Ecstasy of Gold Q


After waking up almost every morning with almost crippling anxiety I have decided that unless I resolve the trauma I have that my life will probably remain stagnant so today May 6th 2020 is day one


There’s lots of avenues that you can take to build wealth. I always recommend entrepreneurship, even if you start with a basic side gig. What are you talents and skills, something you could use to build a revenue stream?


RegenerationQ and RebirthQ Day 1 - As I mentioned before I woke up feeling incredibly anxious this morning which caused the switch in focus to be neccessary. One thing I know for sure that has to come from this is that at some point I have to know on both an intellectual and emotional level that there will be whole days , weeks , months , or whatever that I won’t feel nor want to feel positive or optimistic. It’s not me and would probably make me feel far less sarcastic than I am known for and enjoy being. It’s ok to be in a shit mood and it’s also ok for others to be in one as well and to think their moods or whatever has anything to do with me is not just narcissistic but incredibly immature.


I have run both RegenerationQ and RebirthQ once already this morning. I will probably give each one another run later in the day. Feeling ok but also very contemplative


Running both RegenerationQ and RebirthQ one more time then I’m done for the day.


I decided to do one loop of AscensionQ. Feeling really good right now.


In the midst of a second loop of AscensionQ. Don’t feel anxious at all


The real test will be how I feel in the morning when I wake up. Do I wake up anxious and wanting to stay in bed or do I wake up feeling ok? We shall see.


Woke up this morning feeling a bit better but not a lot. Not super anxious but not wanting to cry either. Just sort of here. This is obviously going to take time and I have to somehow find a way to be patient. I already ran one loop of AscensionQ today. I am not going to run RegenerationQ or RebirthQ at all today. Just AscensionQ. I want to give myself some time with that to see how it pushes me


Yeah I feel better this morning. Took my ADHD meds , got some caffeine and vitamins in me , now listening to some music and feeling ok. Definitely going to stick with AscensionQ for now. I don’t need to regress. I need to be in the present and move forward.


Just started my third loop of AscensionQ. Feel decent and got a couple of things done easier and quicker than I normally would have expected.


I’ve gone back and watched this a few times before and anyone running AscensionQ may find it fascinating like I have. This is about the original versions of Ascension and Ascended Mogul


4 loops of AscensionQ in today. I feel decent and got far more done today than I thought or planned.


Awesome progress, keep on going! :metal:


Thanks for sharing the video, awesome and inspiring. Are these guys still on the forum?


@joefso That I don’t know but I am curious myself


Running one last loop of AscensionQ for the day. Going to stick with this for a while before going back to EOGQ. Honestly I keep asking myself what I want and the only things I really want is to be debt free, have some money in the bank, be able to work , and just be left the fuck alone. These are things I want to achieve at this time and obviously that could change


What kind of anxiety do you have? Panic attacks or social if I may ask.

Also another thing, as someone that also has “ADHD”, I don’t recommend ADHD pills. They’re just garbage, designed to control men’s natural impulses that are inconvenient for school/society.

My advice is that you get off that. Your hyperactivity is not a disorder. It is merely labeled like that. It is a gift because you are a spontaneous, full of energy, MAN.
You merely need to channel that hyperactivity into something productive.


Mine is more of a general mild to occasionally severe anxiety. Constant feelings of dread. I take meds for both ADHD and depression and the combination helps with the anxiety along with daily CBD. My meds work for me . Without them I am all over the place and an absolute mess.


How are you finding this compared to Emperor ?