Ecstasy of Gold - Now or Never


This will be my EoG journal.

I am committing fully and solely to EoG. I have had amazing and crazy results with a few of the dating focused subs. And my best results came when I focused on one sub alone for a month or more.

Most recently I have been running Ascended Mogul v2 for two weeks now, upwards of 20 hours a day. Definitely saw a huge jump in productivity…but just in life in general not my business or finances. I also noticed a jump in confidence. In addition women are now smiling and saying hi everywhere in passing. Likewise I have never been very “alpha” more just the cool guy in the shadows that gets his fair share of women, but in the past couple weeks I’ve seen a lot of other alpha men apologizing to me, giving me the right of way, submitting to me, etc.

I love the dating focused subs and the alpha subs - they are a ton of fun,

However, after much contemplation I have determined that for 4-5 months I need to get the area finances, business and wealth handled, once and for all. In my mid 30’s I have great friends, I have seen the world, and I’ve dated more than enough for a lifetime. So, I feel money is the last frontier, that one thing that has been nagging me for years, that thing I need to figure out to finally create a well balanced life. I believe figuring out money will also give every other area of my life a boost.

Today it begins, I’m hitting play right after I hit create topic.


A couple other things I wanted to mention as they crossed my mind.

First, I don’t really like talking about dreams but last night with ascended mogul looped I had a wild one. All the people I was with friends, family, acquaintances suddenly all dropped down to their knees and started devil/evil spirit worshiping. I said F this, I’m not being a part of this and confidently left. I walked along on my way home a little further and a large man came straight at me with an axe and drove it straight down into the crown of my head, that’s when I woke up.

Second, I have been getting stuff done, like at an alarming rate. In life. If I see something needs to get done, I do it and do it until it’s completed. Yesterday I cleaned my place and organized and threw shit out for about 10 hours.

Lastly, I mentioned in @AMASH 's Kahn journal how when I moved from dating focused subs to Emperor for a couple weeks it was as if instantly women I was dating started cancelling, ghosting, or straight telling me this isn’t working out. Like they all fell off the face of the earth at the same time.

I was stressing the past couple days about giving up dating focused subs but then realized, maybe this is a sign and is providing the space for me to focus on my business and it’s time to run EoG solely. Time to get this money thing handled.

I was a little apprehensive, especially after the dream to stop Ascended Mogul v2, however I have spent a lot of quiet time mulling over it and I NEED to get money handled asap, then I can come back to Ascended Mogul or Khan. Dating can wait.


Day 1: Nothing earth shattering to report. I went out for a buddy’s birthday and had a handful of drinks so don’t remember any dreams.

However I had the urge last night before leaving to write out two very specific goals for EoG and my business.

Then this morning I put together a vision board, which I have known about for 15+ years, have had rich people tell me to make one, but for some reason never have.

This included going to office max for the supplies and the bookstore for magazines.

Not sure if a sub can work this fast or placebo/motivation from spending $100


Day 2 down: I actually decided to find replacement pictures for my vision board. Yesterday I didn’t include pictures of condos because something in my head was like “hold on, this is like an 8 million dollar penthouse, let’s keep it kind of realistic.” Today though, the thought occurred to me, why be realistic, let your imagination fly. So I pinned up my true dream places.

I have also been avoiding certain sales calls due to intimidation of the other parties involved. It was like this invisible force keeping me from making these calls that no logic, no visualization, no reasoning could overcome. Today I feel almost an excitement to make them, and a shift in attitude of let’s just have fun with it, see what happens. Could change your life.

That is all, no dreams that I recall. I’m trying to listen on quality headphones as much as possible vs. laptop speakers as well. All masked version.


Day 3 (which was yesterday):

  1. Yesterday was definitely a rough day, felt depressed - in a kind of “what have I been doing with my life all these years kind of way. And also what am I going to do with it?” I got the necessities done yesterday as in workout, some cleaning, and could only get myself to plan my work for today, not actually do any. Then I was in my bed by 7pm watching some educational videos (which I haven’t done in a couple weeks). Asleep by 10pm and would not have woken up at 7am had I not set my alarm. I remember a dream of just having a normal conversation with some guys, but nothing sticks out.

