Emperor Black New Product and Sex Monster Product (not to be released)

I’m very excited like everyone else for a pure cold blooded monk mode title to explore the one thing I truly want a relationship with. My inner self :slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign and @Fire will it be unisex ?

Absolutely. I leave like 2 hrs a day for friends and whatnot sometimes if I get done early I’ll just chill with them.

But purpose is to only leave it for the things most important to us. And cutting off everything else that doesn’t add value

Bro I been here longer than most ppl on this forum and I have no badge lmao

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I’d say the same as you tbh. I’ve been using sublcub and lurking on the forum since 2019 and my post count is pretty low for someone that’s been around for that long.

In the end I trust Saint and Fire to come up with a system that allows everyone to have a fair chance so I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

I mean, if you don’t post as much, then you already come off as someone who’s not really as interested in sharing the journey that could potentially help out someone else who might be in your shoes right now, or in the future, thus, even if you did post once or twice, regardless of how informative the posts are, having just a couple good posts while being a member for 3 years won’t really help you stand out if there was a private tester selection phase.
and while Fire did mention, that the forum rank will be taken into consideration, the thing that really matters is the quality of the posts, as mentioned here:

Guys wheter emperor has romance scripting or not I think you’re forgetting that you can always choose not to act on it. I’ve run SEVERAL alpha related subliminals over the years (not just from subclub), and damn near all of em have had romance and sex scripting of some sort.

Between my naturally high sex drive, the amount of sex and romance scripting I’ve been exposed to within the past 5 years, and the fact that I get IOS’s from women damn near everyday…I’d probably have over 25 kids, 3 wives, 15 girlfriends and 20 fuck buddies, if I had chosen to act on all that scripting and I’m only slightly joking.

I’m not even saying that to brag because romantic and sexual attention means almost nothing to me. I’m just trying to demonstrate that in the end, it’s all about personal choice to execute whatever scripting you’re exposed to. It’s already been typed clearly by @Fire that Emperor Ragnarok is a “monk mode” sub for those who want to prioritize themselves and get their shit together for a month or two with the goal of improving themselves and their lives.

I think it’s safe to say that you all can relax and whether or not Emperor ragnarok does end up with social and romance scripting in it, those who don’t care about connecting with others that much (like myself) are gonna focus on using the subliminal programming to improve in other ways…just like we’ve been doing.

So with that being said, what’s all the fuss about, stop wasting time and energy caring about what you can’t control. The subclub team is gracious enough to listen to us and consider our suggestions but ultimately they’re the writers and designers of these programs so they’ll put in what they feel is best to help the user achieve their goals without impeding upon our free will.

It’s not like we have access to the scripts anyway; so ultimately when we press play, we don’t know what we’re being exposed to, but that’s not gonna stop those who really wanna use the products from doing just that.


Were you dispatched to ask what others would like in Emperor Black or is this something you’re just making up?

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Same lol.

Lurker mode 99% of the time.

Also hyped for this sub tho, and hoping there is no seduction/sex/social aspect to it.

Pure drive to work and build and grow my mind, skills, and wealth.


No one has ever been dispatched to ask what people want in any subliminal here. That’s not how the company is run.

There’s a Roadmap that serves this purpose.

And Black Adder/DarkAvenger almost always likes to create posts like this for upcoming products.

I am not happy with this exclusive members area. I mean why create some elite circle for black members ?.


Because most people are not ready for RAGNAROK maybe? Maybe it would bless them with heavy recon they wouldn’t be able to manage in any other way but by crying into the pillow for the whole week long after running one loop? Who knows? Either way, I’m happy with my current Terminus custom and I’m sure those chosen ones will help SC advance the technology even though Terminus seems to me to be… the terminus indeed. I cannot imagine anything better…, yet SC is always amazing us.


It’s unhealthy to do that forever, but if you need to push through and get something done it would be great for however long it took to finish an ambitious project. Especially if you’re particularly distractible.
I’m sure they’ll come up with Primal Seduction Black or something like that.


Stack it with Limitless Executive and/or RICH and you could have something dangerous.

On top of that, Fire recommended running it for one-two months just when you need to be super focused on your self-development.


I thought you were making a joke at first. (which I found kind of amusing.)

But anyway. Just in case that wasn’t a joke.

I think it makes sense.

You don’t need to get a license to ride a bicycle. But you do need to pass a test and get a license to operate an automobile.

It’s because the automobile is more powerful and has more capacity to harm if used irresponsibly. So the licensing system creates an elite group of Licensed Automobile Drivers who are somewhat less likely to cause harm. (Clearly the system doesn’t work perfectly; but it does reduce some of the risk.)


@Voytek you are correct. This product would be so powerful it would generate alot of recon. Not for the light hearted.

It’s not so much about heart but rather mind and reason. RAGNAROK must get tested by people who’ve learned the subtle Art of Mental Alchemy that is all about observation, introspection, knowing how the alchemical cycle works, how to foster in and not get into its way, and it’s also about taking action for the external growth.


Agree @Voytek you are wise beyond your years.

Its people like this who we need as forum ambassadors.


Agree but Saint should not call this group an elite group or give idea that this is a group of special people. When you start putting labels on groups and people thats when you start getting problems.