unleashed… started playing… . . . WOW! the music was amazing! I started visualizing Anime fighting scenes! and after playing once, I’m up? and I said what was that? then goes back to study session.

This morning I feel tired again… need to do the ‘Speed Reading’ training, so I said, let’s experiment again… “The Beast Unleashed” while running the Speed Reading module.

Started… for some odd reason the beat of the music is somewhat on the same time with the words being displayed in the Speed Reading module, it’s like they are in sync! :smiley: played it twice, got me up again :slight_smile:

End of day, while typing this… I still hear it in my head, lol!


Bumping this again. I am wondering if anyone has gotten anything out of Emperor Fitness Q and whether they will be incorporating Emperor Fitness ST4 Core in their custom sub.

Also, weird that the module in the store doesn’t have Q in it. I hope that’s just a typo.


Hmm,emperor fitness Q has worked pretty well for me after i reduced to 1-2 loops.Easier to put on muscle and lose fat and better muscle endurance.Also faster recovery of muscles and easier to get motivated to exercise and diet,unfortunately dont get the improved sleep part though.I have ST4 in my custom as well


Did you also put Serum X in your custom?


Yep,you can check out my module list for my custom if your interested