Ecstasy of Gold - Now or Never


This is Day 20 for me

I missed a whole day+ of EoG explained below.

I randomly started watching Sam Ovens on youtube, video after video. He has nothing to do with the business I’m in but I had heard of him before but never got into him. He has some videos on procrastination, doing real work, focus, and eliminating distraction that really changed my paradigm of how successful people work day in and day out.

I also got offered a very part time job that I think I will do in addition to my business just to stay busy and keep the consistent money coming in to pay the bills. Depending on how good a person is at it, I can make an extra $500 per week with 5-10 hours a week on the weekend. It really takes serious personal skills and charisma though. But a friend just introduced me to the guy that’s hiring, and he just wants a resume and background check for formality. Basically I’m a shoe in.

I had a date the other night, so the day before it I purchased Libertine remastered and True Social. I got through each one twice in 2 days. Did Libertine in the morning and True Social before bed on Day 1. Then I did 2x through sex mastery v2 a few hours before the date. And one run through of Libertine and True Social back to back right before the date.

The date went well, I had this feeling of like I was doing nothing at all, no trying or effort, yet it was great conversation and smooth conversation. She also threw some SERIOUS shit tests that I handled seamlessly. I haven’t been shit tested like this in a long time, I’m wondering if the sexual vibe from Libertine caused this?? Like she was feeling so turned on and sexual that she had to test.

Needless to say, at her suggestion she used her points to get us a super nice hotel downtown and we ended up staying there that night, all day the next day, and the next night. That’s all I’ll say about that.

So that’s why I missed an entire 36 hours of EoG, but I’m back on. I think I might throw a True Social meditation in every morning. I really like how it feels and what it seems to do. And that could really help my cold calls if they go conversationally smooth similar to how my date went.

Libertine was obviously awesome too, but right now I can’t be losing out on a day and a half of work for some wild adventures haha.


Day 23 of EoG ST1

Confidently I can say I’ve hit the 350 hour mark but probably more, and have been doing about half and half masked to ultrasonic at probably 18 hours a day. Still with 2-4 run throughs on masked with headphones per day. I have also added in one True Social meditation every morning.

It seems I have gotten out of the emotional/depressed/apathetic reconciliation of this stage (and the feeling super ready to get to work, but just unable to actually do it) as for about 5 days now I have felt really good emotionally. The past two days I woke up at 5am unable to sleep and just worked at my business for about 10 hours each day. I was motivated, driven, and feeling inspired. The time flew by.

I’m still seeing the synchronicity times (11:11, 14:14, 22:22, etc.) EVERYWHERE.

Things are really starting to pop it seems too. Like I said, procrastination was non-existent the past two days. I’ve stumbled upon some great material related to my business that I can’t get enough studying of in my free time. The sales and negotiations approach really meshes with my personality which…

I believe lead to getting two sales in the past two days, which will be about $1800 in my pocket.

I also was notified that I got that part time position and it is even better than I expected. This really just fell into my lap and it will be literally 9 days from being introduced to the hiring manager to starting date with it seeming unreal how effortlessly it all happened. It’s completely flexible so I can work as few or as many hours as I want (with a minimum of 5 hours per week), which is perfect because there are down times in my business where I just don’t have leads (I’m working on this). And people that are doing this job full time and are good are making upwards of $2500 a week. So I’m super excited about that, i start this weekend.

But really where I am right now feels amazing and confidence is sky high in relation to money and life. I noticed people on Khan ST1 seemed to say there was a threshold where towards the end of the month or after a certain amount of hours it became really smooth for the last week or so. I feel I’ve hit that place with EoG ST1. It just seems things are starting to go my way effortlessly regarding money, and also just organization and getting my life really put together.

It’s a great feeling, super excited to see what ST2 has in store for me in about a week to ten days when I start that.


Yes! The same happened with Khan ST2 as well.

With ST3, there was no reconciliation period. It’s just a joy to use.


Yes, I am prepared for a similar experience with ST2 and cannot wait to get to ST3.

Some of those rough days are hard and made me almost want to take a break or switch. But you get through it to this point and it’s soooooo worth it!


It was such a joy to read this journal. Thank you and congrats so far


Appreciate that @raphael

Tomorrow afternoon will be 30 days on ST1. Definitely over 450 hours.

Did you guys that are on Khan or EoG take a day break or anything between stages or just start right up on the next stage?

