Elme Stack Journal - Ascension Mogul, Sex Mastery and God Like Masculinity


Hello everyone,

In case you still dont know who i am follow the older journey here :
Sexual Mastery Only Journal

I decided to step up a notch and in a few days buying Ascension Mogul and Aura afterwards to boost the Auras this programs might be generating.

Lets grow together and hopefully i will be out of this a better version of myself than i am already.

I will change the listening exposure to 8 hours divided my 2 stacks of Each Audio.
Lets see how this will play out.


Can’t fucking wait!


Ok so here we go, just bought God Like Masculinity and Ascension Mogul and downloaded the new Q version, also downloaded Sex Mastery Q Version.

I left aura for my next Purchase, coudlnt resist the powerful image of masculinity :smiley: :smiley:

I am on vacation now so my loop will be ultrasonic :

  • Ascension Mogul
  • Ascension Mogul
  • Sex Mastery
  • Sex Mastery
  • God Like Masculinity
  • God Like Masculinity

Lets see how this will play out :smiley: :smiley:
I made a 1hour audio of silence to mix in in case i start getting too much reconciliiation, thats just a tip for the founders, add extremly powerfull results in the past with my subs just letting my subconscious sink in with that 1 hour of silence added to the mix.

Hopefully i will be self employed before december this year, if yes its because this worked :smiley: :smiley:


So 3 days in with the new Q Stacks and they are much more smoother, in the sense i dont feel that spikes of Anger with reconciliation.

The things im seeing in these 3 days of at least 12hours of exposure are:

  • I am way much more calmer inside, the right feeling is i feel like im protected by a bubble of softness, like i am capable of anything.
  • The assertivness continues like i was before but with less explosions, sometimes i have to raise my voice because people tend to not listen to what i say, specially my daughter who is always testing me.
  • I am way more focused specially on business related and want to learn and make more.
  • Regarding Sex Mastery i haven’t had intercourse’s to test the new version out, so maybe today ill see how the new version behaves.
  • The state i have its what is making a good impression this new versions are working, more focused and want to take action.

Lets see how this plans out, if i dont see tangible results in 6 months ill switch to the older tracks.


Didn’t use it yet, going to see how fast i will be hit with reconciliation if its going to happen.

If i get big hits of reconciliation i will add that 1 hour of silence in the 8 hrs loop ill leave in the night.

Are you having problems like that? If yes i can share the audio here.


So i have been following the schedule on listening and it seems these subs are way more smoother than the V2 ones, i thought they were less effective but then i noticed these things:

  • People respect me more, i even have my neighbor who i hate and we basically are fighting all the time to give me good morning and actually showing me “mad respect”
  • Woman tend to gravitate towards me in local stores, supermarkets, grocery even on the street, maybe this is subconscious but they almost stand there near me almost touching me out of the blue.
  • I feel like chasing woman is a waste of time, i am so focused on making money like i feel like i am a big baler already :smiley: :smiley:
  • My sales skyrocket on my online store, i don’t know what happened but suddenly sales went trough the roof, also i am starting to think differently and non stop research to what i want, stuff that i idealize in my mind appears, its almost like these subs have manifestation capabilities.
  • When man try to defy my dominance i don’t get into games, unless they verbally say something or make any type of physical contact, i just ignore their insignificance.
  • Can really feel like a God among man inside, i would go further to say God Like Masculinity is working, also i had a very vivid dream when i was at the Air Force Base and one of my childhood friends told me to come back to the Air Force, i told him i left but then “Screw” it, lets go in missions again. That was intense…maybe this was related to Masculinity?
  • People try to chichat with me more, the alphas sometimes get uncomfortable in my presence but then i make them comfortable by ignoring their dominance, back in the days i was so childish like i had to measure dicks or something, i do notice tremendous respect from Alphas and since my reaction is Neutral i always make a new friend there, happened two times already.
  • Regarding Sexual Mastery i didn’t notice any results, maybe because i was using the other version before but if my holding times don’t get better ill just switch to V2.
  • In business i feel like a madman on steroids, researching, making calculations, getting in touch with companies…i am so focused its incredible.
  • Regarding the Alpha male part of ascension people noticed my voice is much louder than normal, also im getting urges to get into physical shape and get some pounds of muscle on.

Another thing can females be affected by these subs? Why do i ask? My female child of 4 years old told me to teach her boxing, my wife just started a business of her own, super focused… am i influencing them with my Stack? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Robert Glover in No More Mr Nice Guy:

Girls benefit from seeing their father set boundaries, ask for what they want in clear and direct ways […] and make their own needs a priority…


So i decided to cut a stack of God Like Masculinity but i noticed less results by it, the calmness and the powerfull feeling of beeing able to do and acomplish everything seems to toned down bit with only one stack.

