Ecstasy of Gold - Now or Never


This will be my EoG journal.

I am committing fully and solely to EoG. I have had amazing and crazy results with a few of the dating focused subs. And my best results came when I focused on one sub alone for a month or more.

Most recently I have been running Ascended Mogul v2 for two weeks now, upwards of 20 hours a day. Definitely saw a huge jump in productivity…but just in life in general not my business or finances. I also noticed a jump in confidence. In addition women are now smiling and saying hi everywhere in passing. Likewise I have never been very “alpha” more just the cool guy in the shadows that gets his fair share of women, but in the past couple weeks I’ve seen a lot of other alpha men apologizing to me, giving me the right of way, submitting to me, etc.

I love the dating focused subs and the alpha subs - they are a ton of fun,

However, after much contemplation I have determined that for 4-5 months I need to get the area finances, business and wealth handled, once and for all. In my mid 30’s I have great friends, I have seen the world, and I’ve dated more than enough for a lifetime. So, I feel money is the last frontier, that one thing that has been nagging me for years, that thing I need to figure out to finally create a well balanced life. I believe figuring out money will also give every other area of my life a boost.

Today it begins, I’m hitting play right after I hit create topic.


A couple other things I wanted to mention as they crossed my mind.

First, I don’t really like talking about dreams but last night with ascended mogul looped I had a wild one. All the people I was with friends, family, acquaintances suddenly all dropped down to their knees and started devil/evil spirit worshiping. I said F this, I’m not being a part of this and confidently left. I walked along on my way home a little further and a large man came straight at me with an axe and drove it straight down into the crown of my head, that’s when I woke up.

Second, I have been getting stuff done, like at an alarming rate. In life. If I see something needs to get done, I do it and do it until it’s completed. Yesterday I cleaned my place and organized and threw shit out for about 10 hours.

Lastly, I mentioned in @AMASH 's Kahn journal how when I moved from dating focused subs to Emperor for a couple weeks it was as if instantly women I was dating started cancelling, ghosting, or straight telling me this isn’t working out. Like they all fell off the face of the earth at the same time.

I was stressing the past couple days about giving up dating focused subs but then realized, maybe this is a sign and is providing the space for me to focus on my business and it’s time to run EoG solely. Time to get this money thing handled.

I was a little apprehensive, especially after the dream to stop Ascended Mogul v2, however I have spent a lot of quiet time mulling over it and I NEED to get money handled asap, then I can come back to Ascended Mogul or Khan. Dating can wait.


Day 1: Nothing earth shattering to report. I went out for a buddy’s birthday and had a handful of drinks so don’t remember any dreams.

However I had the urge last night before leaving to write out two very specific goals for EoG and my business.

Then this morning I put together a vision board, which I have known about for 15+ years, have had rich people tell me to make one, but for some reason never have.

This included going to office max for the supplies and the bookstore for magazines.

Not sure if a sub can work this fast or placebo/motivation from spending $100


Day 2 down: I actually decided to find replacement pictures for my vision board. Yesterday I didn’t include pictures of condos because something in my head was like “hold on, this is like an 8 million dollar penthouse, let’s keep it kind of realistic.” Today though, the thought occurred to me, why be realistic, let your imagination fly. So I pinned up my true dream places.

I have also been avoiding certain sales calls due to intimidation of the other parties involved. It was like this invisible force keeping me from making these calls that no logic, no visualization, no reasoning could overcome. Today I feel almost an excitement to make them, and a shift in attitude of let’s just have fun with it, see what happens. Could change your life.

That is all, no dreams that I recall. I’m trying to listen on quality headphones as much as possible vs. laptop speakers as well. All masked version.