Not a whole lot to report from the past handful of days. In fact, I really had very little desire to check in here at the forum. I had training this weekend for the part time job I picked up. The two days were some of the highest netting days my trainer had ever had while he was showing me the ropes. Not sure if that’s a good sign or will just throw off my expectations.

My own business has been slow, however having this good paying part time work fall into my lap I think will turn out to be a great thing. First of all it got me going in the morning on the weekend and then from that momentum I just got straight to working my business when I got home from that. It also seems to have already relieved some pressure I realized I was holding. Pressure to get my business revenue consistent. I already feel lighter when working on my business as I now know I’ll have at least some steady pay coming every two weeks from the part time work. And it could actually end up being enough to cover all my monthly living expenses when I get good at it.

Edit: I wanted to add, I was supposed to go on an end of summer group rafting trip for 4 days, Thurs-Sun. I was pretty neutral about it, if not kind of felt obligated/would have rather stayed home. Well, last minute my buddy who had organized the whole thing cancelled it. And it was for the strangest reason I’ve ever heard. This allowed me to train for the part time gig this weekend and start up next weekend on my own vs delaying it for another week as I would have been gone. Little things like this have occurred throughout this whole month, distractions seem to have fallen away in weird/unexplainable ways.

I have also had an almost insatiable appetite for the last 4 or so days. Prior to this I was eating a fairly low carb diet. But nothing has been off limits, and have had cravings for sweets which is unusual. With more carbs and more calories I feel I look more bloated at the end of the day, but wake up looking normal. I also haven’t gained any weight though it’s only been 4 days of this appetite.

Now I’m not sure if I’m just antsy or if it is my intuition but the last two days something inside kept hinting that it’s time to move on from ST1. I have had a constant urge to add another sub to ST1 but resisted that urge as I am committed to EoG solely. I plan to run ST1 the full 30 days which will be tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll get about 16-20 more hours in.

Then depending on what’s recommended - a day break or just jump right into ST2 - I will start that tomorrow afternoon or the next day.

I am very excited to see what ST2 has in store.


Day 0 - EoG ST2

Alright, so after this post I will start running EoG ST2.

It has been 30 days on ST1 and accurately I would say I hit 500+ hours on it. The past few days I was antsy to move on so felt a little bored on it. My journal shares the changes and effects ST1 has had thus far.

I have not started ST2 yet, however today has been a tough day. One of those where I feel apathetic, no motivation, slightly emotional and bummed, and an overall feeling of what’s the point? / boredom.

We shall see what ST2 has in store. Right now due to the part time gig I picked up and the fact that I am working more on my business, I don’t foresee getting as much daily time in on ST2. With ST1 there were more than a handful of days I got 20+ hours in. But I will go with it and see how I feel at 30 days on this. I’m thinking I can definitely get 15 hours per day in which would put me at 450 hours at the end of 30 days.

Looking forward to this.


I have a lot of these days since I have barely anything to do


This is Day 3 of EoG ST2

I got 20 hours in on day 1 and looking like about the same through day 2. I have zero motivation yesterday and today.

I believe the lack of motivation is part frustration as yesterday I had one of the strangest days and I’m not saying it’s because of the sub as I had only had less than 24 hours of ST2 in yesterday morning.

But first of all on the way to an appointment my car started dying at red lights, so I called the client and he was good pushing it back an hour so I could drop my car off and get an Uber. However last minute, he called and rescheduled for next week.

Then later as I was looking at my car I stupidly locked my keys in the car. I had no option so had to call a locksmith which cost $100. But then; I was just looking in all my car windows seeing if there was a way to get in and two cop cars show up. I guess a neighbor saw me looking in my car windows and trying all the doors. So she called the cops saying it looked like someone was trying to break into cars.

Super weird day. I then took an Uber to my next appointment and that guy just no showed. At this point I was mentally drained so came home and watched stupid Netflix shows all night in bed.

I’m feeling absolute zero motivation today, but don’t know if it’s reconciliation yet or just life. But I’m currently at a coffee shop waiting for my car to get fixed (hopefully).

Anyway, don’t have much else aside from the most randomly weird day I’ve had in quite a while.


I had a date with the girl from last time. The two night date. So yesterday I played sex mastery v2 for about 4 hours before that. It didn’t disappoint.

That means yesterday and today I only got about 8 hours each of EoG ST2 in.

I’m back on it in full force but have been feeling a really strong pull to add in/stack other subs. Not going to do it though.

