Emperor and Subliminal Stacking for a noob


Hello all, just found about this site like two days ago real cool stuff. I’ve had a couple of questions on my mind and hoping someone can answer them.

Why does emperor cost the same as the other programs that precede it if it includes their entire scripts ? Will I see all of the benefits from Ascension and Mogul in addition to Emperor but the results will come later rather than sooner had I just ran those programs individually ? I am willing to listen for a long period of time if it means getting the benefits of all.

Also I am curious about Limitless. Will getting Limitless will help my results with Emperor ? I think I saw Emperor already with Limitless but I guess the standalone product will be faster acting ? . I am also interested in the Gaming Mastery X subliminal, would it be advisable to get all three of these and listen to all three back to back in a loop? or should I wait for the release of primal and the other unnamed sex/seduction related since this was my primary goal in the first place? Thanks


All of our products are the same price for consistency and affordability considerations. Also, Emperor and the preceding titles serve different purposes. Ascension / Ascended Mogul, for example, are for those that want to want to dominate life, but from within the system. Emperor, on the other hand, will eventually push you to detach from modern society and build an empire — however you define that.

Simple example: AscMogul may push you to rise to the highest possible ranks of your current job path, and you’ll use the extra income to build a lucrative side business.

Emperor, on the other hand, may push you to say, “to hell with this,” quit your job, take an easier position, all so you can maximize the amount of time and energy available to build your empire.

Some people will balk at the second one, and that’s understandable. Building a legacy from scratch is tough and will consume your life. So, you gotta ask yourself, what do you really want to accomplish in your life? If career success and some side income sounds good, get AscMogul. If building an empire, at the expense of possibly everything else sounds good, go Emperor.

I chose the latter — more money, more power, more freedom is my current mission.

As for your second question, yes, you’ll see benefits from any subliminal, but the more complex scripts take longer to ingest. Don’t expect to run Emperor and three days later, be a rockstar swimming in women. I’m on month… six (?) or so of my custom, which was built on an Emperor prototype and I’m just now starting to see the more “Emperor” stuff. The immediate alpha stuff kicked in immediately, but just this morning, I caught myself thinking about building a media empire and for the first time in my life, I didn’t immediately get a feeling of “you really can’t pull this off.” That’s Emperor doing its thing. Now, it’s up to me to act on these urges.


I have decided for now to get the Limitless Sub, I feel as if I should look within and truly decide what path it is I want to take in life. For now, the Limitless sub should help me to learn as many skills as I can while I decide whether thats found in success with women, professional decelopment, money management and personal growth. Thank you Sovereign, your description of the programs helped a lot !


I got the Limitless Sub and will likely get Ascended Mogul since I am currently on a career path working in the hospitality industry, From what I understand Ascended Mogul will give me BOTH benefits of making more money/climbing the ranks of my job AND attracting high quality women ? If so I am ready to pull the trigger.

Also, how does one combine listening to Subliminals? as I plan on listening to Ascended Mogul and Limitless for around 6-8 months before I move on to either Emperor or the Sex and Seduction-Primal-unnamed seduction sub trio. Thanks again


Where did you hear about an unnamed seduction sub? I thought the trip was Sex Mastery X + Sex & Seduction + Primal.


This is the correct path. You can skip Sex Mastery X if you want, or use it as an enhancer.


Simply make a playlist in your favorite media player. We recommend the “Set and Forget” method: https://www.subliminalclub.com/support/proper-usage-of-subliminals/


I’ve been looking around the forums but I couldnt find an exact answer so here goes.

Is there a MAXIMUM number of subliminals I can have on my playlist as I play and forget ? If there isn’t what is the number of subliminals one can listen to before the length of time in which one would see increase dramatically ?

How long should I listen to make the effects of the subliminal permanent?

For now, I’m planning something along the lines of Limitless, Mogul Ascension or Emperor and the gaming subliminal (in the future perhaps another skill sub or switching to the Sex+Seduction trio stack)