Emperor and primal seduction

This is my first Subclub experience, so a little background on me.
I’m 42, male and married with a two year old son. I’ve been using subs since 2008, and my results ranged from stellar to nothing noticeable throughout that time. I will say that from my experiences compared to those of many others I’ve read about on various forums, I respond extremely well to subs.
My current goals have been to get us out of financial trouble which we’ve been in for the last few years. I was using another company’s products to help with that, and they seemed to do an amazing job of manifesting money out of the blue to keep our heads above water, and helping me have the ideas I needed and the drive to solve the many near disastrous problems we’ve had. However, several times we’ve been on the verge of doing the one thing that I can think of to get a to a stable position, something off the wall has happened at the last minute to derail it. It’s frustrating to say the least.
The last derailment of my plans came when my wife lost her job in the last days of refinancing our home, putting the whole thing on hold. We should be good to go as soon as she gets another one so long as we don’t miss a payment on anything and cause our credit to crash.
My wife has MS, and it’s starting to show in her cognitive abilities. She just couldn’t pick up on her last two jobs fast enough, and I’m pretty sure that she could have done it easily just a few years ago.
This time and the last time she lost a job, about six months before, a lot of people quit where I work so I was able to work a lot of overtime to make up for it. (That’s one of those amazing coincidental things which has allowed us to keep our heads above water). I’m currently working six twelve hour shifts a week, and more than making up for her loss of income, but I don’t know how much longer I’ll have that opportunity.
I’ve been on Emperor V4 with Rebirth, Aura, and Godlike Masculinity for a full week now, and so far I’m quite pleased. I just added in Primal Seduction and limit destroyer because they fit my goals, and I’m beginning to get that I really can mix titles with different but related goals with this company. I am getting about eleven hours of exposure on workdays through bone conduction headphones.
So far I have noticed a few really good things.

  • The day after my first exposure I called a family meeting with my wife, and our roommate who helps with watching the kid while we are at work and or sleeping (I work nights). I had been kind of dreading this, as both of them take criticism, or being told what to do, or anything that could be creatively interpreted that well very badly.
    I simply stated the situation, and what I needed each of them to do, and they both agreed and said that they’d do it, and so far they had been. There was no hesitancy on my part, and no defensiveness, blame, anger, or anything like that on theirs. I led, they followed, and it felt completely natural. That’s a HUGE change.

  • My wife, who has anger problems which she has focused on me (I suspect this may be an effect of the MS which is why I’m still with her) is treating me with a noticeably greater degree of respect. It’s a fairly dramatic change, and really quick.

  • My body language is changing. It’s hard to describe, but I walk straighter, stand differently, and I’m less stiff. I used to try to force myself to have “alpha” body language, and the result was very forced. This is much more relaxed.

  • I am a lot mite relaxed and confident with short casual social interactions at work (which is the only place I have them as much as I’ve been working) I used to be pretty formal and standoffish. Now I’m bantering with people, especially the one attractive woman I see regularly. This feels very natural. I’ve forced it before, and it felt that way. I can’t wait to get into a social situation with this.

  • I have noticed that I am a lot more confident in my movements and physical actions. I used to be pretty hesitant. I was extremely clumsy as a kid, and since then have been, call it, careful since. Always looking at what I was doing, and looking down so I don’t trip, ect. Things feel smoother now, walking, driving, all simple physical actions. Smoother is a good way to describe my social interaction too now that I think of it.

  • I am a lot less nervous about our financial situation now. It hasn’t changed on paper, but I’m sure that I’m equal to the task of making it change.

Tonight my wife started on Quantum Limitless+Rebirth+Limit destroyer. Since she had trouble learning her last two jobs fast enough, and it includes brain repair, I figured it might help. I know it won’t cure her MS, but it might counteract some of the effects enough that she can learn a job.


I forgot to mention one thing. Working 72 hours a week isn’t bothering me. I seem to have an increased energy level, so it seems as easy as working 40 did.


Yeah. Emperor has “Unlimited Physical Energy”, and I have used Emperor in the past primarily for that reason: it energized me. It’s good to see you moving forward with it :slight_smile:

Question: why’d you pick up Primal Seduction in regards to goals?


I just started running Emp4 and Prmal Seduction. I had previously run Emperor in Versions 1 snd 2 for nine months and ran Primal for about 4 months before now shifting to Primal Seduction.


In answer to your question @subliminalguy I’ve wanted to increase my sex appeal with a sub for a while. I’ve just had more important things to do since I discovered that there were more advanced subs out there. I’ve done pretty well with women throughout my life, but that was without any skill on my part, huge inhibitions, and no clue. I’d like to see what happens if I fix those problems.

