Ecstasy of Life + Way of Nature + Revelation of Mind

I’m excited about the possible ways I’ll express this stack…

“Ecstasy of Life will help you dig deep into yourself and find your truest purpose that will bring you the riches you desire”

“On The Way of Nature, you will experience what a balanced emotional life, guided by the principles of nature, feels like. You will become incredibly powerful once no one can manipulate you emotionally, even in the slightest. Everything becomes your own choice, and follows your own natural order of things.”

“RoM includes scripting to enhance your decision making abilities by asking the deeper parts of the mind for wisdom”

My foundational goals revolve around financial freedom, fantastic fitness, and amplifying awareness (I can’t not want to alliterate if a pattern is already started).

Ecstasy of Life will help with…

  • finding, acquiring, and excelling at skills that’ll bring me the most wealth and make me the happiest
  • learning the secrets of the trade, and endless motivation to acquire more knowledge
  • pushing me to start building wealth with absolute determination

My past hang-ups with achieving financial freedom can be boiled down to a lack of confidence in a positive outcome despite environmental influences and feedback.

And here’s where Chosen: Way of Nature will help out with…

  • inducing a deep sense of peace, inner calmness, and control over the events of my life
  • becoming a better leader, a better person and overcoming all of my personal goals in a way that works with universal order
  • helping me further optimize and balance my emotions and overall emotional life

And Revelation of Mind will expand those two by…

  • allowing for deep, deep insight and understanding into the secrets of reality, my life, my spirit and my purpose

Those bullets are pulled straight from each sub’s sales page basically, but I imagine the way I’ll express this stack will blow away any preconceived notions I have at the moment. It’s like waiting in line to ride a newly released, badass roller coaster for the first time. Imagining the thrill is always different than the experience of it.

First day of RoM and CWoN. This will be my second cycle of RoM (first cycle paired with Emperor Black), first cycle of CWoN, and first cycle of EoG St2 (after 2 cycles of EoG St1 and 1 cycle break from EoG).


Experienced a few awe-inspiring moments of the intuitive sense yesterday where it felt like a Spock-like “mind-meld” with others…

  • performed the exact sequence my instructor was going to have me do – it felt like inspiration to me, but then I realized I had tapped into his Mind before he could express his thought as he was walking over…was it his idea, or mine? I can’t really tell
  • my training partner knew exactly the throw I intended as soon as I thought it…we weren’t connected physically so there’s no way to have felt the intent kinetically, AND I hadn’t even moved yet – we’ve been training together for years, but this was a first
  • the most powerful experience was one where in the middle of my being enthusiastically creative and spontaneous, I had a flash of knowing that my friend who was collaborating with me felt badly and incompetent in the face of the flow I was in…so I was able to stop, address it empathetically, and get us both back on the same creative page – it was awesome to have the opportunity to experience that

“RoM also includes scripting to greatly enhance the senses, reflexes and intuition to assist with my exploration with of life”

I just had a thought for the first time while writing this, so it’s a first draft, but what if developing the intuitive senses not only opens you up to RECEIVE more information but also to simultaneously TRANSMIT more information? :thinking:

Going to sit with that later.


First run of EoG St2 today. Felt smooth. Decided to run Ascension Chamber because I felt like I had the bandwidth, but about mid-way through I had to turn the volume way down due to an overwhelming urge to stop the track…that was a first.

Head feels like it’s swimming a little bit now, but the quality of my energy feels good.

Reintroduced social media (about 10-15 minutes total) after a few days of cutting it out completely, and I can already tell the difference in how easily it influences my internal state…and it’s not always great.

Scrolling the feed is like playing Russian roulette with all the suggested and sponsored posts that inundate the feed now…it only takes one to trigger a bad feeling.

But, I’m torn about cutting it out forever because sometimes I come across gems that make me think, or inspire me. Like a clip of Huberman talking about a study looking at the effectiveness of taking micro breaks of 10 seconds (to do nothing – like micro-meditations) at various points during a learning session. Apparently, those breaks allow the brain to process and replay the new information at great speeds and can increase the speed of learning.

That’s cool.

And it makes me want to look up the study for more info and test it out for myself.

Would I have been exposed to that information had I not scrolled through social media?

Maybe, but maybe not.

Limiting and being selective of all media consumption is definitely the way to go to protect my energy though, no question.


Radiating light.
A small sun on the counter –
beautiful orange.

“Beautiful Orange”
— summit


Slept the sleep of the dead last night, and 10.5 hours of it. Woke up with a slightly clogged left ear like it went swimming while I was asleep and still has some water in it, this isn’t normal for me.

