Emperor Black New Product and Sex Monster Product (not to be released)

Please suggest what you want to see in the new upcoming product Emperor Black ?.

The Sex Monster product will not be released to the wild.


Black Adder :slight_smile:

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@SaintSovereign @Fire can we you please include money and romance in emperor black.


Not romance smh. They said its a monk mode one. It’s wealth and money focused… if u want that just listen to Emperor ZP rn or Stark ZP lol


@Xavier @Muay_Thai_Guy Emperor Black is already going to have romance scripting. Since it’s Emperor + the new Ragnarök technology :slight_smile:

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I legit don’t understand why every single sub almost has a romance element to it.

Idk man my empire is worth way more than a girl lol. Girls come and go. It’s not a focus for me. Especially monk mode.


Do people also ask for romance scripting in Emperor Fitness, Spartan or Paragon? :wink:
There are enough titles focused on romance or with romance in the objectives!


Yes but why call it emperor black ? surely this is an upgrade to emperor so it should have wealth and romance scripting.


I dont like this monk mode you cannot just sit behind a screen allday working on your website or trading.


Emperor Fitness hasn’t got romance scripting in it; this one might as well be called Emperor: Business.

If this one is “business monk mode” then it’s aimed at people who want that. If someone wants something different, there are other subs to pick from.

The other day I was at the grocery store and saw a display for Habanero-infused honey. That doesn’t interest me, but I just picked something else rather than asking that company to take the peppers out merely because I prefer my honey to be sweet rather than spicy. :wink:


Do you believe that if, the sub doesn’t urge you to take action towards women, you wouldn’t take action towards women?

Then maybe you shouldn’t ask for that, if your baseline doesn’t care for it

Either way my point is I think with the evolution of subs we won’t need scripting to be specifically towards subjects, it’ll have a core principle and we guide it based on our desires from the core archetype

Why wouldn’t you get sex if you’re living as the man you love to be?

Why wouldn’t you be rich if you’re living as th man you love to be?

Why wouldn’t all these infinite things ….come to you, that the writers of the sales page forgot to mention,
If YOu are the man you love to be?!

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It’s the same with testosterone-boosting supplements… I want more free testosterone for energy and muscle growth, but some of them also include extra things for boosting libido, increasing beard growth, and oddly enough, increasing ejaculate volume… :man_shrugging:

I don’t need or want ANY of that extra stuff, just the free T, thank you very much.


I was under the impression that Emperor Black was already in progress. At 70% if I read correctly what @Fire posted


The hype is working I see :popcorn: :popcorn:


Hype so powerful that Jcast is back!



I want whatever they put in it. I like the idea of monk-mode focus.

I experienced it a bit with stacking pre-Q AscMogul and Limitless. I can only imagine what a title designed and scripted WITH THAT IN MIND would do for my projects.


I agree with you I’m just stating what Fire said which is that Emperor Black is an expansion of Emperor so naturally it would have all the emperor scripting + the Ragnarök technology.

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It’s called Emperor Black because it’s going to be exclusive to Sub Club Black members.

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I mean you can it’s just not easy lol