I’ve noticed a couple more things. First, I have an easier time multitasking. I can now read something and listen to audio on a complex subject at the same time. I used to be able to do it with enough difficulty that I chose not to, now it’s easy.
I continue to be more gregarious socially especially with women. I don’t have that much contact with them with how much I’m working, but in the short interactions I have, I seem able to leave them laughing and they’re acting borderline (maybe more than borderline) flirtatious. The interactions have become a lot more fun.
Also I’ve noticed, when PD is playing, I get kind of an odd feeling, it’s kind of like the butterflies in the stomach feeling, but it spreads all over my body. Kind of on the outside. I’m not sure if it’s a nervous feeling, energized, both, or what. It might have something to do with the aura effect, but it’s not how throwing a lot of energy into my aura usually feels to me. It’s not an unpleasant feeling. Maybe tingling would be the best way to describe it.


Another week down.
The first thing I noticed was a dramatic effect on my wife from QL stage 1. For at least the last year or so, she’s had a lot of episodes where she loses her word during a conversation. It was almost painful to watch her stop every few sentences and strain to find the simple word that she was looking for for quite a few seconds each time. I can tell that this was really painful for her because she used to be a very skilled speaker.
I noticed after the second night of use that this had entirely stopped happening. It was kind of funny. She didn’t even notice until I mentioned it to her. She also seems to have more energy sometimes, but is having a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the mornings.
She seems to be dragging her feet on seriously looking for a job, which given our situation is very frustrating to me. I think that she is afraid of failing again, which I can understand, but we need this to happen, and don’t have forever.
I could use some advice on how to tell when to switch her to stage two. Maybe I’m missing something, but I didn’t see any guidelines for that in the instructions.
For my part, I’m still noticing things. First off, I run my stack for about eleven hours a night, and at least for the last few hours I really feel great. It’s hard to describe the feeling, just relaxed, confident, energized, and like I can have or do anything I want. I can’t wipe the smirk off of my face for a few hours.
My body language is definitely becoming more masculine, and all of my physical movements are more assured. I used to look at the ground to ensure that I wouldn’t trip or something, and look at my hands while I I did things like open doors (didn’t really notice until now). Now, I’m just sure I won’t trip and that what I’m doing is right. I walk with my head up and just move a lot more smoothly. Oddly, I seem to be doing less clumsy stuff too (tripping, dropping stuff, ect). This even extends to my driving. I’m not driving like an idiot, but I have more of a sense that I’m in control of my vehicle, and I’m confident going a bit faster and maneuvering it. I was a fairly slow, cautious, and somewhat anxious driver before. This is despite being quite skilled.
I seem to be kind of subconsciously posing myself and practicing good body language. I’ll suddenly get an urge to shift a certain way and stand, sit, or move differently, and when I do I get a real powerful, relaxed, masculine feeling washing over me. I think this is happening all the time and making some real changes in how I move and look.
I haven’t been able to really put PS to the test because I’m working so much and have minimal contact with women, (I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on this thread, but my wife and I do have an open relationship) but I keep running different scenarios in my head, and they all come out positively. I’m talking about visualizing social encounters, not just having sexual fantasies.
The small interactions I have are fun now. I or the woman (I’m talking about the few who come into work, or employees at places I shop) seem to find something to talk about to extend the conversation a bit beyond just a business like exchange, and I usually leave them smiling and laughing. My wife also seems very responsive to me wanting it when she feels up to it. It’s weird, a couple of times I just thought about it, and she came over and we’ll, responded.


I used to use a lot of self deprecating humor. No, to be more honest, I ripped on myself a lot. In front of people. To just about anyone I talked to, and covered it as a joke. This was not good for how people saw me, an i now know that it was just my atrocious self image leaking to the surface. (Duh). It certainly contributed to many people thinking of me as a loser, and I can’t blame them because I was telling them in so many words that I thought of myself as one.
I’d mostly gotten rid of that tendency on another company’s subs, but that didn’t go any further than not joking about myself at all. I suppose I was a bit afraid of sounding arrogant if I humorously declared how damn awesome I am. That was probably some residual low self esteem. It may have shown that I had a more neutral self image. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a hell of an improvement, but still not positive.
This week it hit me that I’m joking about how incredible I am all the time now, and couldn’t care less if anyone takes it as arrogance.


Impressive results, @COWolfe. You could also consider Emperor Fitness ST1 for its healing function for your partner. It’s the first subliminal by SubClub that focuses on physical healing (and more) so you could give it a go. I do find that I have more physical energy and restful sleep running stage 1 of Emperor Fitness.


Decent idea. Though if I gave her something that might imply that she needs to lose weight, I might need the physical healing myself.


@COWolfe - haha. Emperor Fitness ST1 doesn’t have weight loss. At least it isn’t advertised as such. It helps with physical healing, sleep and nutrition.


Quantum Limitless ST1: Quantum Re-Balance

Before unleashing the power of Quantum, your whole nervous system (and not just the brain) needs to be in an optimal condition. This means extensive repairs of physical damages, rebalancing of hormones and nutrients, restoration of optimal functioning, rewiring of existing neural patterns for higher efficiency, preparation for new, even more optimized neural connections, strengthening of existing areas and creation of new connections…

I would have her stick with that for now. That sounds very helpful for MS. As a general guideline, at least 30 days per stage.

