Emperor and Sex and Seduction


Hi guys i am one of the people who has pre-ordered sex and seduction and i have also been listening to emperor for 44 days from today. I want to combine SS with emperor from tomorrow so i am wondering whats the best way to do this. I usually get around 15 hours of emperor listening time a day so should i listen to to emperor less and increase the listening time of SS. SaintSovereign or fire can you give any suggestions please ?. I plan to listen to emperor for at least 4 months i feel that is enough time to see if a subliminal is showing results. I realise SS will take more time to take effect when combining emperor but i am willing to let it take time so i get benefits from both subs. Also to everyone who has pre-ordered will you be using the sex and seduction unleashed version, thanks.


I’m not one of the creators, but I and the other testers have been listening since these subliminals were offered.

I would say listening time depends on you and your goals.

Your listening stack should reflect how much weight you want to give to each of these areas of your life and your goals.

It’s a new sub so I don’t believe anyone will be able to tell you exactly how many hours will work for you specifically. We don’t know your starting point and how quickly you’ll be seeing results you’re personally satisfied with.

I know for myself I will be dialing back Emperor radically to test this new sub for the next week or two weeks. Once I see some desired results I’ll be able to determine how much listening time I want to give S&S.

I have a finite goal to achieve with Sex&Seduction. Once I’ve achieved it I’ll be in maintenance mode and not actively seeking more women. At that point I may listen to Sex&Seduction just one hour a day.

Although the creators haven’t specifically stated this, from my usage of subliminals from the Weapon X line, its fast acting enough that you can play this before a night out and get results.

If you need a booster you could totally schedule some listening time for your weekends and not touch the sub when you don’t need it.

Although consistently playing it will yield better results, of course.

So you have many options to choose from:

Dial things back for however long you choose to and then go back to your regular schedule,

Incorporate a few hours a day,

Play it a few hours before you go out,

Experiment and find what works best for you and your life.

I intend to use this version and will post about it on my journal.


Hey just asking since you have been using them awhile but since this is my first time listening to subs ever lol, would it be wise to start off with ascended mogul… i have been using emperor the past week but haven’t really noticed anything. Or maybe do 5-6 hours of ascended mogul and then 1 of emperor


If I had to do it over again, knowing what I know now, I’d begin with Ascended Mogul.

Emperor is a long script with many different goals and it will take much more time for you to notice results in all these areas.

I would begin with Ascended Mogul, begin getting those successes and momentum, and when you’ve honed in on something, run Emperor.

Also, take your time. Feel out one subliminal and when you’ve got some experience under your belt, explore the next.

I see running these subliminals as a lifelong endeavor, and a few months to a year on anything will massively upgrade your life.


Thanks for the detailed reply very useful and detailed


Thanks i will definitely take that advice.

Hope you have a great weekend


I am going to run whatever is available in a masked version, in conjunction with Emperor.

Does anyone know exactly when S&S is supposed to drop?


My plan is to stack emperor and SS and set it on continuous play overnight will report back results as and when.


I’m with @Alexander on this. Go with Ascended Mogul for six months. Get your head and work/financial life together before you even think about anything else.


i am curious in emperor description page the say they have the entire scripts of ascension and mogul and sex mastery , so the question why the need to listen to ascended mogul first , if it already contained in the emperor ?


My other question about Ascended Mogul is does it address leadership skills? I see a lot of half assed to full assed leadership out there. People who you are told you should respect for whatever reason and you’re left scratching your head


@dida I was told by @SaintSovereign that it isn’t a bad idea to run Ascended Mogul for six to eight months prior to running The Emperor because of how powerful it is. Probably for other reasons as well


@jcast is correct – so you can build a foundation before moving on to harder subliminals. Also, our subs are modular so you have complete control over what to focus on. Some people have no desire to become an entrepreneur / businessman, so they might not want Ascended Mogul or Mogul. They can just use Ascension for personal power.


Ok, so far UNLEASHED version of SS doesn’t make my body itchy. The SS ultrasonic does. I scratched like a hell, like resident evil’s “itchy, tasty” :slight_smile: Unleashed is normal and seems very, very, VERY considered, smooth and effects are all obvious. Natural component of SS is very obvious: I don’t feel I using some cheating thing to make girls be attracted to me. Its just is. Natural. I had an opportunity to test SS a day before going to intensive exposure to people, especially women. ITS JUST WORKS!!!


@Dmitry; Funny you mentioned that, cause that’s exactly what I experienced last night when I went to bed with the ultrasonic of S&S on. I actually got out of bed at one point to check, thinking it might be an infestation of ants or bed bugs or something, cause the itching started out of nowhere and it was non-stop. During the day I am not experiencing it, just some pressure-like discomfort around my head. Going to switch to the masked track and listen to it via headphones.

May I ask how long have you tested S&S? I started my sessions this past Friday night. Downloaded the masked track last night and got a chance to play it for one loop before going to bed. I decided to play the ultrasonic track overnight while I sleep thru my Bluetooth speaker.


I started S&S yersterday. Used UNLEASHED version. That was very GOOD! Today I decided to give a chance to normal ultrasonic. Eh, “itchy, tasty” resident evil thing :slight_smile: not yet tried Masked, will try tomorrow and report. Iv got similar itchy tasty with Ascension, ultrasonic Emperor (not Masked, Masked is very good). It seems older ultrasonic tech that causes that. I unable to use higher volumes then listening ultrasonic. Right now (today) Im listening S&S UNLEASHED on HomePods (paired, WHITE & BLACK) on -40dB volume and its very comfortable.


Oh man, S&S UNLEASHED makes me feel so sexy and sensual, and it is so smooth… I hope soon all existing subs will be optimized using this UNLEASHED process. It is amazing, really.

I salute @Fire for his genius brain making this UNLEASHED process happen, and I hope he’ll use it for a wealth generation product or optimizing Mogul soon.


I’m listening to the S&S masked track with my headphones right now, and I must say, it is quite pleasant to hear the sound of the water stream track that Subliminal Club uses, even when listening at a much higher volume, which right now it is set at 30%. Totally unlike IML’s subs, which I have to set the volume much lower after playing them for a few minutes with either the ocean surf or the trickling stream, as it becomes too distracting/uncomfortable.


The masked version of SS is clearer and aBlot louder then Emperor it makes for comfortable listening.


Ok, here is update on Masked SS. No “itchy, tasty”, it seems that ultrasonic version only causes this in me. Overall impression about Masked: very similar to Unleashed but I feel more concentration on it, maybe because of headphones (Emperor Masked do the same for me). Horny as hell, but in very very very natural way, like testosteron boost after gym, or deca injections (I tried it in my 20’s). So far MASKED & UNLEASHED is favorable to me and are very comfortable and pleasent. Looking forward for ASCENSION, MOGUL, EMPEROR Unleashed versions with Masked versions. Will be Updating my report.