  2. I had ANOTHER girl from my dating and sex sub runs tell me maybe we should take a break. Things were going really good with her, but not like relationship good so maybe she was picking up on that. Also, a good friend of mine had canceled on dinner plans over a week and a half ago. He has fallen off the earth and I have not heard from him since. Like he’s ghosting me. However, yesterday as I was in a funk it occurred to me it’s Now or Never, these people falling out of your life at the moment is the space and time you need to really hunker down and focus on your business. Get this thing going NOW, girls and friends can wait.

  3. This morning I really have this inner confidence that I can now see the path I need to take to get my business successful. It’s not a motivational feeling but more of a “ok, I know the steps I need to take, now do them”. Previously it was two-fold, first I kept second guessing the actions I needed to take, and second it was like this invisible force was literally blocking me from making tough sales calls and presentation appointments. I now feel an excitement to prepare and make these calls/appointments. Not like I’m going to do them today, but more like the feeling of having a big sports match coming up so the only thing on your mind is preparing as best you can for when that time comes. That’s the mode I’m feeling in now.

Subtle things are definitely shifting within, even if it’s only very small shifts and I can’t quite put my finger on them yet.

I’m listening to all masked, maybe 18 hours a day/night. Yesterday about 5 of those hours were with quality headphones.


Well, yesterday and today have been a totally different animal.

I’m in a not depressed but super apathetic, what’s the point of anything mode. It’s all I could do to get a workout in and a walk outside later in the day. I really just feel like laying in bed and doing NOTHING. Not even TV, or youtube educational videos in my field, or talking to people. Especially work, it’s the last thing I want to do and could not get myself to do yesterday.

One strange thing though, I’m a 2-3 cocktail a night kind of guy and a little more on the weekends. I noticed today that I haven’t had a single drink since starting the sub. No conscious effort or desire on my part to stop.

Edit: Wanted to add two things I forgot

  1. Literally every girl from previously has fallen out of my life and/or disappeared and it’s like I don’t even exist on dating apps anymore haha

  2. Yesterday I did go get a bunch of stuff from the office supply store that will really help organize my workspace, folders, a planner, filing system.

Last Edit: A dream from last night just came to me through a coincidence as I ran into a neighbor on his motorcycle outside. I dreamed I was riding around on a motorcycle last night. I’ve never driven a motorcycle nor looked into it. So I asked him how you shift gears on one. My dream was right on accurate. My subconscious mind must have heard or saw or picked this up somewhere without me consciously learning this.


Reminds me a bit about my experience with fasting. Sometimes I’m filled with energy, sometimes (when there’s stuff to work through) I get super-depressed, sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything at all, other times I feel completely bored because even though I have the energy, nothing seems to entertain or move me to action. Those last ones are very long days.

At least you have time to get that workspace productivity stuff in place.

About those women, I wonder if there’s a difference between superficial and deeper attraction. Much like how some body-builders can have huge muscles but lose them after two weeks of inactivity, while others take two months to lose them. Could it be the girls simply didn’t have that deeper attraction for you (yet), so without the maintenance-work on those relationships they just faded away?


Sometimes I’m filled with energy, sometimes (when there’s stuff to work through) I get super-depressed, sometimes I don’t feel like doing anything at all, other times I feel completely bored because even though I have the energy, nothing seems to entertain or move me to action. Those last ones are very long days.

Yes, that describes it perfectly!

About those women, I wonder if there’s a difference between superficial and deeper attraction. Much like how some body-builders can have huge muscles but lose them after two weeks of inactivity, while others take two months to lose them. Could it be the girls simply didn’t have that deeper attraction for you (yet), so without the maintenance-work on those relationships they just faded away?