I’m chalking it up to my body going through some sort of recovery and recalibration. I haven’t taxed it with workouts lately, in fact, I’ve been lazy af about doing any resistance training or cardio the past 2-3 weeks (outside of what I get through martial arts practice), so I figure there are some deeper changes happening because I’ve felt more tired than usual. Probably some recon that I wasn’t really aware of going on too…

RoM has scripting to develop and enhance the energetic system, and CWoN works on the senses and connecting energetically as well, so we’ll see how things pan out over this cycle, but I imagine I’ll bounce back to a higher baseline of energy.

Broke the lazy streak today by taking my kettlebell for a walk. It’s tougher than it sounds and people give you crazy looks, so it’s a good practice all around.

It’s only my second time doing this. The first was during my run of Emperor Black while staying with family when I got the bright idea to turn a walk with a family member into a workout. It worked, really well…

…which is why it’s taken me a couple weeks to work up to doing it again.

It felt good today. Only 1 mile. Took 29 minutes. I slowed down on a few uphills to work overhead, behind the head, and rack positions, and threw in walking backwards a few times.

In fact, I noticed a greater connection to my kinesthetic awareness despite being stressed under load and avoided tripping back over a fire hydrant and walking into a lamp post.

Felt cool. And nobody was around to see it, of course. Such is Life, lol.


Dr. Robert Anthony has a technique called the flip switch where you tell yourself internally “I choose to feel good now. I choose to be happy now.”

The idea is that whenever you notice your internal state has become overly negative then you repeat that affirmation inside while feeling it. You don’t try to force positivity-you just repeat this phrase. Over time it gives you the awareness that you can choose how you feel. I found it to be a breakthrough method in my own life.

I mention this because your post here reminds me of how I used it by deliberately seeking out things that triggered me/caused a negative shift in my internal state on social media.

So I would see the triggering idea/post/comment etc and repeat that phrase. It has worked insanely well for me- I hardly have any negative thoughts these days and any negative thoughts I DO have get dissolved pretty much instantly because I’m aware its a choice to feel that way. Why would I choose to feel bad?

Protecting our energy is important no doubt however to truly become indestructible I think its best to shoot for the ability to control your internal state regardless of whats going on around you. I don’t think people think its possible( I didn’t) but it is and it feels glorious.

Having the awareness of your internal state is 99% of the battle in my experience-and you seem to have that down pat…

just thought I’d share what helped me :pray:


That’s really great to hear and the technique you shared reinforces some information I came across awhile back and have recently rediscovered by Dr. Jill Taylor from her book My Stroke of Insight:

"Something happens in the external world and chemicals are flushed through your body which puts it on full alert. For those chemicals to totally flush out of the body it takes less than 90 seconds. This means that for 90 seconds you can watch the process happening, you can feel it happening, and then you can watch it go away…after that, any remaining emotional response is just the person choosing to stay in that emotional loop…if you continue to feel fear, anger, and so on, you need to look at the thoughts that you’re thinking that are re-stimulating the circuitry that is resulting in you having this physiological response over and over again.”

So it seems like using the flip switch technique should prevent or short-circuit the potential downward spiraling thoughts after a rush of negative emotion.

Adding it to the toolbox. And thanks for sharing @NinjaGazin , it’s pretty damn inspiring to read that you’re able to instantly change your state :pray:


Second CWoN and RoM listening day today. Full loops, CWoN first. Listened first thing, felt good. Easy. No sense of it being “too much.”

Read a short interview a medical researcher gave about his study on NDE’s, and watched this inspiring TEDx talk about one person’s experience having an NDE.

Then found my way to this TEDx talk about vulnerability, which I listened to while making breakfast.

And about half-way through cooking, I felt the urge to say thanks to everything… My food. My tools. My place. So I did, and I felt a surge of energy in my chest and head, and had a sense that I was emanating energy into the whole space.

A thought popped up after a few seconds, “This feels good, but the plantains are gonna burn if I just stand here.” So, I got back to taking care of my food on the stove.

I shot a text to a family member to thank them and tell them I love them while I ate, and that’s when the water works started to flow. Not like the “breaking of the dam” situation that happened while I ran LBfH, but more of a gentler release. Like a stream that got cleared of some debris.

At first I thought, “Why the hell am I crying?” Then I let that thought go, and said thanks to my body for releasing what needed to be let go.

I’m much more communicative running the RoM-CWoN combo than RoM-EB, which makes sense but wasn’t expected. And where I mentioned feeling vulnerable while running RoM-EB, that same deepened sense of vulnerability is accompanied now by a greater sense of acceptance of it…maybe that’s RoM’s doing as this is the second cycle, I think it’s the addition of CWoN. I can’t be sure, but I’m going to lean into it and see where it takes me.


