Early Quantum Limitless Thread


Speed of results is a major focus on all QuantumTech powered subliminals. As such, we’re trying to see how well it’s working. Help us out, post ‘em here. Dreams included.

Thanks much.

Becoming the KHAN

Reporting in custom sub. Unless i am mistaken its a mixed Quantum - Weapon X

It s the first sub i am groggy when i wake up after listening while sleeping. I didnt have similar issues with other subs. Yesterday i slept around 11 hours with sub playing and i i woke up with strong headache and nausea

I do feel euphoria when i am awake and sub is playing. I feel it is the first sub i can feel 10% stronger euphoria with masked but i prefer to listen 80% ultrasonic since its more convenient and i will play this forever. I bought the sub 1 December and i played 186 loops = 140 hours. No obvious results, no higher productivity or more focus but i feel more calm and my nutrition is better than before. I dont plan to keep a journal but i can post every 15-20 days with my progress


The grogginess and nausea comes from the fact that your custom subliminal is completely tailored to your needs. Your mind is having to expend a significant amount of energy to process it. That and the fact that it’s name embedded. Name embedding increases the power of a subliminal exponentially.


When I am awake and listening i dont have those sumptoms

Thats good :slight_smile:


I had allot of grogginess in the first two weeks of Quantum Limitless ST1.


Me too. Although I was already stacking it with Khan so maybe my brain got overloaded from using 2 heavy subs? But after a while, it does get easier. Feel like I’m able to process things faster.


Changes after using Quantum Limitless ST1 for a month so far:

  1. Better sense of humor (since making jokes also imply intelligence).
  2. Better writing.
  3. Better handwriting.
  4. No interest in watching movies.
  5. Reading more self development material.
  6. Clearer thinking.

PS: am using it along with Khan (ST3 currently), Ultimate Artist and Godlike Masculinity. But the changes stated above manifested only after starting Quantum Limitless since I have been running Ultimate Artist and Godlike Masculinity for a while way before starting Quantum Limitless. Also, the above don’t look like Khan results except maybe developing better sense of humor and reading more self development after Khan. But even these two activities felt more interesting after starting Quantum Limitless.

Raphael's Khan Journal

I just got QL the day before Emperor v4 was released.

Here are 3 Impressions/Experiences from just my 1 Day of Quantum Limitless, Stage 4.
(yup, I always start at stage 4, and then downgrade) :blush:

Because SC subs are unleashed when taking action, QL4 had easy opportunities to show quick effects with my routine activities.

I use Text-To-Speech most of the time for reading, and play simple games like Sudoku in the background to keep myself from getting bored.
On QL, I felt the speed to be too slow, had to increase the rate by a couple levels.
About 75 words/minute faster.
Plus, I didn’t need to play videogames. I could stay focused.

During my thinking/planning session, I decoded ALL productivity. :smile:
I could write a book on this, suffice to say that what seemed like separate Goal Achievement, Productivity, or LOA Systems, all came together into a simple executable structure for myself to use.
And I started a Kanban board to apply it for my goals, but haven’t yet started the Evening Journal as intuited.

A note about the Feel of QL4 vs that of Limitless v2.
On Lv2, I felt like I had 10 points higher IQ. All emotional noise would be calmed down because I automatically saw how to handle everything. I simply thinked more clearly.
QL4 had more “Subconscious Coach” feel to it - like we have with S&S or PCC.
I had thoughts about how to respond to several situations, along with some awareness of why that was the right move in that moment.

That’s it for now.

Once I stacked it with Emperor v4, I too was groggy and discovered the loudness issue.
Now, I’ll run Ev4 exclusively for a few days and report on the Early Impressions thread.

Same here. It’s only 3 days for me though, so can’t make any claims.


@Simon - I love movies. The interesting thing that I am doing right now is that I am downloading the movies but not even bothering to spend time on them.


@Simon why are you starting at stage 4 and downgrading? That’s some of the strangest things I’ve heard until now :thinking:. Like aren’t you going to listen to the first three stages? Do you think this listening pattern is going to provide you better results?


I used QL ST1 for only 7 days until i made a fullstop with the subs like i wrote in my journal.
The absolute astonishing effect on my ears is still there and didnt vanished since i stopped.
I had terrible problems with noise and tinnitus on my ears. Specialy my right ear was affected and i also had sudden hearing loss in the low frequency range once a week. This started in february this year and was realy bad. Went to the doctor and except cortisone there was nothing he could do. I never took cortisone and after a while i was only watching my problems the last months.
After 7 days QL ST1 all is gone. Its still like a miracle for me. There is silence in my head now. Coincidence? No. No way.

Today i restarted my journey with Emperor v4 & QL ST1.


I’m not sure if listening to subs masked has a greater effect for me, but 4 loops of QL masked ystd in something called Whole Brain Posture made me have a dream about not showing up for a national exam (that I took about 10 years ago), and my grade 8 classmate saying she that she was confident of scoring full marks on said exam… I felt really bad for missing the exam…

(I normally listen to subs (Alchemist ST 1) via a speaker and Ultrasonics). I feel that the masked tracks with headphones allow the subs to be ingrained more directly into my mind.:thinking:


More info on Whole Brain Posture:

Whole Brain Posture


Our multistages don’t have to be run in order. You can, but it’s not required. This allows you to fine tune your results the way you’d like.


I’ve run QL ST1 for about 10 days now. 8 hours a day until 3 hours a night after Emperor v4 took up the bulk of my time.

It’s interesting but today I was in the shower and lots of expressive phrases in my native language started flowing in my mind - I felt like lots of nice words and phrases hidden in my deep memory were coming up. Also, recently, random words that I had come across in my life but never really took notice - mainly names of brands or places - just popped up in my mind. Sometimes there would be some synchronicity.coincidence when I came across the exact phrase,


I know exactly what you mean. I’ve downloaded a bunch of movies and other sources of entertainment, but I don’t seem to spend much time on them as I would normally do.


@SaintSovereign Could you quantify the increase? Let’s say it takes 20,000 loops of listening to a non name embedded sub to help us achieve our goal. How many loops would it take to achieve the same goal if we use a name embedded sub, all other factors being equal?


Sure but would that give you increased results and why? I’m just following the guidance of a stage a month because it was said to give you the best results.


My nature is to never follow orders. So, I do whatever I feel like. :smile:

I use Stage 4s for the movie trailer effect, and because I use my experience of ST-4 to choose which Stage will be of most benefit to me.
Its intuitive, and comes from long term subliminal experience. Not a recommendation.

I won’t say if my way is the BEST or anything even close. Its just me following my instincts.


Started on the first of December with QL ST1. Started slow with the loops (because I am mixing with Khan St4) and am increasing them now. In the first three days when I was commuting I had some "AHA moments2 where I began to feel that I internalized concepts I was studying earlier (before QL). Also noticing increased motivation and interest to study. Before, I didn’t go to all the lectures in college, this week I almost hit all. But there is a BIG problem: SLEEP.
So far I listened only during the day… I recorded my sleep and I got 100% sleep quality. That’s crazy high and not usual. However, I still felt very tired the next day. I overslept my lecture in the middle of the week even though I went to bed early.
Tonight, I listened to QL half the night. Had 7 and a half hours of sleep… But damn, I had moments of complete fatigue today. I was so fucking tired. I even felt sick in some moments where I thought I will just go home now. I was also listening to QL and Khan today during the day. I will cut back on the loops.