I have all versions of Q but i am not noticing any faster results with like Sex Mastery V2, also i liked that savage feeling of testosterone the older version gave me, this Sexual Mastery Q seems too smooth for me, also its 15 longer.

If i dont see tangible results ill just switch Sex mastery Q from stack and add V2 with the other Q versions.
Regarding Ascension Mogul i am noticing i am way more focused in making money and also i chit chat every single girl i meet but with no intentions what so ever, just beeing in the moment. My business is making 3k profit extra just me start doing this sub, also i am having so many vivid dreams its crazy.

I guess Ascension Mogul is a more dense Stack and needs time to Manifest and mr actually seeing tangible results, the only sub im dissapointed is the new Version of Sex Mastery.


Interesting. I also made a mental note that I don’t “feel” it as I used to feel X2… I wonder what changed. The SMX2-Q version is pretty neutral for me as well these days…


I feel the same way, i think im going to erase this versions from my stack and go with the older versions, i like the edge it gives me. Also i noticed this new versions dont give me hard erections at all in the morning, so something is off from sexual energy itself that was beeing channeled the proper way in the older version.


Your wife listening to this stack is ok. We do have testimonials from women for Ascended Mogul.

This is the first time though, that we have a 4 year old exposed to any subliminal - let alone Sex Mastery. Not recommended.


May be SaintSoverign can shed some light on this. I feel the same as you said i have been running it only for a week, Your journal motivated me to buy this, but started with Q since its powerful but so far its mellow .


So it does affect them in positive ways, that’s good. Also i feel my 4 year old very assertive, she knows take care of her own stuff ( Cleans the rabbit, get her bedroom clean and sheets done, also is always telling me to teach her stuff, and i noticed she is always talking about her purpose in life now…i knew this could only be from subs).

My wife is opening her own business and way more focused now, so i guess Ascended Mogul is doing her thing on her too :smiley: :smiley:


Yes something is different with this new Version, i cant feel the burst of energy in my chakras anymore and the Sexual Raw energy is gone, i can feel the shift of the Alpha Woman sensing this.

I already switched it in my stack, and i am planning to Switch Ascended Mogul to the X2 version aswell to test it out. The only stack im letting on Q is GodLike Masculinity but that could be me having some sort of " Subconscious Defense" to this new system. @SaintSovereign can you plz allow me to download the older Versions X2 ? GodLike Masculinity , Sex Mastery and Ascension Mogul? I only have the Q versions available. Thank you


@SaintSovereign please enable SM X2 , I only have Q version my order is # 82373. Would be greatful thanks


@Donjuan - my guess is that you will have to wait for a while since SaintSovereign has been silent on the forum the past few days. Most probably since he is working on the coming Q Store. Do run the Q version of SM though. Maybe it is a slow burner. Quiet in the beginning but raging at the end of it.


Yea i am running it entirely at night minimum 6 hrs on ultrasonic, yes its too soon to determine but when compared to Elme’s Journal when he was getting results from Day1 in SM X2 version, this seems to be little slow. Hence was anxious to try it, agree on the “Q” version the end will always be great.


So i switched my stack to All Q tracks since everyone told me to at least give 1 month a try, the stack is this:

  • 2 Stacks of Ascended Mogul Q
  • 2 Sex Mastery Q
  • 2 God Like Masculinity Q

I added God Like Masculinity at the end bcs in a 8 hours period i only do it 2 times and have more of the bigger programs.

I am letting it go go all Night, what i am noticing is that i dream allot everyday, somehow the subs are working but way more slowly.

The reconciliation is gone, i rarely have those headaches or rage bursts, lets see. Ill give it a 1 month go.


@Elme looking forward to read your always entertaining journal entries! Good luck!


Here are some things i am noticing with all the Qs versions :

  • i am more at peace in comparison to the other subs ( this beeing an improved version of state)
  • have been having some nasty flow of thoughts that i didnt have, i know this is not clearing related or unconscious patterns beeing clear bcs its not in tune with my essence, so an external force is beeing used to induce this thoughts, how do i know? I am an iniciated into the occult!!)
  • Well if i was saying Q sex Mastery was way worse i noticed my performance was bad and was even worse before i started using the subs.
  • i am way more focused on my business but i was already so i cant really tell the difference with Ascended Mogul, what i can say is that opportunities and ideas are flowing faster, i am doing everything in my potential to achieve my goals, also my disciplined improved allot.
  • i stopped talking with some people at work, i was amazed by this but then found out they are just a waste of time, it feels that im cutting every cord that doesnt fit my new goals and reality.
  • i enjoy way more the present moment
  • the assertivness is toned down with less agression
  • i noticed i dont really care about people, like im in this dont give a fuck what they think or care mindset but in a powerfull way like indifference.