Took my kettlebell for another walk yesterday to a grassy spot I haven’t visited in months. Noticed that they’d cut down one of the fully grown trees there…this one had a deep bend in the lower trunk and grew basically parallel to the Earth, with almost all of its branches forming on the top side, reaching up to the sun. It was impressive how it held itself up against the incessant tug of gravity with nothing but the strength of its roots and the bend in its trunk.

There was a stump right next to that tree, as if there were two trunks forming a V-shape at one point, I used to sit and meditate on that stump – had an interesting experience with a squirrel once who came close on the bent trunk and sat with me while I sat on the stump – but that was gone too. Only a mixture of fresh dirt and bark remained where the bent tree and stump had been.

I felt a twinge of sadness at the loss, but Life goes on.

So, I took my shoes off and did some Qigong.

On the walk back to my place, I saw a guy and a girl warming up to go for a run doing the usual stuff: lunges, upper body movements, etc. Both looked fit and like they were getting ready to make a big effort. As I got close enough to see the whites of their eyes – doing my best meanwhile to keep great form carrying my kettlebell in the front rack position, and not huffing too hard – I get a look from the guy. It was a look of recognition with a competitive edge to it.

And then the girl turned to look at me, and I got a completely different expression. She seemed almost awestruck. It wasn’t surprise because she saw me coming a long way off, but making direct eye contact with me looked like it short-circuited her brain, lol. But I didn’t stick around to find out.

Then a similar thing happened later at a coffee shop…

A girl walked in and we made brief eye contact as I walked over to wait for my order. I didn’t pay her any attention and read something on my phone. Then she decided to stand about 4 feet directly in front of me, which made me look up – she could’ve stood literally anywhere else as the place was dead.

She turned around and made direct eye contact with me for a good few seconds with a neutral expression on her face but something in her eyes I didn’t really understand in the moment. It was like she was trying to figure out if she recognized me.

So I gave her a small smile, and like she snapped out of a trance, she snapped her upper body right back around to face the coffee bar, lol.

I really don’t know what to make of it, but I’m assuming CWoN is doing something to my aura that made these women get entranced…that’s not normal for me. But maybe I should just expect more of it, so it does become normal for me.


The only time in recent memory that this happened to me was when I was playing CWoN (this past summer).

Pretty cool.

Also, I like how you’re calling it ‘Ecstasy of Life’ in your journal title. I like to try to remember to give respect to the earlier stages of the multi-stagers as independent titles in their own rights. Helps to counteract my hell-bent focus on getting to the fourth stage.


So, it happened again. This time at the burger joint. She kept eye contact and didn’t want to look away as I walked towards her to grab my food – this was after she took my order and I caught her staring at me a couple times and she did that abrupt find-something-else-to-look-at-quick head swivel.

I kicked myself afterwards for not getting her number and defaulting to some arbitrary sense of decorum about hitting on her with her supervisor and coworkers right there, not to mention the other customers – it was probably 100% fear of public humiliation, even though I didn’t feel any anxiety whatsoever while locking eyes with her.

The bottom line: I have to re-mind myself to have fun with it. It’s not life or death, lol. I know what I need to do next time.

I introduced a couple new spiritual practices today, adding to an existing practice. I don’t know what’s normal for others, but at first it seemed like I might be trying to do too much, or combine things that shouldn’t be combined. I didn’t know “the rules” for doing this kind of thing, but I’m following my curiosity and learning to trust my intuition more and more, so here we are.

There was an initial rush of fearful thoughts as I began one practice, but they subsided as I re-Minded myself of my intent. Then things went smoothly and naturally.

As I began the second practice, since my body was already in a relaxed state I was able to go a little further into relaxation during the first part. And as I began the second part, using this tool for the first time and not expecting anything, I had a knowing that I’d receive a significant result.

And I did. And it said to combine seemingly unlike things, lol. Pretty cool…especially because my mind LOVES to do just that.

Got a few more responses from business owners about my idea, but I’m beginning to question the way I’m opening the conversations due to responses I got today. So, I’ll have to test and keep going.

Another thing I kicked myself for today is not walking into a business that might be interested in my idea while I was out getting food. I rationalized it away at first, but I know it was fear again. And I know what I need to do next time.

This combo of subs is helping me have a greater sense of flow and fun again, loosening my (imaginary) kung-fu grip on Life, plus I have a greater capacity to objectively analyze and observe my behaviors, and feel my emotions more clearly.


Got on comment on this, as yesterday was my first time listening to RoM in the afternoon as I posted on the main RoM thread, I felt good inside and outward energetically good too just I felt good that afternoon till nighttime. At bedtime I got to sleep, and I dreamt a water is flowing from faucet and I closed it down but then the hose was still flowing fairly strong CLEAR water.