Last night with the girl I had some weird stuff happen. One guy said I look like Matthew McConaughey - which I have no resemblance to. We then went to another bar and a guy with his girlfriend said “don’t come in here with better hair than me”. That was funny. And then I came back to two guys hitting on the girl I was with while I grabbed drinks. They then totally submitted to me when I showed up. It was like oh, damn this is that guys girl.

I’ve never had these kind of responses from sex mastery before so could be something in EoG ST2 reprogramming money beliefs that then give me a wealth status??? Not sure, but it was blatant compliments from other guys last night.

Everything is sorted out with the vehicle now and turned out to be a quick $60 fix. Thank goodness. And I’m picking up a full day Friday for another guy that is out of town at the part time job so it’s looking like I’ll make about $1500 this week if I have an average weekend.

It wasn’t planned but I feel some of the reconciliation has gone away with the low hours of listening the past couple days. But it will be playing from now all through Sunday night with no interruption.


I also wanted to mention a realization I had in changing to EoG, a wealth based sub. It “seems” things on the girl front have really slowed down since making the switch which I’m ok with.

But I happened to have a phone conversation with an ex girlfriend yesterday morning and at the end she mentioned in passing that I seem like a very different man in a good way. And I realized that looking back over the past 6-8 months after finding Subclub, I really have developed and changed as a man. Talking to my ex, I feel like it’s night and day. I used to be so weak and afraid of the world and used to cower away from everything. With this time though and seeing how differently I related to my ex now I really can see massive changes and progress. It’s quite amazing.


Awesome! Which subs did you use in the past 6-8 months @HappyHero?


Haha reminds me of the guy from Limitless


@AMASH I have used Ascended Mogul, Emperor, sex and seduction, primal, some limitless was mixed in, currently running EoG and have done about 10 meditations with true social and I think 4 of Libertine.

And sex mastery has been used as needed too.


Day 7 completed of ST2

The past couple days have been almost all day 20+ hours each. Mostly ultrasonic with a couple masked with headphones.

The reconciliation is hitting HARD. I have zero motivation, a bit depressed/down/emotional. And contemplation of the life/career path I took after high school and college with a strange and strong feeling of regret.

I’ve done any job work necessary, but other than that haven’t felt like visiting here, and basically been watching Netflix or reading but getting bored with anything I choose. And also sleeping a lot. Have missed the gym out of pure mood of just don’t care the past 3 days too.

Have to go to a dinner with a group tonight, really don’t want to but am obligated and maybe getting social will help.

ST2 is a rough ride right now.

Breakdown Breakdown

You’re not the only one. Similar things happens for Khan ST2. And I’m doing both. It’s now been about two weeks for me and it appears to be getting somewhat better. I’ve actually been motivated to do some house-cleaning today and I’m starting to think about what I should do to improve again (not quite doing it yet). :slight_smile:


It didn’t go away for me totally until the 25th day.

It was tough. One of the least externally productive months for me, but internally, a lot of changes. This is why ST4 is so easy and smooth for me with no reconciliation. I believe the hard work was done with ST2. I did about 400 hours on ST2.


The reconciliation on ST2 is real. I have to keep reminding myself of that otherwise I might be concerned about my state of mind.

Once again people are weirdly disappearing from my life which I’m ok with. I really could just lay around all day and night.

And to vouch that the subs are doing something, a couple nights ago I swore I was playing ST2 but I woke up super optimistic and ready to work hard. I went to do my true social meditation and saw that ST1 was playing all night. So I’m a night behind on ST2.

The crazy thing that I’m trying to reframe as my subconscious reconciling itself. For the past few days I’ve had this melancholy feeling and thoughts of “maybe I wasn’t born to be wealthy”. Why not just live an easy life of getting by. I hope this is bad beliefs eradicating-themselves.

Good thing is that this feeling is familiar from ST1 weeks 2 and 3. So just riding it out now.


Hang on there @HappyHero

It’s worth it. In my opinion, ST4 will be much harder, maybe impossible to run, if you don’t go through the pain period of ST2. Khan is like that in my opinion and experience.


Yes, going to stick with it as hard as it is. And appreciate the kind encouragement.

These 4 part subs are a different beast. But the feeling of empowerment and motivation that came week 4 of ST1 is what’s keeping me sticking to it.

That felt like a paradigm shift for those 7 or so days.

Can’t wait until this week is over ha