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It seems like that would be the thing that would help her if anything can. It seems to be working at least to some extent too. She’s no longer “losing” words, her thoughts and conversation ability seem to be getting more coherent and organized. I think that her balance and coordination may even be improving as well, but I’m not sure on that yet. She hasn’t said that she’s had any pain or tingling in the last week or so, but I don’t know that she doesn’t have any.
The only complaint she’s really been voicing is constant exhaustion. That might be that she’s burning energy to make the repairs.
I think that we’re going to at least double her time on stage one because her nervous system is severely damaged, but so far it’s looking good.


That is awesome man, I’m very glad to hear that. Sounds like it’s already doing some serious work. The exhaustion is to be expected, but it might subside later as she gets more exposure. The benefits far outweigh the temporary lack of energy.

MS is something no one should have to go through. Keep us all updated on your progress as well as hers!


I’m not sure if the exhaustion is sub related or just the MS. It’s been one of her major symptoms all along. She says that it’s been worse lately,


Something else hit me tonight. I was having a conversation with my supervisor when I realized that my normal speaking voice has gotten deeper. Much deeper, and it seems to have happened overnight.
Other than that, while I have the subs going, I get these kind of vivid daydreams. I relive a memory, but I react to whatever incident it was differently. Kind of the way I would now with the mind and self belief I have now. On one hand, this points out ways I’ve failed in the past. On the other, I actually kind of feel like I’m giving myself credit for reacting that way on an emotional level. A lot of it is Opportinities I missed with women, but there’s other stuff too.


This morning when I got home and went to bed, I woke my wife up so that she could look for jobs. This was at about 6:30 in the morning. When I went to sleep, she was still lying there, but that’s normal. What wasn’t normal was that she was still there when I woke up at one in the afternoon. She said that she had just intended to lie down for another minute after taking our son downstairs to our roommate. This is the second time this has happened since she’s been on QL ST1. She had complained of exhaustion for quite a long time before, but she’d never slept through the entire night and day like that before. I’d prefer to think that this is her body burning a lot of energy to repair her nervous system because of QL and not the MS getting worse. I can’t be sure, but hopefully it alleviates soon.
I was annoyed at her for this when I woke up because we really need her to get a job in order to get out of financial trouble, and that needs to happen while I still have the chance to work six twelves a week to make up for the lost income. I’ve been holding in a lot of frustration at the situation, and at her for what I see as a lack of action to solve the problem.
I must have looked irritated because she asked what was bothering me. Now, for many years I didn’t express things like that to her because she just got angry at anything that could remotely be interpreted as criticism. Before, this conversation would go instantly from me voicing a complaint to a very long string of verbal abuse by her. Not this time though. Our relationship dynamic has clearly changed. I calmly stated that I was beyond frustrated with her and why, and she sat and listened. She didn’t even say I was wrong, didn’t make excuses (even though she has one). All she said was that some of what I said was very hard to hear. She’s been showing me a lot more respect in general for the past few weeks.
I finally caught a solid hint that PS is doing something for me. It doesn’t sound like much, but it had an impact. I had a brief conversation with this rather attractive female official where I work and I noticed how she was holding eye contact. It wasn’t just that she was looking directly into my eyes for a good period of time, there was something about how she held her eyes. It’s hard to describe, but it dawned on me with 100% certainty. Holy Crap! She REALLY wants me. It was “the look” that women sometimes give. Maybe it was some kind of energy exchange thing, but I’m still absolutely sure about it.
Nothing is going to come of this, it would be highly inappropriate for me to try to pursue, but it shows what’s going on in my mind. Up until now, I’d have brushed that off and convinced myself that I didn’t really see what I thought I did due I guess to a lack of confidence. Now, while I’m not going to do anything about it, I put it firmly into my mental win column. It builds confidence and my ability to recognize those signals when I can act on them.
I’ve also been thinking back to my past and realizing how many times I’ve been given those signals, failed to act on them, and talked myself out of believing it. When I was younger, a girl practically had to beat me over the head to get me to see that she wanted me. Enough did that I’ve got a much higher than average count, but I only got the women who would actively throw themselves at me, and those were rarely the pick of the litter. Oddly, I’m not kicking myself about it either.


Awesome results man! So are you still using the same stack or did you change it? Also, does your wife listen to her own stack as well or do you play different stacks (one for when you’re alone and another when you’re with your wife)? The reason why I’m asking is because my wife does not really believe in subs and I just play a stack of QL and Mogul at night on ultrasonics hoping it would help both of us.

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She’s on QL and a couple of boosters. I’m on E4 and PS I don’t expose her to mine, but I get a bit of hers in the morning. This is easy for us as I work nights.

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Another side effect has come to light, and I’m not entirely fond of this one. My three year old is now seriously scared of me any time I show the slightest annoyance or even sternness. If I so much as get a mildly irritated look on my face, he runs to hide behind my wife and starts crying. I don’t understand it. I’ve never hit him or anything like that, and I don’t think I’m coming off that mean. On the other hand, he does seem to listen to me more.

This is great. You WANT your children to be obedient and fearful of you. Or would you rather have your son walk all over you?

Your son has recognized you as the man of the house so he has respect for you in his heart.

Be thankful.