I thought about this dream this morning, associating it as a result listening to RoM

Not sure how to really interpret it though. but the clear water I think is a good sign…

by google search

Dream of flowing water:

To dream about flowing water foretells a period of stabilization. This dream indicates that you may feel more relaxed than usual and all thanks to a new positive mindset. Think of life like water – no one can stop it from running and the best way to keep up with others is to relax and allow life to lead you where you need to be. In old dream lore, to see a tap running in a dream denotes an important decision coming.


My current stack is CWoN and RoM (with QL st4 , Mind’s Eye ) so good thing that ill be visiting your thread. :blush:


I noticed I tend to categorize my realizations into “major” and “minor” buckets of sorts. What use is there in that? Not much that I can tell.

I made coffee this morning (have had nudges to take a break from caffeine again for the past week, ignoring them is easy), and I added some honey as I normally do…because sugar. Tasted nice. Then, since I was out of cream, I added a bit of milk. Tasted it and thought, “WTF is that??” The milk wasn’t curdling and its best-by date is tomorrow, but this new element of flavor was like…like a hint of the essence of vomit.

So, here’s why I’m sharing this: because I continued to try to drink it.

And the realization that came around the forced fourth sip due to “not wanting to waste” this cup of terrible tasting, hot bean juice was that I have a strong ability to “embrace the suck” (which has gotten me through some tough stuff), yet I do it sometimes when it’s fully within my ability and control to have a much better experience, and therefore, is unnecessary. (A glimpse of my early scarcity programming, for sure.)

A part of my mind tried to blow it off, “Stop overanalyzing, it’s just a cup of crap coffee that you took too long to decide not to drink. Relax, this isn’t a big deal.”

But, it seems like the seemingly mundane may contain the seeds of great change.


Only 3 listening days of CWoN so far and my baseline vibe feels, and is, noticeably different…

A friend came over earlier and in the middle of her telling me about a thing that happened and me patiently listening, she abruptly cut herself off and asked, “How are you?” with a sincere, interested tone and a twinkle in her eye.

I stayed silent for a couple beats while I held eye contact, noticing the details of her expression and the impression I felt, then I simply said I was good and asked what made her ask all of a sudden like that.

She agreed that I did seem “good”, and said it seemed that I was more positive than the last time she saw me. When I asked her what gave her that impression, she couldn’t explain it and said there was just something about the way I was being.



It’s the end of my second week running this stack, and looking back I notice some interesting changes…

  • I’m eating more fruit…way more oranges, and some berries for variety

  • I’m going outside more, even just to stand out there and catch some sunlight in my eyes

  • I have greater impulses to just “take care of things”, sometimes right then and there

  • I’m more detached from the thoughts, feelings, and “truths” of others, and simultaneously, I have greater ability to accept, consider, and learn from them

  • I’m feeling more of the fire to create, with an emphasis on creating for others rather than only for myself

  • I’m meditating more and becoming more aware of my level of energy throughout the day, and practicing to be able to shift states easily

  • and I’ve decided on building TWO vehicles (for now) to create more prosperity in my life, one I’m truly passionate about, and the other I truly enjoy doing

That last bullet has caused a real shift in my energy the last couple of days. There’s a sense of calm courage that’s welling up because I know there will be obstacles, but putting the required effort in regardless of the amount of Attention it’ll take every day makes the outcome irrelevant. I win either way, and when I do this well enough, others win too.

Can Ecstasy of Life help you see a pathway to wealth that makes you the most happy that fast?

Yes, yes it can.

(Getting to a place of peaceful and positive emotion first made understanding what was already within easier for me.)

Now, the real work begins.


My intuitive “pings” are beginning to come through more clearly, or maybe I’m just not obfuscating them as much anymore, either way the end result is that I’m noticing how accurate and timely they are and it feels both awesome to know my connection (and acceptance of that connection) is improving, and a little bit jarring…there were a couple of “oh shit, I actually am psychic” moments yesterday, lol

The thing is: I don’t feel it’s a special thing. It seems normal. Natural. Like anyone could do it.

And I’m looking forward to now consciously and actively developing these senses further. My practice of actively connecting to Nature is connecting me more deeply with a sense of universal Love and greater self-love at the same time, which seems to be opening me up to receiving more energy/information from internal and external sources.

If I said I was completely comfortable with the idea of stretching my senses deep into the unknown (to me), I’d be lying. Somewhat of an apprehension about doing this pops up occasionally, but it feels false…like I’m causing the fear myself based on prior influences – and if I put my tinfoil hat on, I’d say that that programming was put out there intentionally.

The more exciting prospect to me is considering how it could make everything about Life more fun, adventurous, and guide me in making a positive difference in the world while enjoying its abundance. That sounds like a great reason to continue developing these natural abilities.

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