I reflected on this since you posted and didn’t really come up with an answer but have some differing thoughts.

-It could be there wasn’t the deep attraction, though I will say with a few of them were having great sex and they were wanting to spend more time with me than me them (that last part could be part of the reason)

-However, if I take a “the world is a mirror reflection” view on it. I can say that I knew deep down, for me, it was just fun and I wasn’t interested in any of these girls long term for various reasons. Maybe they sensed this, maybe it was just a vibe drifting through time and space that finally became clear to them.

-Or maybe like emperor, EOG is shifting my focus. Whereas with the seduction subs, there was nothing wrong in my subconscious with just being the fun, player guy, having casual relationships. But now, with EOG there is no time for casual relationships that aren’t going anywhere - especially considering the money and time that was being spent just grabbing drinks or a bite to eat a couple times a week.

And, interestingly if I quote myself from above, I may have just created this change in my reality…

I NEED to get money handled asap, then I can come back to Ascended Mogul or Khan. Dating can wait.

and I’ve dated more than enough for a lifetime. So, I feel money is the last frontier, that one thing that has been nagging me for years, that thing I need to figure out to finally create a well balanced life. I believe figuring out money will also give every other area of my life a boost.

One other new development, though I’ve heard about it for years many times before, it wasn’t until just yesterday that I finally ordered some magick resources and am kind of excited to look into that. We’ll see how that goes.


I had another dream about shifting gears while napping just now, this time in a convertible sports car. May be a trend, telling me something. But I also watched comedians in cars drinking coffee so that might be the influence too (great show btw!)

@SaintSovereign / @Fire - How does the healing in EoG ST1 compare to Kahn ST1? Is it only related to money in EoG? Because the last few days have been very emotional, up and down, difficult, and not only relating to money. Also it seems a lot in my life has turned somewhat subtly chaotic and rocky. I’m taking it as my life rearranging for the success to come, but expected it to be only financially related.

Not much else to report, I’m still feeling this super strong pull to really get after my business, yet at the same time finding it very difficult to actually take any action. But the feeling is one of KNOWING I will succeed eventually.


I will say a big change I’m noticing right now is it’s Friday and I have NO desire to drink whatsoever. In fact I cleared my weekend and am just going to stay in and read or do whatever easy going activities I feel like.

Coincidentally related to this, I haven’t been into movies for a while now more the popular shows on Netflix and hbo. Or YouTube educational stuff. And this week I have maybe watched half the amount of TV I normally do. A couple nights I didn’t even watch any, didn’t feel like it. But out of the blue I did watch two movies this week. Leaving Las Vegas (random) and A Star Is Born. Both of which portray drinking in a very negative light.



Day 8 and 9 were this weekend:

Nothing earth shattering, well actually some of these subtle changes might be earth shattering in the long term.

  1. I had zero desire to drink alcohol this weekend. That’s pretty huge. A few cocktails on Friday and Saturday night, or a night out with friends is the norm. It didn’t really even cross my mind, and if it did I have this feeling of I don’t waste time/money on that anymore. I have bigger dreams to accomplish. Then the thought is gone.

  2. I had very vivid dreams both Saturday and Sunday night. Saturday, I was in the ocean, and I was catching way bigger waves than everyone else. So everyone started watching me and asking how I catch such big waves when we’re in the same area.

Sunday, I was hanging out with an iconic, legendary musician and a hero of mine as far as the music world goes. That was cool.

  1. Things have been minor chaotic in my life for a 4 days now. I lost out on a big deal last minute, that was a bummer. People who are regular staples and friends in my life have gone MIA all of a sudden.

So both Saturday and Sunday I sat down, meditated and journaled. And both days I broke down in tears. I have not cried in years.

  1. I had no urge at all to check my dating apps, (I never have notifications on so I’m not a slave to that red dot with a number in it). And I really have no care if there are matches or messages. Again a feeling of I have bigger things to do in life right now.

  2. Keep feeling a stronger and stronger pull/persistent thoughts to really just hit the phones hard for a month and know my life will change. But when push comes to shove it’s a different story. Actually this morning I just started work, made 4 calls and then there was a fairly big explosion outside with the road construction and the power went out. Hence me writing this on my phone now.

Edit: I’m waking up early now, and this weekend I knocked out a few things that have been on my to-do list and nagging the back of my mind for a couple weeks.

Maybe upon reflection there was more going on than I thought in the moment.


Have a kind of bummer of a life situation that I have to deal with right now, so probably only getting about 12-15 hours in the past couple days. And due to this I don’t have much to report.

This event is bringing me down and stress levels up but doesn’t relate at all to the subliminal. Although my life has been low level chaotic this last week or so.

I am still feeling this strong pull to really push forward with my business but then daily when I actually sit down, accomplishing one task for the day feels monumental.

I also randomly got invited to apply for and was selected to do this focus group on local political ads. That will pay me $175 for two hours.

And I still have zero taste for alcohol at all. Haven’t had a drop since I think the weekend I started ST1. It’s like something in my brain flipped and something James Swanwick said keeps ringing - how do you know that even just one drink a couple times a week doesn’t reduce your work capacity or energy just enough to keep you from breaking through to that next level of success?

Nothing too interesting but keeping the habit of logging my journey here.


An update as I am hitting 2 weeks today.

  1. I am getting a ton done on just life productivity. Maybe this is cleaning the way and setting the foundation to really crush it with my business.

  2. I’m seeing a huge shift in my mindset towards the difficult things in my business (cold calls etc.). A shift of “this really isn’t a big deal, just get your 100 calls in a week and I bet in 60 days your life will have changed. However, when I sit down to work I can only seem to get that most important item done. It’s like the motivation is building inside but there’s still that brick wall of procrastination/fear of success (I think from introspection). Yet this motivation and mindset shift is building to bust through that wall anyday now.

  3. Been seeing the 11:11 14:14 22:22 everywhere lately!

  4. I have been super low energy for over a week, napping everyday, sleeping 8 hours at night. And somewhat down and emotional. However, today I woke up with a super optimistic and energetic attitude. A spring in my step if you will.

I laid out my plan and info and numbers for cold calls and follow ups in my CRM so all I have to do is sit down and dial the #’s each day. And then based on results I just categorize them and the CRM then auto schedules the next step.

  1. I have been killing the workouts this whole time and also going for shirtless walks in the huge park by me. I have a decent tan for the first time since I was a kid and had time to be outside all the time.

  2. I have been reading about magick a ton. Very interesting.

Edit: Also my diet has been ON POINT. Last night I had a huge craving for pizza and was almost ordering but then i mustered all my willpower and ate healthy. Today it’s like a switch has been flipped and I’m now craving the healthy food and junk food seems to have lost its appeal.

Edit 2: As a conservative estimate, i’d Say I’m at at least 220 hours right now. All masked, maybe 2-4 times through with headphones per day.


I’m still seeing everywhere the 11:11 10:10 17:17.

I’ve also carried a lot of shame and feelings of embarrassment due to my upbringing. Because of this I have always told white lies and what I thought people wanted to hear vs. the truth for fear of being ridiculed, mocked, humiliated.

I’ve found myself being very honest lately, and with an attitude of let’s see how they react to this brutal honesty (regarding things about myself). And surprisingly people are very accepting and encouraging about admittances that I feared sharing before. For instance, I had a pretty big failure/blown opportunity in my business. Normally I would do anything to keep people from finding out. Instead I told people about it full on and it is first of all therapeutic, but second of all people say it’s no big deal and are very supportive and encouraging. And then it’s like the issue is out there and has no more hold on me.

Now, I would expect this type of change from Kahn but EoG as I understand is just breaking down money beliefs - I could be wrong though.

However, if EoG ST1 is breaking down my money beliefs, I could see this. I was raised in a middle class family, not rich, but had everything we needed. But then I went to a high school where I was considered very well off. I did not like the spotlight and was super shy so I was ashamed and embarrassed and hated the attention that my “nice” car and “big” house brought me. I have carried a lot of shame and guilt and embarrassment related to actually having money. I would try to hide it or downplay it.

EoG might be breaking down this money shame, which was a big block in my life, and with this shame gone I’m able to be more honest and open with how I put myself out into the world.

I don’t know :man_shrugging:


So my social life and dating life kind of picked up this weekend. I have two dates scheduled for this week. However, I feel a little guilty about spending the entire weekend socializing and find a nudging in the back of my head questioning if dating is really the best use of my time right now or just a distraction.

I’m feeling a stronger and stronger pull to just spend a month bunkered away making calls and working on my business but then I sit down and there’s a block where I only do what’s absolutely necessary for the day. When I wake up and WANT to 10x everything. I suppose patience, this is only ST1 breaking down old negative beliefs. And I have made a point to do 1 thing each day that is new/slightly out of my comfort zone. Hopefully that starts building momentum for action.

Today, I also decided to give ultrasonic a try for a few days. That will be whenever I’m playing through speakers, will still be getting 2-4 run throughs with masked on headphones. I have never really tried ultrasonic with any of the subs I have. Never wanted to mess around with getting the volume right, worry about that. Always masked so we shall see.


I was going to say something about the feeling guilty part, but I find it difficult to put into words. Suffice it to say there are times when you can simply accept that you’re choosing to do something else for the moment. If your subconscious knows you’ll get back on track after, it won’t make you feel bad for taking a bit of time to enjoy yourself.

Make sure you calibrate the ultrasonic at the correct volume. Don’t play it too loud or you may lose out on a valuable addition to your subliminal arsenal.


I think i get what is hard to put into words. And over the past day thinking about this, I need to get better at compartmentalizing different aspects of life. I’m an all or nothing guy, so somewhere in side I feel like I should just put everything else in life off for a month or two and just go full on with my business. However, that’s not realistic (at least for me). So instead I need to just work hard whenever I have the time allotted to that, and not stress about upcoming social events, handle those when their time comes. That’s my main problem, I’m trying to work all day today, but thinking about when and what I’ll have to do to get ready for the date tonight and be where I need to be on time. I’m aware of it now and working on it.

Calibrated the ultrasonic, and my god I’ve been seeing the “synchronicity times” all day long. It’s getting really weird how often it’s happening. Even in the middle of the night, I woke up and checked the time it was 3:33.

I also spent all night last night watching youtubes on wealth and money making. It’s just what I had the urge to do.


Well, I canceled one of my dates this week. She was already too much drama, difficulty, and numerous red flags just through texting over the course of a few days. I had to sit and think about this, and I came to a realization/inner constitution that I do not want to waste my time with any woman that is not top of the hierarchy in looks and personality, has her life together, mentally and emotionally stable and mature, and we support each other in our life pursuits. Anything else is just wasting time.

In addition, I spent all day with money related activities. I had to open a new bank account with the local bank and for depositing the amount I did with them I will be getting a $500 bonus within 7-10 business days.

I also consolidated all of my crypto investment accounts into one wallet. I have had a hell of a time with one trading platform, but finally got my funds transferred out. I’ve had this account for probably 5 years now, haven’t looked at it, and found it was suspended due to suspicious activity about a month ago. Well once that was worked out, and I proved my identity the funds had grown to 4x as much. We’re talking like mid 4 figures that I didn’t realize I had.

And lastly, I confirmed an opportunity that will take 4 hours of my time this weekend and I’ll be getting paid $300 for that.

Very conservatively I’m at 280 hours of ST1, but it’s definitely more than that (as I have had a handful of days over 20 hours exposure) - and it seems money is starting to very easily flow into my life.


Awesome, and how was it one month ago compared to now? :slight_smile:


Let’s just say a month ago a lot was going out with very little coming in.